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Afriat, Alexander (2002) Altering the remote past. [Preprint]

Alexander, J. McKenzie (2002) Random Boolean Networks and Evolutionary Game Theory. [Preprint]

Allori, Valia and Duerr, Detlef and Goldstein, Sheldon and Zanghi, Nino (2002) Seven Steps Towards the Classical World. Journal of Optics B , 4. pp. 482-488.

Alrøe, Hugo Fjelsted and Kristensen, Erik Steen (2002) Towards a systemic research methodology in agriculture: Rethinking the role of values in science. [Preprint]

Arntzenius, Frank (2002) Is Quantum Mechanics Pointless? [Preprint]

Atmanspacher, Harald and Primas, Hans (2002) Epistemic and Ontic Quantum Realities. [Preprint]

Awodey, Steve and Reck, Erich H. (2002) Completeness and Categoricity, Part I: 19th Century Axiomatics to 20th Century Metalogic. [Preprint]

Awodey, Steve and Reck, Erich H. (2002) Completeness and Categoricty, Part II: 20th Century Metalogic to 21st Century Semantics. [Preprint]


Bain, Jonathan (2002) Eintein Algebras and the Hole Argument. [Preprint]

Balashov, Yuri and Janssen, Michel (2002) Presentism and Relativity. [Preprint]

Barrett, Jeffrey A. (2002) Are Our Best Physical Theories (Probably and/or Approximately) True? [Preprint]

Batterman, Robert (2002) Falling Cats, Parallel Parking, and Polarized Light. [Preprint]

Belnap, Nuel (2002) Branching histories approach to indeterminism and free will. [Preprint]

Belnap, Nuel (2002) EPR-like ``funny business'' in the theory of branching space-times. [Preprint]

Belnap, Nuel (2002) No-common-cause EPR-like funny business in branching space-times. [Preprint]

Belnap, Nuel (2002) A theory of causation: causae causantes (originating causes) as inus conditions in branching space-times. [Preprint]

Belot, Gordon (2002) Symmetry and Gauge Freedom. [Preprint]

Bernd, Binder (2002) Soliton Coupling Driven by Phase Fluctuations in Auto-Parametric Resonance. [Preprint]

Bigaj, Tomasz (2002) Counterfactuals and non-locality of quantum mechanics. [Preprint]

Binder, Bernd (2002) Berry Phase and Fine Structure. [Preprint]

Binder, Bernd (2002) Bosonization and Iterative Relations Beyond Field Theories. [Preprint]

Binder, Bernd (2002) Charge as the Stereographic Projection of Geometric Precession on Pseudospheres. [Preprint]

Binder, Bernd (2002) Geometric Phase Locked in Fine Structure. [Preprint]

Binder, Bernd (2002) Iterative Interplay between Aharonov-Bohm Deficit Angle and Berry Phase. [Preprint]

Binder, Bernd (2002) Josephson Effect, Bäcklund Transformations, and Fine Structure Coupling. [Preprint]

Binder, Bernd (2002) Soliton Compton Mass from Auto-Parametric Wave-Soliton Coupling. [Preprint]

Binder, Bernd (2002) Spacetime Memory: Phase-Locked Geometric Phases. [Preprint]

Binder, Bernd (2002) Topological Phase Fields, Baecklund Transformations, and Fine Structure. [Preprint]

Binder, Bernd (2002) With Iterative and Bosonized Coupling towards Fundamental Particle Properties. [Preprint]

Bishop, Robert C (2002) Quantum Time Arrows, Semigroups and Time-Reversal in Scattering. [Preprint]

Bishop, Robert C. (2002) The Arrow of Time in Rigged Hilbert Space Quantum Mechanics. [Preprint]

Bitbol, Michel (2002) Form and actuality. M. Mugur-Schächter & A. Van der Merwe (eds.), Quantum mechanics, mathematics, cognition and action. pp. 389-430. ISSN 978-0-306-48144-4

Bitbol, Michel (2002) Science as if situation mattered. UNSPECIFIED.

