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Afriat, Alexander (2002) Altering the remote past. [Preprint]

Alexander, J. McKenzie (2002) Random Boolean Networks and Evolutionary Game Theory. [Preprint]

Alrøe, Hugo Fjelsted and Kristensen, Erik Steen (2002) Towards a systemic research methodology in agriculture: Rethinking the role of values in science. [Preprint]

Arntzenius, Frank (2002) Is Quantum Mechanics Pointless? [Preprint]

Atmanspacher, Harald and Primas, Hans (2002) Epistemic and Ontic Quantum Realities. [Preprint]

Awodey, Steve and Reck, Erich H. (2002) Completeness and Categoricity, Part I: 19th Century Axiomatics to 20th Century Metalogic. [Preprint]

Awodey, Steve and Reck, Erich H. (2002) Completeness and Categoricty, Part II: 20th Century Metalogic to 21st Century Semantics. [Preprint]

Bain, Jonathan (2002) Eintein Algebras and the Hole Argument. [Preprint]

Balashov, Yuri and Janssen, Michel (2002) Presentism and Relativity. [Preprint]

Barrett, Jeffrey A. (2002) Are Our Best Physical Theories (Probably and/or Approximately) True? [Preprint]

Batterman, Robert (2002) Falling Cats, Parallel Parking, and Polarized Light. [Preprint]

Belnap, Nuel (2002) Branching histories approach to indeterminism and free will. [Preprint]

Belnap, Nuel (2002) EPR-like ``funny business'' in the theory of branching space-times. [Preprint]

Belnap, Nuel (2002) No-common-cause EPR-like funny business in branching space-times. [Preprint]

Belnap, Nuel (2002) A theory of causation: causae causantes (originating causes) as inus conditions in branching space-times. [Preprint]

Belot, Gordon (2002) Symmetry and Gauge Freedom. [Preprint]

Bernd, Binder (2002) Soliton Coupling Driven by Phase Fluctuations in Auto-Parametric Resonance. [Preprint]

Bigaj, Tomasz (2002) Counterfactuals and non-locality of quantum mechanics. [Preprint]

Binder, Bernd (2002) Berry Phase and Fine Structure. [Preprint]

Binder, Bernd (2002) Bosonization and Iterative Relations Beyond Field Theories. [Preprint]

Binder, Bernd (2002) Charge as the Stereographic Projection of Geometric Precession on Pseudospheres. [Preprint]

Binder, Bernd (2002) Geometric Phase Locked in Fine Structure. [Preprint]

Binder, Bernd (2002) Iterative Interplay between Aharonov-Bohm Deficit Angle and Berry Phase. [Preprint]

Binder, Bernd (2002) Josephson Effect, Bäcklund Transformations, and Fine Structure Coupling. [Preprint]

Binder, Bernd (2002) Soliton Compton Mass from Auto-Parametric Wave-Soliton Coupling. [Preprint]

Binder, Bernd (2002) Spacetime Memory: Phase-Locked Geometric Phases. [Preprint]

Binder, Bernd (2002) Topological Phase Fields, Baecklund Transformations, and Fine Structure. [Preprint]

Binder, Bernd (2002) With Iterative and Bosonized Coupling towards Fundamental Particle Properties. [Preprint]

Bishop, Robert C (2002) Quantum Time Arrows, Semigroups and Time-Reversal in Scattering. [Preprint]

Bishop, Robert C. (2002) The Arrow of Time in Rigged Hilbert Space Quantum Mechanics. [Preprint]

Bitbol, Michel (2002) Transcendental Structuralism in Physics: An alternative to Structural Realism. [Preprint]

Bizarro, Sara (2002) A Hertzian Interpretation of Wittgenstein's Tractatus. [Preprint]

Bostrom, Nick (2002) Are Cosmological Theories Compatible with All Possible Evidence: A Missing Methodological Link. [Preprint]

Bostrom, Nick (2002) Self-Locating Belief in Big Worlds: Cosmology’s Missing Link to Observation. [Preprint]

Brading, Katherine A. and Castellani, Elena (2002) Symmetries in physics: philosophical reflections. [Preprint]

Brading, Katherine A. and Jalobeanu, Dana (2002) All Alone in the Universe: Individuals in Descartes and Newton. [Preprint]

Brandon, Robert and Love, Alan and Griffths, Paul and Bouchard, Frederic (2002) Session 4: Evolutionary Indeterminism. [Preprint]

