PhilSci Archive

2017 Archive Board

Composition of the board on Jan 1, 2017

Jeffrey A. Barrett (Editor-in-Chief, Philosophy of Science, ex officio)
William Bechtel
Zvi Biener
John Earman
Sara Green
Sabina Leonelli
Edouard Machery (Director, Center for Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh, ex officio)
John D. Norton
Cailin O'Connor
Thomas Pashby
Bryan W. Roberts
Justin Sytsma
C. Kenneth Waters
Michael Weisberg (Governing Board, Philosophy of Science Association, ex officio)

Changes in 2017

  • Jeffrey A. Barrett stepped down as Editor-in-Chief of the journal Philosophy of Science; Andrea Woody took over and joined the Archive Board in this capacity
  • Zvi Biener was elected to a new three year term on the Board
  • Elaine Landry was appointed as coodinator of PhilMath-Archive
  • Michael Miller joined the board
  • Nora Boyd took over as Archive Manager