Bitbol, Michel (2002) Transcendental Structuralism in Physics: An alternative to Structural Realism. [Preprint]

Bizarro, Sara (2002) A Hertzian Interpretation of Wittgenstein's Tractatus. [Preprint]

Bogen, Jim (2002) Analyzing Causality: The opposite of Counterfactual is Factual. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Bostrom, Nick (2002) Are Cosmological Theories Compatible with All Possible Evidence: A Missing Methodological Link. [Preprint]

Bostrom, Nick (2002) Self-Locating Belief in Big Worlds: Cosmology’s Missing Link to Observation. [Preprint]

Brading, Katherine A. and Castellani, Elena (2002) Symmetries in physics: philosophical reflections. [Preprint]

Brading, Katherine A. and Jalobeanu, Dana (2002) All Alone in the Universe: Individuals in Descartes and Newton. [Preprint]

Brandon, Robert and Love, Alan and Griffths, Paul and Bouchard, Frederic (2002) Session 4: Evolutionary Indeterminism. [Preprint]

Breuer, Thomas (2002) Another No-Go Theorem for Hidden Variable Models of Inaccurate Spin 1 Measurements. [Preprint]

Breuer, Thomas (2002) A No-Go Theorem for Hidden Variable Models of Inaccurate Spin Measurements. [Preprint]

Brigandt, Ingo (2002) Species Pluralism Does Not Imply Species Eliminativism. [Preprint]

Brown, Harvey and Brading, Katherine (2002) General covariance from the perspective of Noether's theorems. [Preprint]

Bub, Jeffrey and Clifton, Rob and Halvorson, Hans (2002) Characterizing quantum theory in terms of information-theoretic constraints. [Preprint]

Bueno, Otávio (2002) Is It Possible to Nominalize Quantum Mechanics? [Preprint]

Butterfield, Jeremy and Isham, Chris (2002) A Topos Perspective on the Kochen-Specker Theorem: IV. Interval Valuations. UNSPECIFIED.


Cahill, Reginald Thomas (2002) Absolute Motion and Quantum Gravity. [Preprint]

Castagnino, Mario and Lombardi, Olimpia (2002) Self-Induced Selection: A New Approach to Quantum Decoherence. [Preprint]

Castagnino, Mario and Lombardi, Olimpia and Lara, Luis (2002) The Arrow of Time in Cosmology. [Preprint]

Castellani, Elena (2002) Dirac on Gauges and Constraints. [Preprint]

Castellani, Elena (2002) On the meaning of symmetry breaking. [Preprint]

Chakravartty, Anjan (2002) The Structuralist Conception of Objects. [Preprint]

Chang, Hasok (2002) Preservative Realism and Its Discontents: Revisiting Caloric. [Preprint]

Chen, Xiang (2002) Object and Event Concepts: A Cognitive Mechanism of Incommensurability. [Preprint]

Cirkovic, Milan M. (2002) The Thermodynamical Arrow of Time: Reinterpreting the Boltzmann-Schuetz Argument. [Preprint]

Cirkovic, Milan M. and Cveticanin, Suzana (2002) Backward Causation, Isolation and the Pursuit of Justice. [Preprint]

Cohnitz, Daniel (2002) Explanations are like salted peanuts. Why you can't cut the route toward further reduction. Mentis.


Darling, Karen Merikangas (2002) Motivational Realism: The Natural Classification for Pierre Duhem. [Preprint]

Davies, E B (2002) The role of astronomy in the history of science. [Preprint]

De Regt, Henk and Dieks, Dennis (2002) A Contextual Approach to Scientific Understanding. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Diane, Paul and Lennox, James and Tabery, Jim (2002) Session 1: Eugenics Narrative and Reproductive Engineering. [Preprint]

Dieks, Dennis (2002) Events and covariance in the interpretation of quantum field theory. UNSPECIFIED. (In Press)

Domski, Mary (2002) The Constructible and the Intelligible in Newton's Philosophy of Geometry. [Preprint]

Donald, Matthew J. (2002) Neural Unpredictability, the Interpretation of Quantum Theory, and the Mind-Body Problem. [Preprint]

Dorato, Mauro (2002) Determinism, Chance and Freedom. [Preprint]

Dorato, Mauro (2002) Kant, Goedel and Relativity. [Preprint]

Dorato, Mauro (2002) Review of Time and the Metaphysics of Relativity. [Preprint]

Duncan, Anthony and Janssen, Michel (2002) Quantization Conditions, 1900–1927. [Preprint]

de Melo-Martin, Inmaculada (2002) When is Biology Destiny? Biological Determinism and Social Responsibility. [Preprint]


E. Szabo, Laszlo and Fine, Arthur (2002) A local hidden variable theory for the GHZ experiment. [Preprint]

Earman, John (2002) Laws, Symmetry, and Symmetry Breaking; Invariance, Conservation Principles, and Objectivity. [Preprint]

