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Philosophy of Science (2016)

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Vol. 83
No. 5
Thompson, Erica and Frigg, Roman and Helgeson, Casey (2016) Expert Judgment for Climate Change Adaptation. Philosophy of Science, 83 (5). pp. 1110-1121.
No. 4
Sterkenburg, Tom F. (2016) Solomonoff Prediction and Occam's Razor. Philosophy of Science, 83 (4). pp. 459-479.
No. Unknown
Teh, Nicholas (2016) Galileo's Gauge: Understanding the Empirical Significance of Gauge Symmetry. Philosophy of Science, 83. pp. 93-118.
Vol. Unknown
Roberts, Bryan W. (2016) Three Myths About Time Reversal in Quantum Theory. Philosophy of Science.
Climenhaga, Nevin (2016) How Explanation Guides Confirmation. Philosophy of Science.