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Sharlow, Mark (2009) Playing Fast and Loose with Complexity: A Critique of Dawkins' Atheistic Argument from Improbability. [Preprint]

Sharlow, Mark (2007) "Charge without Charge" in the Stochastic Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. [Preprint]

Sharlow, Mark (2007) Generalizing "Charge without Charge" to Obtain Classical Analogs of Short-Range Interactions. [Preprint]

Sharlow, Mark (2007) I Am an Abstraction, Therefore I Am. [Preprint]

Sharlow, Mark (2007) Phonetic Possibility and Modal Logic. [Preprint]

Sharlow, Mark (2007) Qualia and the Problem of Universals. [Preprint]

Sharlow, Mark (2007) The Quantum Mechanical Path Integral: Toward a Realistic Interpretation. [Preprint]

Sharlow, Mark (2007) What Branching Spacetime Might Do for Physics. [Preprint]

Sharlow, Mark (2007) As True as "You Think": Preserving the Core of Folk Psychology. [Preprint]

Sharlow, Mark (2007) Chemical Possibility and Modal Semantics. [Preprint]

Sharlow, Mark (2007) Yes, We Have Conscious Will. [Preprint]

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