Breuer, Thomas (2002) Another No-Go Theorem for Hidden Variable Models of Inaccurate Spin 1 Measurements. [Preprint]

Breuer, Thomas (2002) A No-Go Theorem for Hidden Variable Models of Inaccurate Spin Measurements. [Preprint]

Brigandt, Ingo (2002) Species Pluralism Does Not Imply Species Eliminativism. [Preprint]

Brown, Harvey and Brading, Katherine (2002) General covariance from the perspective of Noether's theorems. [Preprint]

Bub, Jeffrey and Clifton, Rob and Halvorson, Hans (2002) Characterizing quantum theory in terms of information-theoretic constraints. [Preprint]

Bueno, Otávio (2002) Is It Possible to Nominalize Quantum Mechanics? [Preprint]

Cahill, Reginald Thomas (2002) Absolute Motion and Quantum Gravity. [Preprint]

Castagnino, Mario and Lombardi, Olimpia (2002) Self-Induced Selection: A New Approach to Quantum Decoherence. [Preprint]

Castagnino, Mario and Lombardi, Olimpia and Lara, Luis (2002) The Arrow of Time in Cosmology. [Preprint]

Castellani, Elena (2002) Dirac on Gauges and Constraints. [Preprint]

Castellani, Elena (2002) On the meaning of symmetry breaking. [Preprint]

Chakravartty, Anjan (2002) The Structuralist Conception of Objects. [Preprint]

Chang, Hasok (2002) Preservative Realism and Its Discontents: Revisiting Caloric. [Preprint]

Chen, Xiang (2002) Object and Event Concepts: A Cognitive Mechanism of Incommensurability. [Preprint]

Cirkovic, Milan M. (2002) The Thermodynamical Arrow of Time: Reinterpreting the Boltzmann-Schuetz Argument. [Preprint]

Cirkovic, Milan M. and Cveticanin, Suzana (2002) Backward Causation, Isolation and the Pursuit of Justice. [Preprint]

Darling, Karen Merikangas (2002) Motivational Realism: The Natural Classification for Pierre Duhem. [Preprint]

Davies, E B (2002) The role of astronomy in the history of science. [Preprint]

Diane, Paul and Lennox, James and Tabery, Jim (2002) Session 1: Eugenics Narrative and Reproductive Engineering. [Preprint]

Domski, Mary (2002) The Constructible and the Intelligible in Newton's Philosophy of Geometry. [Preprint]

Donald, Matthew J. (2002) Neural Unpredictability, the Interpretation of Quantum Theory, and the Mind-Body Problem. [Preprint]

Dorato, Mauro (2002) Determinism, Chance and Freedom. [Preprint]

Dorato, Mauro (2002) Kant, Goedel and Relativity. [Preprint]

Dorato, Mauro (2002) Review of Time and the Metaphysics of Relativity. [Preprint]

Duncan, Anthony and Janssen, Michel (2002) Quantization Conditions, 1900–1927. [Preprint]

E. Szabo, Laszlo and Fine, Arthur (2002) A local hidden variable theory for the GHZ experiment. [Preprint]

Earman, John (2002) Laws, Symmetry, and Symmetry Breaking; Invariance, Conservation Principles, and Objectivity. [Preprint]

Eftekhari, Ali (2002) Boltzmann’s Method of Philosophy. [Preprint]

Elga, Adam (2002) Defeating Dr. Evil with self-locating belief. [Preprint]

Elgin, Mehmet (2002) Biology and A Priori Laws. [Preprint]

Feest, Uljana (2002) Functional Analysis and the Autonomy of Psychology. [Preprint]

Fleming, Gordon N. (2002) The Dependence of Lorentz Boost Generators on the Presence and Nature of Interactions. [Preprint]

Forster, Malcolm R. and Krioukov, Alexei (2002) How to See Through the Ideal Gas Law in Terms of the Concepts of Quantum Mechanics. [Preprint]

Franceschi, Paul (2002) A Dichotomic Analysis of the Surprise Examination Paradox. [Preprint]

Franceschi, Paul (2002) A Third Route to the Doomsday Argument. [Preprint]

Franceschi, Paul (2002) A Third Route to the Doomsday Argument. [Preprint]

French, Steven (2002) A Model-Theoretic Account of Representation. [Preprint]

Frigg, Roman (2002) On the Property Structure of Realist Collapse of Quantum Mechanics and the So-Called "Counting Anomaly". [Preprint]


