PhilSci Archive

Conference Sections

A PhilSci-Archive Conference Section provides conference participants with a place to submit papers for their conference. This allows participants and audience members to easily access preprints of conference papers before and after the conference. Conference preprints would then be grouped together by conference when selected via the Conferences and Volumes page, as in this example.

Conference and workshop organizers are welcome to make use of PhilSci-Archive's free Conference Section service.

To begin a conference section, just follow these steps:

  1. Write to PhilSci-Archive at to request a conference section. Please include the conference name, dates, and location.

    Request Now >

  2. Send your participants instructions on how to post their papers, and set a deadline.
  3. Contact your participants again after the conference is over to make sure that all papers have been uploaded.

At the organizer's request, PhilSci-Archive can also generate a PDF volume containing all the uploaded papers, with a table of contents linking to each one. More information about PDF volumes is available here.