Eftekhari, Ali (2002) Boltzmann’s Method of Philosophy. [Preprint]

Elga, Adam (2002) Defeating Dr. Evil with self-locating belief. [Preprint]

Elgin, Mehmet (2002) Biology and A Priori Laws. [Preprint]


Feest, Uljana (2002) Functional Analysis and the Autonomy of Psychology. [Preprint]

Fleming, Gordon N. (2002) The Dependence of Lorentz Boost Generators on the Presence and Nature of Interactions. [Preprint]

Forster, Malcolm R. and Krioukov, Alexei (2002) How to See Through the Ideal Gas Law in Terms of the Concepts of Quantum Mechanics. [Preprint]

Franceschi, Paul (2002) A Dichotomic Analysis of the Surprise Examination Paradox. [Preprint]

Franceschi, Paul (2002) A Third Route to the Doomsday Argument. [Preprint]

Franceschi, Paul (2002) A Third Route to the Doomsday Argument. [Preprint]

French, Steven (2002) A Model-Theoretic Account of Representation. [Preprint]

Frigg, Roman (2002) On the Property Structure of Realist Collapse of Quantum Mechanics and the So-Called "Counting Anomaly". [Preprint]



Gannett, Lisa (2002) Making Populations: Bounding Genes in Space and in Time. [Preprint]

Garson, Justin (2002) The Introduction of Information into Neurobiology. [Preprint]

Giere, Ronald N (2002) How Models Are Used To Represent Physical Reality. [Preprint]

Gilmore, Cody (2002) Balashov on Special Relativity, Coexistence, and Temporal Parts. [Preprint]

Glymour, Bruce (2002) On The Metaphysics of Probabilistic Causation: Lessons from Social Epidemiology. [Preprint]

Gopnik, Alison and Glymour, Clark and Sobel, David and Schulz, Laura and Kushnir, Tamar and Danks, David (2002) A theory of causal learning in children: Causal maps and Bayes nets. UNSPECIFIED. (In Press)

Gordon, Bruce L. (2002) Ontology Schmontology? Identity, Individuation and Fock Space. [Preprint]

Grandpierre, Attila (2002) The Fundamental Principles of Existence and the Origin of Physical Laws. [Preprint]

Grandpierre, Attila (2002) The Fundamental Principles of Existence and the Origin of Physical Laws. [Preprint]

Griffiths, Paul (2002) Is Emotion a Natural Kind? [Preprint]

Griffiths, Paul and Gray, Russell (2002) The Developmental Systems Perspective: Organism-environment systems as units of development and evolution. [Preprint]

Griffiths, Paul E (2002) Appraisal and Machiavellian Emotion. [Preprint]

Griffiths, Paul E (2002) The Fearless Vampire Conservator: Philip Kitcher, Genetic Determinism and the Informational Gene. [Preprint]

Griffiths, Paul E (2002) The Fearless Vampire Conservator: Phillip Kitcher and Genetic Determinism. [Preprint]

Griffiths, Paul E. (2002) Basic Emotions, Complex Emotions, Machiavellian Emotions. [Preprint]

Guala, Francesco (2002) Experimental Localism and External Validity. [Preprint]

Gyenis, Balazs and Redei, Miklos (2002) When can statistical theories be causally closed? [Preprint]


Harris, Todd (2002) Data Models and the Acquisition and Manipulation of Data. [Preprint]

Hedrich, Reiner (2002) Superstring Theory and Empirical Testability. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Hemmo, Meir (2002) Remarks on the Direction of Time in Quantum Mechanics. [Preprint]

Hodge, Jon and Olby, Robert and Delehanty, Megan (2002) Session 3: Natural Selection as a Causal Theory. [Preprint]

Hoefer, Carl (2002) For Fundamentalism. [Preprint]

Holland, Peter and Brown, Harvey R. (2002) The non-relativistic limits of the Maxwell and Dirac equations: the role of Galilean and gauge invariance. UNSPECIFIED. (In Press)

Huggett, Nick (2002) Mirror Symmetry: What is it for Relational Space to be Orientable? [Preprint]

Huggett, Nick (2002) Quarticles and the Identity of Indiscernibles. [Preprint]


Jenkins, Zack (2002) Do You Need to Believe in Orbitals to Use Them?: Realism and the Autonomy of Chemistry. [Preprint]


