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Ivanova, Milena (2021) Scientific Progress and Aesthetic Values. [Preprint]

Ivanova, Milena (2021) The aesthetics of scientific experiments. [Preprint]

Ivanova, Milena and French, Steven (2020) Aesthetics of Science: Beauty, Imagination and Understanding Introduction to the Volume. [Preprint]

Ivanova, Milena (2020) Henri Poincaré: a short intellectual biography. [Preprint]

Farr, Matt and Ivanova, Milena (2019) Methods in Science and Metaphysics. [Preprint]

Ivanova, Milena (2017) Aesthetic Values in Science. [Preprint]

Ivanova, Milena (2016) Poincaré’s Aesthetics of Science. [Preprint]

Ivanova, Milena (2013) Did Perrin's experiments convert Poincaré to Scientific Realism? [Preprint]

Ivanova, Milena and Paternotte, Cedric (2012) Theory choice, good sense and social consensus. [Preprint]

Published Article or Volume

Ivanova, Milena and Farr, Matt (2015) Conventional Principles in Science: On the Foundations and Development of the Relativized A Priori. Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, 52 (B). pp. 111-113.

Ivanova, Milena (2015) Conventionalism about what? Where Duhem and Poincaré part ways. pp. 80-89.

Ivanova, Milena (2015) Conventionalism, structuralism and neo-Kantianism in Poincaré׳s philosophy of science. Conventionalism, structuralism and neo-Kantianism in Poincaré׳s philosophy of science, 52. pp. 114-122.

Ivanova , Milena (2011) Friedman's Relativised A Priori and Structural Realism: In Search of Compatibility. International Studies in the Philosophy of Science , 25.

Ivanova, Milena (2010) Pierre Duhem’s Good Sense as a guide to Theory Choice. Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science, 41.

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