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Adam, Matthias (2006) Two notions of scientific justification. [Preprint]

Afriat, Alexander (2006) Cartesian and Lagrangian momentum. [Preprint]

Afriat, Alexander (2006) Duhem, Quine and the other dogma. [Preprint]

Afriat, Alexander (2006) The optico-mechanical analogy: an axiomatic approach. [Preprint]

Allori, Valia and Goldstein, Sheldon and Tumulka, Roderich and Zanghi, Nino (2006) On the Common Structure of Bohmian Mechanics and the Ghirardi-Rimini-Weber Theory. [Preprint]

Atkinson, David (2006) Losing energy in classical, relativistic and quantum mechanics. [Preprint]

Atkinson, David (2006) A Relativistic Zeno Effect. [Preprint]

Bacciagaluppi, Guido (2006) Probability, Arrow of Time and Decoherence. [Preprint]

Badino, Massimiliano (2006) Probability and Statistics in Boltzmann's Early Papers on Kinetic Theory. [Preprint]

Badino, Massimiliano (2006) Was there a statistical Turn ? The Interaction between Mechanics and Probability in Boltzmann's Theory of Non Equilibrium (1872-1877). [Preprint]

Baker, David (2006) Measurement Outcomes and Probability in Everettian Quantum Mechanics. [Preprint]

Batterman, Robert (2006) On the Specialness of Special Functions (The Nonrandom Effusions of the Divine Mathematician). [Preprint]

Baumgartner, Michael (2006) Inferring Causal Complexity. [Preprint]

Baumgartner, Michael (2006) Regularity Theories Reassessed. [Preprint]

Belot, Gordon (2006) Is Classical Electrodynamics an Inconsistent Theory? [Preprint]

Berkovitz, Joseph and Frigg, Roman and Kronz, Fred (2006) The Ergodic Hierarchy, Randomness and Hamiltonian Chaos. [Preprint]

Bishop, Robert C (2006) Downward Causation in Fluid Convection. [Preprint]

Bishop, Robert C and Atmanspacher, Harald (2006) Contextual Emergence in the Description of Properties. [Preprint]

Bogen, Jim (2006) Causally Productive Activities. [Preprint]

Bovens, Luc and Hartmann, Stephan (2006) Welfare, Voting and the Constitution of a Federal Assembly. [Preprint]

Brendel, Mátyás (2006) Carnap and the Rationality of Theory Choice. [Preprint]

Brendel, Mátyás (2006) Carnap, Popper, Gödel: can Unity be Refuted by Incompleteness? [Preprint]

Brendel, Mátyás (2006) Et tu mi fili, Thomas?! [Preprint]

Burock, Marc (2006) An Outcome of the de Finetti Infinite Lottery is Not Finite. [Preprint]

Busch, Paul and Shilladay, Christopher (2006) Complementarity and Uncertainty in Mach-Zehnder Interferometry and beyond. [Preprint]

Byron (formerly Baker), Jason M. (2006) Whence philosophy of biology? [Preprint]

Christian, Joy (2006) Absolute Being vs Relative Becoming. [Preprint]

Contessa, Gabriele (2006) Constructive Empiricism, Observability and Three Kinds of Ontological Commitment. [Preprint]

Contessa, Gabriele (2006) Constructive Empiricism, Observability, and Three Kinds of Ontological Commitment. [Preprint]

Daumer, Martin and Duerr, Detlef and Goldstein, Sheldon and Maudlin, Tim and Tumulka, Roderich and Zanghi, Nino (2006) The Message of the Quantum? [Preprint]

Davey, Kevin (2006) Justification in Statistical Mechanics. [Preprint]

Davies, E Brian (2006) Epistemological Pluralism. [Preprint]

Davies, E Brian (2006) Scientific Understanding. [Preprint]

Dorato, Mauro (2006) Properties and Dispositions: some Metaphysical Remarks on Quantum Ontology. [Preprint]

Dorato, Mauro (2006) Relativity theory between structural and dynamical explanations. [Preprint]