Gannett, Lisa (2002) Making Populations: Bounding Genes in Space and in Time. [Preprint]

Garson, Justin (2002) The Introduction of Information into Neurobiology. [Preprint]

Giere, Ronald N (2002) How Models Are Used To Represent Physical Reality. [Preprint]

Gilmore, Cody (2002) Balashov on Special Relativity, Coexistence, and Temporal Parts. [Preprint]

Glymour, Bruce (2002) On The Metaphysics of Probabilistic Causation: Lessons from Social Epidemiology. [Preprint]

Gordon, Bruce L. (2002) Ontology Schmontology? Identity, Individuation and Fock Space. [Preprint]

Grandpierre, Attila (2002) The Fundamental Principles of Existence and the Origin of Physical Laws. [Preprint]

Grandpierre, Attila (2002) The Fundamental Principles of Existence and the Origin of Physical Laws. [Preprint]

Griffiths, Paul (2002) Is Emotion a Natural Kind? [Preprint]

Griffiths, Paul and Gray, Russell (2002) The Developmental Systems Perspective: Organism-environment systems as units of development and evolution. [Preprint]

Griffiths, Paul E (2002) Appraisal and Machiavellian Emotion. [Preprint]

Griffiths, Paul E (2002) The Fearless Vampire Conservator: Philip Kitcher, Genetic Determinism and the Informational Gene. [Preprint]

Griffiths, Paul E (2002) The Fearless Vampire Conservator: Phillip Kitcher and Genetic Determinism. [Preprint]

Griffiths, Paul E. (2002) Basic Emotions, Complex Emotions, Machiavellian Emotions. [Preprint]

Guala, Francesco (2002) Experimental Localism and External Validity. [Preprint]

Gyenis, Balazs and Redei, Miklos (2002) When can statistical theories be causally closed? [Preprint]

Harris, Todd (2002) Data Models and the Acquisition and Manipulation of Data. [Preprint]

Hemmo, Meir (2002) Remarks on the Direction of Time in Quantum Mechanics. [Preprint]

Hodge, Jon and Olby, Robert and Delehanty, Megan (2002) Session 3: Natural Selection as a Causal Theory. [Preprint]

Hoefer, Carl (2002) For Fundamentalism. [Preprint]

Huggett, Nick (2002) Mirror Symmetry: What is it for Relational Space to be Orientable? [Preprint]

Huggett, Nick (2002) Quarticles and the Identity of Indiscernibles. [Preprint]

Jenkins, Zack (2002) Do You Need to Believe in Orbitals to Use Them?: Realism and the Autonomy of Chemistry. [Preprint]

Kaplan, Jonathan and Pigliucci, Massimo (2002) On the Concept of Biological Race and Its Applicability to Humans. [Preprint]

Kastner, Ruth (2002) The Nature of the Controversy Over Time-Symmetric Quantum Counterfactuals. [Preprint]

Ketland, Jeffrey (2002) Empirical Adequacy and Ramsification. [Preprint]

Kieseppä, I. A. (2002) AIC and Large Samples. [Preprint]

Knuuttila, Tarja and Voutilainen, Atro (2002) A Parser as an Epistemic Artefact: A Material View on Models. [Preprint]

Kryukov, Alexey (2002) Coordinate formalism on Hilbert manifolds: string bases of eigenvectors. [Preprint]

Kryukov, Alexey (2002) Coordinate formalism on abstract Hilbert space: Kinematics of a quantum measurement. [Preprint]

Kutach, Douglas (2002) Time Travel and Consistency Constraints. [Preprint]

Lewis, Peter J. (2002) Quantum Mechanics and Ordinary Language: The Fuzzy Link. [Preprint]

Lisker, Roy (2002) On Counter-Intuitive Science. [Preprint] (Unpublished)

List, Christian (2002) On the Significance of the Absolute Margin. [Preprint]

Liu, Chuang (2002) Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking: Its Meaning From a Simple Classical Model. [Preprint]

Lloyd, Elisabeth and Arnold, Karen and Mitchell, Sandra D. and Parker, Wendy (2002) Session 2: Female Orgasms and Evolutionary Theory. [Preprint]

Love, Alan C. (2002) Evolvability, Dispositions, and Intrinsicality. [Preprint]

Lusanna, Luca and Pauri, Massimo (2002) General Covariance and the Objectivity of Space-Time Point-Events: The Physical Role of Gravitational and Gauge Degrees of Freedom - DRAFT. [Preprint]