Kaplan, Jonathan and Pigliucci, Massimo (2002) On the Concept of Biological Race and Its Applicability to Humans. [Preprint]

Kastner, Ruth (2002) The Nature of the Controversy Over Time-Symmetric Quantum Counterfactuals. [Preprint]

Ketland, Jeffrey (2002) Empirical Adequacy and Ramsification. [Preprint]

Kieseppä, I. A. (2002) AIC and Large Samples. [Preprint]

Knuuttila, Tarja and Voutilainen, Atro (2002) A Parser as an Epistemic Artefact: A Material View on Models. [Preprint]

Kryukov, Alexey (2002) Coordinate formalism on Hilbert manifolds: string bases of eigenvectors. [Preprint]

Kryukov, Alexey (2002) Coordinate formalism on abstract Hilbert space: Kinematics of a quantum measurement. [Preprint]

Kutach, Douglas (2002) Time Travel and Consistency Constraints. [Preprint]

koepke, william (2002) On the Coupling Constants of the Linear Approximation of Gravity and its Generalization. [Preprint]


Landsman, Nicolaas P. (2002) Essay Review: P. L. Rose, Heisenberg and the Nazi Atomic Bomb Project: A Study in German Culture (University of California Press, Berkeley, 1998). Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, 33 (2). pp. 297-325. ISSN 1355-2198

Lennox, James (2002) Comments on Paul. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Lewis, Peter J. (2002) Quantum Mechanics and Ordinary Language: The Fuzzy Link. [Preprint]

Lisker, Roy (2002) On Counter-Intuitive Science. [Preprint] (Unpublished)

List, Christian (2002) On the Significance of the Absolute Margin. [Preprint]

Liu, Chuang (2002) The Meaning of Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking (I): From a simple classical model. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Liu, Chuang (2002) Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking (II): Variations in Complex Models. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Liu, Chuang (2002) Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking and Chance. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Liu, Chuang (2002) Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking: Its Meaning From a Simple Classical Model. [Preprint]

Lloyd, Elisabeth and Arnold, Karen and Mitchell, Sandra D. and Parker, Wendy (2002) Session 2: Female Orgasms and Evolutionary Theory. [Preprint]

Love, Alan C. (2002) Evolvability, Dispositions, and Intrinsicality. [Preprint]

Lusanna, Luca and Pauri, Massimo (2002) General Covariance and the Objectivity of Space-Time Point-Events: The Physical Role of Gravitational and Gauge Degrees of Freedom - DRAFT. [Preprint]

Lyons, Timothy D. (2002) Explaining the Success of a Scientific Theory. [Preprint]


MacKinnon, Edward (2002) The Language of Classical Physics. [Preprint]

Machamer, Peter (2002) Activities and Causation. [Preprint]

Magnus, P. D. (2002) Underdetermination and the Problem of Identical Rivals. [Preprint]

Maxwell, Nicholas (2002) Is Science Neurotic? UNSPECIFIED.

Maxwell, Nicholas (2002) Karl Raimund Popper. UNSPECIFIED.

Maxwell, Nicholas (2002) The Need for a Revolution in the Philosophy of Science. UNSPECIFIED.

McCall, Storrs and Lowe, E.J. (2002) 3D/4D Equivalence, the Twins Paradox, and Absolute Time. [Preprint]

Menzies, Peter (2002) Causal Models, Token-Causation and Processes. [Preprint]

Michael, Stöltzner (2002) Vienna Indeterminism II: From Exner's Synthesis to Frank and von Mises. [Preprint]

Mikkelson, Gregory M. (2002) Ecological Kinds and Ecological Laws. [Preprint]

Millstein, Roberta (2002) How Not to Argue for the Indeterminism of Evolution: A Look at Two Recent Attempts to Settle the Issue. [Preprint]

Millstein, Roberta L. (2002) Interpretations of Probability in Evolutionary Theory. [Preprint]

Morgan, Mary (2002) Imagination and Imaging in Economic Model Building. [Preprint]

Morgan, Peter (2002) Classical nonlocal models for quantum field states. [Preprint]

Muntersbjorn, Madeline M. (2002) Francis Bacon`s Philosophy of Science: machina intellectus and forma indita. [Preprint]

Myrvold, Wayne C. (2002) A Loophole in Bell`s Theorem? Parameter Dependence in the Hess-Philipp Model. [Preprint]

Myrvold, Wayne C. (2002) Modal Interpretations and Relativity. [Preprint]

Myrvold, Wayne C. (2002) Relativistic Quantum Becoming. [Preprint]


Needham, Paul (2002) Has Daltonian atomism provided chemistry with any explanations? UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

North, Jill (2002) Understanding the Time-Asymmetry of Radiation. [Preprint]

North, Jill (2002) What is the Problem about the Time-Asymmetry of Thermodynamics?--A Reply to Price. UNSPECIFIED.