Dowe, David and Gardner, Steve and Oppy, Graham (2006) "Bayes Not Bust! Why Simplicity is no problem for Bayesians". [Preprint]

Ducheyne, Steffen (2006) Galileo’s Interventionist Notion of “Cause”. [Preprint]


Ducheyne, Steffen (2006) Lessons From Galileo: The Pragmatic Model of Shared Characteristics of Scientific Representation. [Preprint]

Duncan, Anthony and Janssen, Michel (2006) On the verge of Umdeutung in Minnesota: Van Vleck and the correspondence principle. [Preprint]

Earman, John and Smeenk, Christopher and Wuthrich, Christian (2006) Do the Laws of Physics Forbid the Operation of Time Machines? [Preprint]

Elga, Adam (2006) Reflection and Disagreement. [Preprint]

Esfeld, Michael (2006) The impact of science on metaphysics and its limits. [Preprint]

Esfeld, Michael and Lam, Vincent (2006) Moderate structural realism about space-time. [Preprint]

F.A., Muller (2006) Inconsistencies in Classical Electrodynamics? [Preprint]

Faye, Jan (2006) The Role of Cognitive Values in the Shaping of Scientific Rationality. [Preprint]

Faye, Jan (2006) Science and Reality. [Preprint]

Forster, Malcolm R. (2006) Counterexamples to a Likelihood Theory of Evidence. [Preprint]

Georgiev, Danko (2006) Correct exposition of complementarity in Unruh's and Afshar's experiments. [Preprint]

Georgiev, Danko (2006) Falsifications of Hameroff-Penrose Orch OR Model of Consciousness and Novel Avenues for Development of Quantum Mind Theory. [Preprint]

Gibbons, Gary and Will, Clifford M. (2006) On the multiple deaths of Whitehead's theory of gravity. [Preprint]

Gibson, Ian and Pooley, Oliver (2006) Relativistic Persistence. [Preprint]

Gilmore, Cody (2006) Where in the Relativistic World Are We? [Preprint]

Giulini, Domenico (2006) What is (not) wrong with scalar gravity? [Preprint]

Giunti, Marco (2006) Emulation, Reduction, and Emergence in Dynamical Systems. [Preprint]

Goodwin, William Mark (2006) Diagrams and Explanation in Organic Chemistry. [Preprint]

Greaves, Hilary (2006) Probability in the Everett interpretation. [Preprint]

Greaves, Hilary and Wallace, David (2006) Justifying conditionalisation: Conditionalisation maximizes expected epistemic utility. [Preprint]

Griffiths, Paul E (2006) Function, Homology and Character Individuation. [Preprint]

Griffiths, Paul E and Stotz, Karola (2006) Genes in the postgenomic era. [Preprint]

Griffiths, Paul Edmund (2006) Ethology, Sociobiology and Evolutionary Psychology. [Preprint]

Grinbaum, Alexei (2006) Reconstruction of quantum theory. [Preprint]

Hagar, Amit and Hemmo, Meir (2006) Explaining the Unobserved: Why Quantum Theory Ain't Only About Information. [Preprint]

Halvorson, Hans and Mueger, Michael (2006) Algebraic Quantum Field Theory. [Preprint]

Hedrich, Reiner (2006) The Internal and External Problems of String Theory - A Philosophical View. [Preprint]

Hedrich, Reiner (2006) String Theory - From Physics to Metaphysics. [Preprint]

Kantorovich, Aharon (2006) Particles vs. Structures: Weak Ontic Structuralism. [Preprint]

Kelly, Dan and Machery, Edouard and Mallon, Ron and Mason, Kelby and Stich, Steve (2006) The Role of Psychology in the Study of Culture. [Preprint]

Ladyman, James and Presnell, Stuart and Short, Anthony J. (2006) The Use of the Information Theoretic Entropy in Thermodynamics. [Preprint]

Ladyman, James and Presnell, Stuart and Short, Anthony J. and Groisman, Berry (2006) The Connection between Logical and Thermodynamic Irreversibility. [Preprint]

