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Scerri, Eric (2022) Hasok Chang on the Nature of Acids. [Preprint]

Scerri, Eric (2022) A commentary on Weisberg’s critique of the ‘structural conception’ of chemical bonding. [Preprint]

Scerri, Eric (2021) Causation, Electronic Configurations and the Periodic Table. Synthese, 198. pp. 9709-9720.

Scerri, Eric (2021) How was Nicholson’s highly inconsistent atomic theory able to yield explanatory as well as predictive success? Contemporary Scientific Realism: The Challenge from the History of Science.

Scerri, Eric (2021) Integrating the History and Philosophy of Science and restoring the centrality of the Periodic Table into a college general chemistry course. Chimica Nella Scuola, 4, 16-23, 2021., 4. pp. 16-23.

Scerri, Eric (2021) Reassessing the Notion of a Kuhnian Revolution What Happened in Twentieth-Century Chemistry. B. Wray (ed.), Interpreting Kuhn,. pp. 124-141.

Scerri, Eric (2020) On Chemical Natural Kinds. Journal for the General Philosophy of Science, 51. pp. 427-445.

Scerri, Eric (2019) The Periodic Table and the Turn to Practice. [Preprint]

Scerri, Eric (2017) The Gulf Between Chemistry and Philosophy of Chemistry, Then and Now. Structural Chemistry, 28. pp. 1599-1605.

Scerri, Eric (2012) A critique of Weisberg’s view on the periodic table and some speculations on the nature of classifications. Foundations of Chemistry, 14. pp. 275-284. ISSN 1386-4238

Scerri, Eric (2011) Forum: Philosophy of Classification. Knowledge Organization, 38. pp. 9-24.

Scerri, Eric (2008) Book review of Eric Scerri's The Periodic table, Its Story and Its Significance, OUP, 2007. KNowledge Organization (35). pp. 251-255.

Scerri, Eric (2006) What if the periodic table starts and ends with triads? [Preprint]

Scerri, Eric (2006) On the Continuity of Reference of the Elements. A Response to Hendry. UNSPECIFIED.

Scerri, Eric (2005) Some aspects of the metaphysics of chemistry and the nature of the elements. [Preprint]

Scerri, Eric (2003) Response to Vollmer's Review of "Of Minds and Molecules". UNSPECIFIED.

Scerri, Eric (2002) Principles and Parameters in Physics and Chemistry. In: UNSPECIFIED. (In Press)

Scerri, Eric (2000) Philosophy of Chemistry - A New Interdisciplinary Field? [Preprint]

Scerri, Eric and McIntyre, Lee (1997) The Case for Philosophy of Chemistry. [Preprint]

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