Lyons, Timothy D. (2002) Explaining the Success of a Scientific Theory. [Preprint]

MacKinnon, Edward (2002) The Language of Classical Physics. [Preprint]

Machamer, Peter (2002) Activities and Causation. [Preprint]

Magnus, P. D. (2002) Underdetermination and the Problem of Identical Rivals. [Preprint]

McCall, Storrs and Lowe, E.J. (2002) 3D/4D Equivalence, the Twins Paradox, and Absolute Time. [Preprint]

Menzies, Peter (2002) Causal Models, Token-Causation and Processes. [Preprint]

Michael, Stöltzner (2002) Vienna Indeterminism II: From Exner's Synthesis to Frank and von Mises. [Preprint]

Mikkelson, Gregory M. (2002) Ecological Kinds and Ecological Laws. [Preprint]

Millstein, Roberta (2002) How Not to Argue for the Indeterminism of Evolution: A Look at Two Recent Attempts to Settle the Issue. [Preprint]

Millstein, Roberta L. (2002) Interpretations of Probability in Evolutionary Theory. [Preprint]

Morgan, Mary (2002) Imagination and Imaging in Economic Model Building. [Preprint]

Morgan, Peter (2002) Classical nonlocal models for quantum field states. [Preprint]

Muntersbjorn, Madeline M. (2002) Francis Bacon`s Philosophy of Science: machina intellectus and forma indita. [Preprint]

Myrvold, Wayne C. (2002) A Loophole in Bell`s Theorem? Parameter Dependence in the Hess-Philipp Model. [Preprint]

Myrvold, Wayne C. (2002) Modal Interpretations and Relativity. [Preprint]

Myrvold, Wayne C. (2002) Relativistic Quantum Becoming. [Preprint]

North, Jill (2002) Understanding the Time-Asymmetry of Radiation. [Preprint]

Norton, John D. (2002) On Thought Experiments: Is There More to the Argument? [Preprint]

Norton, John D. (2002) Why Thought Experiments Do Not Transcend Empiricism. [Preprint]

Odenbaugh, Jay (2002) Complex Systems, Trade-Offs and Theoretical Population Biology: Richard Levin`s 'Strategy of Model Building in Population Biology' Revisited. [Preprint]

Oliveira, J. C. P. (2002) Carnap, Kuhn and Revisionism: On the Publication of "Structure" in "Encyclopedia" (4th. version). [Preprint]

Oliveira, J.C.P. (2002) Carnap, Revisionism and "Truth and Confirmation". [Preprint]

Pagnini, Alessandro (2002) Philosophy of Science in Italy. [Preprint]

Pauri, Massimo and Vallisneri, Michele (2002) Ephemeral Point-Events: Is There a Last Remnant of Physical Objectivity ? [Preprint]

Pauri, Massimo and Vallisneri, Michele (2002) Ephemeral Point-Events: Is There a Last Remnant of Physical Objectivity? [Preprint]

Petkov, Vesselin (2002) Lorentz contraction and dimensionality of reality. [Preprint]

Piccinini, Gualtiero (2002) Epistemic Divergence and the Publicity of Scientific Methods. [Preprint]

Pitowsky, Itamar (2002) Betting on the Outcomes of Measurements: A Bayesian Theory of Quantum Probability. [Preprint]

Primas, Hans (2002) Hidden Determinism, Probability, and Time's Arrow. [Preprint]

Quartz, Steven and Sullivan, Jackie and Machamer, Peter and Scarantino, Andrea (2002) Session 5: Development, Neuroscience and Evolutionary Psychology. [Preprint]

Richardson, Robert C. (2002) Engineering Design and Adaptation. [Preprint]

Robert, Jason Scott (2002) Constant Factors and Hedgeless Hedges: On Heuristics and Biases Developmental Biology. [Preprint]

Robert, Jason Scott (2002) Developmental Systems and Animal Behaviour. [Preprint]

Robert, Jason Scott (2002) How Developmental is Evolutionary Developmental Biology? [Preprint]


Rohrlich, Fritz (2002) Theory Coherence and Antirealism. [Preprint]

Root, Michael (2002) The Use of Race as Proxy in Medicine for Genetic Differences. [Preprint]

Rueger, Alexander (2002) Reduction, Autonomy and Causal Exclusion Among Physical Properties. [Preprint]