Norton, John D. (2002) On Thought Experiments: Is There More to the Argument? [Preprint]

Norton, John D. (2002) Why Thought Experiments Do Not Transcend Empiricism. [Preprint]


Odenbaugh, Jay (2002) Complex Systems, Trade-Offs and Theoretical Population Biology: Richard Levin`s 'Strategy of Model Building in Population Biology' Revisited. [Preprint]

Oliveira, J. C. P. (2002) Carnap, Kuhn and Revisionism: On the Publication of "Structure" in "Encyclopedia". UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Oliveira, J. C. P. (2002) Carnap, Kuhn and Revisionism: On the Publication of "Structure" in "Encyclopedia" (4th. version). [Preprint]

Oliveira, J.C.P. (2002) Carnap, Revisionism and "Truth and Confirmation". [Preprint]


Pagnini, Alessandro (2002) Philosophy of Science in Italy. [Preprint]

Pauri, Massimo and Vallisneri, Michele (2002) Ephemeral Point-Events: Is There a Last Remnant of Physical Objectivity ? [Preprint]

Pauri, Massimo and Vallisneri, Michele (2002) Ephemeral Point-Events: Is There a Last Remnant of Physical Objectivity? [Preprint]

Petkov, Vesselin (2002) Lorentz contraction and dimensionality of reality. [Preprint]

Petkov, Vesselin (2002) Lorentz contraction and dimensionality of reality. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Piccinini, Gualtiero (2002) Epistemic Divergence and the Publicity of Scientific Methods. [Preprint]

Pitowsky, Itamar (2002) Betting on the Outcomes of Measurements: A Bayesian Theory of Quantum Probability. [Preprint]

Price, Huw (2002) Starving the Theological Cuckoo. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Primas, Hans (2002) Hidden Determinism, Probability, and Time's Arrow. [Preprint]


Quartz, Steven and Sullivan, Jackie and Machamer, Peter and Scarantino, Andrea (2002) Session 5: Development, Neuroscience and Evolutionary Psychology. [Preprint]


Randrup, Axel, Abraham (2002) Science and Spirituality Relations Between Two Modes of Cognition: Rational-Scientific and Intuitive-Spiritual. UNSPECIFIED.

Richardson, Robert C. (2002) Engineering Design and Adaptation. [Preprint]

Robert, Jason Scott (2002) Constant Factors and Hedgeless Hedges: On Heuristics and Biases Developmental Biology. [Preprint]

Robert, Jason Scott (2002) Developmental Systems and Animal Behaviour. [Preprint]

Robert, Jason Scott (2002) How Developmental is Evolutionary Developmental Biology? [Preprint]


Rohrlich, Fritz (2002) Theory Coherence and Antirealism. [Preprint]

Rolin, Kristina (2002) Why Gender is a Relevant Factor in the Social Epistemology of Scientific Inquiry. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Root, Michael (2002) The Use of Race as Proxy in Medicine for Genetic Differences. [Preprint]

Rueger, Alexander (2002) Reduction, Autonomy and Causal Exclusion Among Physical Properties. [Preprint]

Ruetsche, Laura (2002) A Matter of Degree: Putting Unitary Equivalence to Work. [Preprint]

Rynasiewicz, Robert (2002) Field Unification in the Maxwell-Lorentz Theory with Absolute Space. [Preprint]


Sargent, Rose-Mary (2002) Robert Boyle and the Masculine Methods of Science. [Preprint]

Sarkar, Sahotra (2002) Evolutionary Theory in the 1920s: The Nature of the 'Synthesis'. [Preprint]

Sarkar, Sahotra and Fuller, Trevon (2002) Generalized Norms of Reaction for Ecological Developmental Biology. [Preprint]

Saunders, Simon (2002) Is the Zero-Point Energy Real? [Preprint]