Leon, Antonio (2006) Hilbert's machine and the Axiom of Infinity. [Preprint]

Lewis, Peter J. (2006) Conspiracy Theories of Quantum Mechanics. [Preprint]

Lewis, Peter J. (2006) Quantum Sleeping Beauty. [Preprint]

Lewis, Peter J. (2006) Uncertainty and probability for branching selves. [Preprint]

Liu, Chuang (2006) How we can be free from physics. [Preprint]

Lusanna, Luca and Pauri, Massimo (2006) Dynamical Emergence of Instantaneous 3-Spaces in a Class of Models of General Relativity. [Preprint]

Lusanna, Luca and Pauri, Massimo (2006) Explaining Leibniz equivalence as difference of non-inertial appearances: dis-solution of the Hole Argument and physical individuation of point-events. [Preprint]

Machery, Edouard (2006) Machery, E., 2006, Review of A. Zilhao, ed., Evolution, Rationality and Cognition, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. [Preprint]

Maxwell, Nicholas (2006) Aim-Oriented Empiricism: David Miller's Critique. [Preprint]

McCabe, Gordon (2006) Extending cosmological natural selection. [Preprint]

Meijsing, Monica (2006) Being ourselves and knowing ourselves: An adverbial account of mental representations. [Preprint]

Meijsing, Monica (2006) Real people and virtual bodies: how disembodied can embodiment be? [Preprint]

Millstein, Roberta L. (2006) Natural Selection as a Population-Level Causal Process. [Preprint]

Millstein, Roberta L. and Skipper, Robert A. (2006) Population Genetics. [Preprint]

Monton, Bradley (2006) Is Intelligent Design Science? Dissecting the Dover Decision. [Preprint]

Monton, Bradley (2006) Is Intelligent Design Science? Dissecting the Dover Decision. [Preprint]

Moretti, Luca (2006) Ways in which coherence is confirmation conducive. [Preprint]

Muller, F.A. and Seevinck, M.P. (2006) Is Quantum Mechanics Technologically Inadequate? [Preprint]

Muller, Thomas and Belnap, Nuel and Kishida, Kohei (2006) Funny business in branching space-times: Infinite modal correlations. [Preprint]

Neal, Radford M. (2006) Puzzles of Anthropic Reasoning Resolved Using Full Non-indexical Conditioning. [Preprint]

Norton, John D. (2006) Discovering the Relativity of Simultaneity How did Einstein take "The Step"? [Preprint]

Norton, John D. (2006) Do the Causal Principles of Modern Physics Contradict Causal Anti-Fundamentalism? [Preprint]

Norton, John D. (2006) Probability Disassembled. [Preprint]

Passon, Oliver (2006) What you always wanted to know about Bohmian mechanics but were afraid to ask. [Preprint]

Pigozzi, Gabriella (2006) Belief Merging and the Discursive Dilemma: An Argument-Based Account to Paradoxes of Judgment Aggregation. [Preprint]

Pitts, J. Brian (2006) Absolute Objects and Counterexamples: Jones-Geroch Dust, Torretti Constant Curvature, Tetrad-Spinor, and Scalar Density. [Preprint]

Pooley, Oliver (2006) A hole revolution, or are we back where we started? [Preprint]

Pradeu, Thomas and Carosella, Edgardo D. (2006) On the definition of a criterion of immunogenicity. [Preprint]

Price, Huw (2006) Decision-based Probabilities in the Everett Interpretation: Comments on Wallace and Greaves. [Preprint]

Price, Huw (2006) Probability in the Everett World: Comments on Wallace and Greaves. [Preprint]

Price, Huw (2006) Quining Naturalism. [Preprint]

Rodin, Andrei (2006) Toward a Hermeneutic Categorical Mathematics or why Category theory does not support mathematical structuralism. [Preprint]

Saunders, Simon (2006) Are quantum particles objects? [Preprint]

Scerri, Eric (2006) What if the periodic table starts and ends with triads? [Preprint]

Shenker, Orly R. and Hemmo, Meir (2006) Prediction and retrodiction in Boltzmann's approach to classical statistical mechanics. [Preprint]

