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Gomes, Henrique and ROVELLI, Carlo (2023) On the analogies between gravitational and electromagnetic radiative energy. [Preprint]

ROVELLI, Carlo (2022) How causation is rooted into thermodynamics. [Preprint]

Adlam, Emily and ROVELLI, Carlo (2022) Information is Physical: Cross-Perspective Links in Relational Quantum Mechanics. [Preprint]

ROVELLI, Carlo (2022) Back to Reichenbach. [Preprint]

ROVELLI, Carlo (2021) A response to the Mucino-Okon-Sudarsky’s Assessment of Relational Quantum Mechanics. [Preprint]

ROVELLI, Carlo (2021) The numerous and profoundly distinct layers that make up the notion of time. [Preprint]

ROVELLI, Carlo (2021) Preparation in Bohmian Mechanics. [Preprint]

ROVELLI, Carlo (2021) The Old Fisherman's Mistake. [Preprint]

ROVELLI, Carlo (2020) Gauge Is More Than Mathematical Redundancy. [Preprint]

ROVELLI, Carlo (2020) Memory and Entropy. [Preprint]

ROVELLI, Carlo (2020) Agency in Physics. [Preprint]

ROVELLI, Carlo and Rovelli, Carlo and Rovelli, Carlo and Rovelli, Carlo (2019) Can we travel to the past? Irreversible physics along closed timelike curves. [Preprint]

ROVELLI, Carlo (2019) Natural discrete differential calculus in physics. [Preprint]

ROVELLI, Carlo (2017) "Space is blue and birds fly through it". [Preprint]

ROVELLI, Carlo (2016) Meaning = Information + Evolution. [Preprint]

ROVELLI, Carlo (2016) Review of Andrew Gregory's “Anaximander, a re-assessment”, Bloomsbury 2016. [Preprint]

ROVELLI, Carlo (2015) Michelangelo’s Stone: an Argument against Platonism in Mathematics. [Preprint]

ROVELLI, Carlo (2015) An argument against the realistic interpretation of the wave function. [Preprint]

ROVELLI, Carlo (2015) Michelangelo's Stone: an Argument against Platonism in Mathematics. [Preprint]

ROVELLI, Carlo (2015) Is Time’s Arrow Perspectival? [Preprint]

ROVELLI, Carlo (2013) Aristotle's physics. [Preprint]

ROVELLI, Carlo (2013) Relative information at the foundation of physics (Second prize in the 2013 FQXi context "It From Bit or Bit From It?"). [Preprint]

ROVELLI, Carlo (2013) Why Gauge? [Preprint]

ROVELLI, Carlo (2004) Comment on Fritz Rohrlich's "Causality and the Arrow of Classical Time". [Preprint]

Conference or Workshop Item

ROVELLI, Carlo (2018) Space and Time in Loop Quantum Gravity. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Published Article or Volume

Di Biagio, Andrea and ROVELLI, Carlo (2021) Stable Facts, Relative Facts. Foundations of Physics, 51 (30). ISSN 1572-9516

ROVELLI, Carlo (2021) Relations and Panpsychism. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 28 (9-10). pp. 32-35.

ROVELLI, Carlo (2019) Neither Presentism nor Eternalism. Foundations of Physics, 49 (12). pp. 1325-1335. ISSN 0015-9018

ROVELLI, Carlo (2018) Physics Needs Philosophy. Philosophy Needs Physics. Foundations of Physics, 48. pp. 481-491. ISSN 0015-9018


ROVELLI, Carlo The Relational Interpretation. UNSPECIFIED.

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