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Vaidman, Lev (2022) Transfer of quantum information in teleportation. [Preprint]

Vaidman, Lev (2022) Are there observational differences between Bohmian mechanics and other interpretations? [Preprint]

Vaidman, Lev (2021) Wave function realism and three dimensions. [Preprint]

Vaidman, Lev (2020) There is no new problem for quantum mechanics: a comment on Meehan (2020). [Preprint]

Vaidman, Lev (2019) Derivations of the Born Rule. [Preprint]

Vaidman, Lev (2018) Ontology of the wave function and the many-worlds interpretation. [Preprint]

McQueen, Kelvin J. and Vaidman, Lev (2018) In defence of the self-location uncertainty account of probability in the many-worlds interpretation. [Preprint]

Vaidman, Lev (2016) All is Psi. [Preprint]

Vaidman, Lev (2015) Bell Inequality and Many-Worlds Interpretation. [Preprint]

Vaidman, Lev (2014) Quantum Theory and Determinism. [Preprint]

Vaidman, Lev (2014) REVIEW: David Wallace, The Emergent Multiverse: Quantum Theory according to the Everett Interpretation. [Preprint]

Groisman, Berry and Hallakoun, Na'ama and Vaidman, Lev (2013) The measure of existence of a quantum world and the Sleeping Beauty Problem. [Preprint]

Vaidman, Lev (2009) Time Symmetry and the Many-Worlds Interpretation. [Preprint]

Vaidman, Lev (2003) Discussion: Time-Symmetric Quantum Counterfactuals. [Preprint]

Vaidman, Lev and Saunders, Simon (2001) On Sleeping Beauty Controversy. [Preprint]

Vaidman, Lev (1994) On the paradoxical aspects of new quantum experiments. [Preprint]

Vaidman, Lev (1990) About Schizophrenic Experiences of The Neutron or Why We Should Believe in Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Theory. [Preprint]

Published Article or Volume

Vaidman, Lev (2011) Probability in the Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. “Probability in Physics” ed. by Y. Ben-Menahem and M. Hemmo. - .

Vaidman, Lev (2001) Byrne and Hall on Everett and Chalmers. Quantum Theory: Reconsidereation of Foundations, A. Khrennikov, (ed). . pp. 409-422.

Vaidman, Lev (2001) Sleeping Beauty in Quantumland. Quantum Theory: Reconsidereation of Foundations, , A. Khrennikov, (ed). . pp. 408-412.

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