Shenker, Orly R. and Hemmo, Meir (2006) Maxwell's Demon. [Preprint]

Slowik, Edward (2006) Spacetime, Structural Realism, and the Substantival/Relational Debate: An Ontological Investigation from the Perspective of Structural Realism in the Philosophy of Mathematics. [Preprint]

Suárez, Mauricio (2006) Quantum Propensities. [Preprint]

Tabery, James (2006) Looking Back on Lancelot's Laughter: The Lancelot Thomas Hogben Papers. [Preprint]

Torretti, Roberto (2006) Can science advance effectively through philosophical criticism and reflection? [Preprint]

Tumulka, Roderich (2006) Determinate Values for Quantum Observables. [Preprint]

Uffink, Jos (2006) Compendium of the foundations of classical statistical physics. [Preprint]

Verelst, Karin (2006) Zeno's Paradoxes. A Cardinal Problem. 1. On Zenonian Plurality. [Preprint]

WILCZEK, Piotr (2006) Model-Theoretic Investigations into Consequence Operation (Cn) in Quantum Logics: An Algebraic Approach. [Preprint]

Wallace, David (2006) Epistemology Quantized: circumstances in which we should come to believe in the Everett interpretation. [Preprint]

Wallace, Rodrick (2006) New mathematical foundations for AI and Alife: Are the necessary conditions for animal consciousness sufficient for the design of intelligent machines? [Preprint]

Waters, C. Kenneth (2006) How Practical Know-how Contextualizes Theoretical Knowledge: Exporting Causal Knowledge from Laboratory to Nature. [Preprint]

Weslake, Brad (2006) Common Causes and The Direction of Causation. [Preprint]

Wronski, Leszek and Placek, Tomasz (2006) On Minkowskian Branching Structures. [Preprint]

X. Madarasz, Judit and Nemeti, Istvan and Szekely, Gergely (2006) First-Order Logic Foundation of Relativity Theories. [Preprint]

fano, vincenzo (2006) A Meinongian solution ofMcTaggart's paradox. [Preprint]

hunean, philippe (2006) Naturalising purpose: From comparative anatomy to the ‘adventures of reason’. [Preprint]

huneman, philippe (2006) Evolutionary theory in philosophical focus. [Preprint]

wilson, mark (2006) A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Formalism. [Preprint]

Conference or Workshop Item

Abrams, Marshall (2006) How Do Natural Selection and Random Drift Interact? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Andersen, Holly (2006) Two Causal Mistakes in Wegner's Illusion of Conscious Will. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Arnold, Eckhart (2006) The Dark Side of the Force: When computer simulations lead us astray and ``model think'' narrows our imagination --- Pre conference draft for the Models and Simulation Conference, Paris, June 12-14 ---. In: UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

BEN AMOR, Soufian and LAVALLEE, Ivan and BUI, Marc (2006) Percolation, Pretopology and Complex Systems Modeling. In: UNSPECIFIED. (In Press)

Bartha, Paul (2006) How to put self-locating information in its place. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Batterman, Robert (2006) Reduction and Renormalization. In: UNSPECIFIED.

BenDaniel, David Jacob (2006) Definability in Physics. In: UNSPECIFIED. (In Press)