Ruetsche, Laura (2002) A Matter of Degree: Putting Unitary Equivalence to Work. [Preprint]

Rynasiewicz, Robert (2002) Field Unification in the Maxwell-Lorentz Theory with Absolute Space. [Preprint]

Sargent, Rose-Mary (2002) Robert Boyle and the Masculine Methods of Science. [Preprint]

Sarkar, Sahotra (2002) Evolutionary Theory in the 1920s: The Nature of the 'Synthesis'. [Preprint]

Sarkar, Sahotra and Fuller, Trevon (2002) Generalized Norms of Reaction for Ecological Developmental Biology. [Preprint]

Saunders, Simon (2002) Is the Zero-Point Energy Real? [Preprint]

Sesardic, Neven (2002) Heritability and Indirect Causation. [Preprint]

Shan, Gao (2002) Quantum mechanics and discontinuous motion of particles. [Preprint]

Shrader-Frechette, Kristin (2002) Better Policy through Better Science: Using Metascience to Improve Dose-Response Curves in Biology and in ICRP Ecological Risk Assessment. [Preprint]

Skipper, Robert (2002) The Persistence of the R.A. Fisher-Sewall Wright Controversy. [Preprint]

Sklar, Lawrence (2002) Spacetime and Conventionalism. [Preprint]

Slobodenyuk, Vladimir (2002) The Evolutionary Sequences of Forms of Motion and Kinds of Matter. [Preprint]

Slobodenyuk, Vladimir (2002) The Standard Model and Beyond: Interrelation between Theory and Reality. [Preprint]

Smets, Sonja (2002) In Defense of Operational Quantum Logic. [Preprint]

Sorkin, Rafael (2002) An example relevant to the Kretschmann-Einstein debate. [Preprint]

Srinivasan, Radhakrishnan (2002) Inertial frames, special relativity and consistency. [Preprint]

Srinivasan, Radhakrishnan (2002) Quantum superposition justified in a new non-Aristotelian finitary logic. [Preprint]

Stanford, P. Kyle (2002) No Refuge for Realism: Selective Confirmation and the History of Science. [Preprint]

Stump, David J. (2002) Defending Conventions as Functionally A Priori Knowledge. [Preprint]

Stöltzner, Michael (2002) The Principle of Least Action as the Logical Empiricist's Shibboleth. [Preprint]

Suárez, Mauricio (2002) An Inferential Conception of Scientific Representation. [Preprint]

Tanona, Scott (2002) Idealization and formalism in Bohr's approach to quantum theory. [Preprint]

Timpson, C. G. (2002) The Applicability of the Shannon Information in Quantum Mechanics and Zeilinger`s Foundational Principle. [Preprint]

Timpson, Christopher Gordon and Brown, Harvey (2002) Entanglement and Relativity. [Preprint]

Tommasini, Daniele (2002) Photons uncertainty removes Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox. [Preprint]

Tommasini, Daniele (2002) Reality, measurement and locality in Quantum Field Theory. [Preprint]

Tuchanska, Barbara (2002) Clio meets Minerva: Interrelations between History and Philosophy of Science. [Preprint]

Uchii, Soshichi (2002) Is Philosophy of Science Alive in the East? A Report from Japan. [Preprint]

Votsis, Ioannis (2002) Is Structure Not Enough? [Preprint]

Vranas, Peter B. M. (2002) Hempel`s Raven Paradox: A Lacuna in the Standard Bayesian Solution. [Preprint]

Wallace, David (2002) Everettian Rationality: defending Deutsch's approach to probability in the Everett interpretation. [Preprint]

Wallace, David (2002) Quantum Probability and Decision Theory, Revisited. [Preprint]

Walstad, Allan (2002) Science As a Market Process. [Preprint]

Weinstein, Steven (2002) Objectivity, Information, and Maxwell`s Demon. [Preprint]

Weinstein, Steven (2002) Review of Palle Yourgrau's "Gödel Meets Einstein: Time Travel in the Gödel Universe.". [Preprint]

Weinstein, Steven (2002) Superluminal Signalling. [Preprint]

Weisberg, Michael (2002) Qualitative Theory and Chemical Explanation. [Preprint]

Wolters, Gereon (2002) Uneasy Homecoming: Philosophy of Science in Germany. [Preprint]

Woodward, Jim (2002) Counterfactuals and Causal Explanation. [Preprint]