Scarantino, Andrea M. (2002) Affordances Explained. In: UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Scerri, Eric (2002) Principles and Parameters in Physics and Chemistry. In: UNSPECIFIED. (In Press)

Sesardic, Neven (2002) Heritability and Indirect Causation. [Preprint]

Shan, Gao (2002) Quantum mechanics and discontinuous motion of particles. [Preprint]

Shapiro, Alan E. (2002) Newton's "Experimental Philosophy". UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Shrader-Frechette, Kristin (2002) Better Policy through Better Science: Using Metascience to Improve Dose-Response Curves in Biology and in ICRP Ecological Risk Assessment. [Preprint]

Skipper, Robert (2002) The Persistence of the R.A. Fisher-Sewall Wright Controversy. [Preprint]

Sklar, Lawrence (2002) Spacetime and Conventionalism. [Preprint]

Slobodenyuk, Vladimir (2002) The Evolutionary Sequences of Forms of Motion and Kinds of Matter. [Preprint]

Slobodenyuk, Vladimir (2002) The Standard Model and Beyond: Interrelation between Theory and Reality. [Preprint]

Smets, Sonja (2002) In Defense of Operational Quantum Logic. [Preprint]

Smets, Sonja (2002) On Causation and a Counterfactual in Quantum Logic: The Sasaki Hook. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Sorkin, Rafael (2002) An example relevant to the Kretschmann-Einstein debate. [Preprint]

Srinivasan, Radhakrishnan (2002) Inertial frames, special relativity and consistency. [Preprint]

Srinivasan, Radhakrishnan (2002) Quantum superposition justified in a new non-Aristotelian finitary logic. [Preprint]

Stanford, P. Kyle (2002) No Refuge for Realism: Selective Confirmation and the History of Science. [Preprint]

Stemwedel, Janet D. (2002) Explanation, unification, and what chemistry gets from causation. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Stump, David J. (2002) Defending Conventions as Functionally A Priori Knowledge. [Preprint]

Stöltzner, Michael (2002) The Principle of Least Action as the Logical Empiricist's Shibboleth. [Preprint]

Suárez, Mauricio (2002) An Inferential Conception of Scientific Representation. [Preprint]


Tanona, Scott (2002) Idealization and formalism in Bohr's approach to quantum theory. [Preprint]

Timpson, C. G. (2002) The Applicability of the Shannon Information in Quantum Mechanics and Zeilinger`s Foundational Principle. [Preprint]

Timpson, Christopher Gordon and Brown, Harvey (2002) Entanglement and Relativity. [Preprint]

Tommasini, Daniele (2002) Photons uncertainty removes Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox. [Preprint]

Tommasini, Daniele (2002) Reality, measurement and locality in Quantum Field Theory. [Preprint]

Tuchanska, Barbara (2002) Clio meets Minerva: Interrelations between History and Philosophy of Science. [Preprint]


Uchii, Soshichi (2002) Is Philosophy of Science Alive in the East? A Report from Japan. [Preprint]


Votsis, Ioannis (2002) Is Structure Not Enough? [Preprint]

Vranas, Peter B. M. (2002) Hempel`s Raven Paradox: A Lacuna in the Standard Bayesian Solution. [Preprint]

van Fraassen, Bas (2002) Science as Representation: Flouting the Criteria. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Wallace, David (2002) Everettian Rationality: defending Deutsch's approach to probability in the Everett interpretation. [Preprint]

Wallace, David (2002) Quantum Probability and Decision Theory, Revisited. [Preprint]

Walstad, Allan (2002) Science As a Market Process. [Preprint]

Weinstein, Steven (2002) Objectivity, Information, and Maxwell`s Demon. [Preprint]

Weinstein, Steven (2002) Review of Palle Yourgrau's "Gödel Meets Einstein: Time Travel in the Gödel Universe.". [Preprint]

Weinstein, Steven (2002) Superluminal Signalling. [Preprint]

Weisberg, Michael (2002) Qualitative Theory and Chemical Explanation. [Preprint]

Winsberg, Eric (2002) Laws and Statistical Mechanics. In: UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Wolters, Gereon (2002) Uneasy Homecoming: Philosophy of Science in Germany. [Preprint]

Woodward, Jim (2002) Counterfactuals and Causal Explanation. [Preprint]

Worrall, John (2002) A Bridge over Troubled Cultures. The Impact of Philosophy of Science in Britain. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)


Yi, Sang Wook (2002) Reduction of Thermodynamics. [Preprint]

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