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Anderson Jr., Robert / M. and Davis, Alexandra / T. Reconciling temporal experience with physical time: an integration of phenomenology, neuropsychology, and physics. UNSPECIFIED.

Andreas, Holger Explanatory Conditionals: A Logical View of the Interventionist Account of Explanation. UNSPECIFIED.


Bacciagaluppi, Guido A Conceptual Introduction to Nelson’s Mechanics. World Scientific, Singapore.

Bacciagaluppi, Guido Worlds Galore? n/a.

Ballinger, Clint Determinism and the Antiquated Deontology of the Social Sciences. Working paper.

Brown, Harvey R. The theory of the rise of sap in trees: some historical and conceptual remarks. Springer, Basel.


Crull, Elise and Bacciagaluppi, Guido Translation of: W. Heisenberg, ‘Ist eine deterministische Ergänzung der Quantenmechanik möglich?’. [Preprint]

Cuffaro, Michael E. On the Physical Explanation for Quantum Computational Speedup. Western Libraries.


Goetzke, Hanns Hagen Einstein's Hole Argument and its Legacy. UNSPECIFIED.

Greco, A. The cognitive approach to the process of interpersonal understanding. UNSPECIFIED.

Greco, A. The hypothesis of "differentiation" in the process of understanding and in interpersonal relationships. UNSPECIFIED.

Gwiazda, Jeremy A Potential Problem for Alpha-Theory. None.


Lin, Hanti A General Theory of (Identification in the) Limit and Convergence (to the Truth). UNSPECIFIED.

Lutz, Sebastian Criteria of Empirical Significance: Foundations, Relations, Applications. Zeno Institute of Philosophy, Utrecht University.


Malament, David Notes on Geometry and Spacetime (Version 7.2). UNSPECIFIED.

Marsh, Brendan Depictions of Quantum Reality in Kent's Interpretation of Quantum Theory. UNSPECIFIED.


Penchev, Vasil A complement to "Fermat's last theorem proved by induction". UNSPECIFIED.

Petkov, Vesselin On Relativistic Mass. UNSPECIFIED.

Pinto de Oliveira, J. C. Kuhn and Gombrich: Creativity, continuity and discontinuity in science and art. [Preprint]

Plutynski, A and Doherty, D Oxford Bibliography of Philosophy of Evolutionary Biology. UNSPECIFIED.

Plutynski, Anya Why Precision Oncology is Not Very Precise (and why this should not surprise us). Springer, Netherlands.

Purves, Gordon Finding Truth in Fictions: Identifying Non-Fictions in Imaginary Cracks. Springer (Springer Science+Business Media B.V.).


Rosaler, Joshua Inter-Theory Relations in Physics: Case Studies from Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory (Doctoral Dissertation - University of Oxford, 2013). UNSPECIFIED.

Rovelli, Carlo The Relational Interpretation. UNSPECIFIED.


Salmon, Andrew R Block time and the Teletransporter Problem. UNSPECIFIED.

Shanahan, Daniel "Reverse Engineering" the de Broglie Wave. UNSPECIFIED.

Sterrett, Susan G. How Beliefs Make A Difference (PhD dissertation) SEARCHABLE pdf. University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Taylor, Peter The Relation Between Classical and Quantum Mechanics. UNSPECIFIED.


van Dam, Suzanne Spontaneous symmetry breaking in the Higgs mechanism. .


Wilson, Jessica Metaphysical Emergence: Weak and Strong. unpublished stable ms..

Woodward, James The Place of Explanation in Scientific Inquiry: Inference to the Best Explanation vs Inference to the Only Explanation. UNSPECIFIED.

Woodward, James There is No Such Thing As A Statistical Explanation. UNSPECIFIED.


Zuchowski, Lena Disentangling complexity from randomness and chaos. UNSPECIFIED.

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