Yi, Sang Wook (2002) Reduction of Thermodynamics. [Preprint]

de Melo-Martin, Inmaculada (2002) When is Biology Destiny? Biological Determinism and Social Responsibility. [Preprint]

koepke, william (2002) On the Coupling Constants of the Linear Approximation of Gravity and its Generalization. [Preprint]

Conference or Workshop Item

Scarantino, Andrea M. (2002) Affordances Explained. In: UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Scerri, Eric (2002) Principles and Parameters in Physics and Chemistry. In: UNSPECIFIED. (In Press)

Winsberg, Eric (2002) Laws and Statistical Mechanics. In: UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

van Fraassen, Bas (2002) Science as Representation: Flouting the Criteria. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Published Article or Volume

Allori, Valia and Duerr, Detlef and Goldstein, Sheldon and Zanghi, Nino (2002) Seven Steps Towards the Classical World. Journal of Optics B , 4. pp. 482-488.

Bitbol, Michel (2002) Form and actuality. M. Mugur-Schächter & A. Van der Merwe (eds.), Quantum mechanics, mathematics, cognition and action. pp. 389-430. ISSN 978-0-306-48144-4

Landsman, Nicolaas P. (2002) Essay Review: P. L. Rose, Heisenberg and the Nazi Atomic Bomb Project: A Study in German Culture (University of California Press, Berkeley, 1998). Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, 33 (2). pp. 297-325. ISSN 1355-2198


Bitbol, Michel (2002) Science as if situation mattered. UNSPECIFIED.

Bogen, Jim (2002) Analyzing Causality: The opposite of Counterfactual is Factual. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Butterfield, Jeremy and Isham, Chris (2002) A Topos Perspective on the Kochen-Specker Theorem: IV. Interval Valuations. UNSPECIFIED.

Cohnitz, Daniel (2002) Explanations are like salted peanuts. Why you can't cut the route toward further reduction. Mentis.

De Regt, Henk and Dieks, Dennis (2002) A Contextual Approach to Scientific Understanding. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Dieks, Dennis (2002) Events and covariance in the interpretation of quantum field theory. UNSPECIFIED. (In Press)

Gopnik, Alison and Glymour, Clark and Sobel, David and Schulz, Laura and Kushnir, Tamar and Danks, David (2002) A theory of causal learning in children: Causal maps and Bayes nets. UNSPECIFIED. (In Press)

Hedrich, Reiner (2002) Superstring Theory and Empirical Testability. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Holland, Peter and Brown, Harvey R. (2002) The non-relativistic limits of the Maxwell and Dirac equations: the role of Galilean and gauge invariance. UNSPECIFIED. (In Press)

Lennox, James (2002) Comments on Paul. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Liu, Chuang (2002) The Meaning of Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking (I): From a simple classical model. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Liu, Chuang (2002) Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking (II): Variations in Complex Models. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Liu, Chuang (2002) Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking and Chance. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Maxwell, Nicholas (2002) Is Science Neurotic? UNSPECIFIED.

Maxwell, Nicholas (2002) Karl Raimund Popper. UNSPECIFIED.

Maxwell, Nicholas (2002) The Need for a Revolution in the Philosophy of Science. UNSPECIFIED.

Needham, Paul (2002) Has Daltonian atomism provided chemistry with any explanations? UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

North, Jill (2002) What is the Problem about the Time-Asymmetry of Thermodynamics?--A Reply to Price. UNSPECIFIED.

Oliveira, J. C. P. (2002) Carnap, Kuhn and Revisionism: On the Publication of "Structure" in "Encyclopedia". UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Petkov, Vesselin (2002) Lorentz contraction and dimensionality of reality. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Price, Huw (2002) Starving the Theological Cuckoo. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Randrup, Axel, Abraham (2002) Science and Spirituality Relations Between Two Modes of Cognition: Rational-Scientific and Intuitive-Spiritual. UNSPECIFIED.

Rolin, Kristina (2002) Why Gender is a Relevant Factor in the Social Epistemology of Scientific Inquiry. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Shapiro, Alan E. (2002) Newton's "Experimental Philosophy". UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Smets, Sonja (2002) On Causation and a Counterfactual in Quantum Logic: The Sasaki Hook. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Stemwedel, Janet D. (2002) Explanation, unification, and what chemistry gets from causation. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Worrall, John (2002) A Bridge over Troubled Cultures. The Impact of Philosophy of Science in Britain. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

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