Berrios, Ruben (2006) Anti-realism and Aesthetic Cognition. In: UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Bogen, Jim (2006) The Hodgkin-Huxley Equations and the Concrete Model; Comments on Craver, Schaffner, and Weber. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Busch, Paul and Heinonen, Teiko and Lahti, Pekka (2006) Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Cala Vitery, Favio (2006) Relational Spacetime Ontology. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Castagnino, Mario and Laura, Roberto and Lombardi, Olimpia (2006) A General Conceptual Framework for Decoherence in Closed and Open Systems. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Conference, Synopsis (2006) Synopsis: Bayesianism, Fundamentally. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Contessa, Gabriele (2006) Scientific Representation, Smilarity and Prediction. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Decock, Lieven (2006) Carnap and Quine on some analytic-synthetic distinctions. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Douglas, Heather (2006) Norms for Values in Scientific Belief Acceptance. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Eberhardt, Frederick (2006) Reliability via Synthetic A Priori – Reichenbach’s Doctoral Thesis on Probability. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Eberhardt, Frederick and Scheines, Richard (2006) Interventions and Causal Inference. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Forster, Malcolm R. (2006) A Philosopher's Guide to Empirical Success. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Garcia, Pio (2006) Beyond the dichotomy in vivo - in vitro: in silico. In: UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Gelfert, Axel (2006) Simulating Many-Body Models in Physics: Rigorous Results, 'Benchmarks', and Cross-Model Justification. In: UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Glymour, Bruce (2006) Stable Models and Causal Explanation in Evolutionary Biology. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Goodwin, William Mark (2006) Visual Representations in Science. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Guay, Alexandre (2006) Why Yang-Mills theories? In: UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Hardcastle, Gary (2006) Quine’s 1934 “Lectures on Carnap”. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Hattiangadi, Jagdish (2006) On the True Method of Induction or Investigative Induction: Real But Invisible. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Held, Carsten (2006) Can Quantum Mechanics be shown to be Incomplete in Principle? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Hoffman, Sarah (2006) You Can’t Mean That: Yablo’s Figuralist Account of Mathematics. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Instructions, Submission (2006) Submission Instructions for PhilSci-Archive [PSA 2006] Philosophy of Science Assoc. 20th Biennial Mtg (Vancouver). In: UNSPECIFIED.

Jones, Nicholaos (2006) Resolving the Bayesian Problem of Idealization. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Jones, Nicholaos and Coffey, Kevin (2006) Synopsis of the Robert and Sarah Boote Conference in Reductionism and Anti-Reductionism in Physics. In: UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Justus, James (2006) Ecological and Lyapunov Stability. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Kelly, Kevin (2006) A New Solution to the Puzzle of Simplicity. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Korolev, Alexandre (2006) Indeterminism, Asymptotic Reasoning, and Time Irreversibility in Classical Physics. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Krohs, Ulrich (2006) A priori measurable worlds. In: UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Kuhlmann, Meinard (2006) How Do Microscopic Models of Financial Markets Explain? In: UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

LEE, Paula (2006) Taming the Two-Eyed Beast: Doubtful Visions in the 17th century French Academies. In: UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Lam, Vincent (2006) The singular nature of space-time. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Lewis, Peter J. (2006) Empty Waves in Bohmian Quantum Mechanics. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Linquist, Stefan (2006) Prospects for a dual inheritance model of emotional evolution. In: UNSPECIFIED.

MacKinnon, Edward (2006) The Standard Model as a Philosophical Challenge. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Machery, Edouard (2006) Massive Modularity and Brain Evolution. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Mattingly, James and Warwick, Walter (2006) Projectible Predicates in Analogue and Simulated Systems. In: UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Menzies, Peter (2006) A Structural Equations Account of Negative Causation. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Mormann, Thomas (2006) Carnap’s Logical Empiricism, Values, and American Pragmatism. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Morris, Stephen (2006) The Fundamentalist Attack on Science: A Problem That Won't Just Disappear. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Norton, John D. (2006) The Dome: An Unexpectedly Simple Failure of Determinism. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Norton, John D. (2006) Ignorance and Indifference. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Norton, John D. (2006) Induction without Probabilities. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Parker, Matthew W. (2006) Computing the Uncomputable, or, The Discrete Charm of Second-Order Simulacra. In: UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Pitts, J. Brian (2006) The Anderson-Friedman Absolute Objects Program: Several Successes, One Difficulty. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Portides, Demetris (2006) Seeking Representations of Phenomena: Phenomenological Models. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Potochnik, Angela (2006) Optimality Modeling and Explanatory Generality. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Program and Index of Papers --, -- (2006) Program and Index of Papers for [PSA 2006] Philosophy of Science Assoc. 20th Biennial Mtg (Vancouver). In: UNSPECIFIED.

Przywara, Pawel (2006) 'Husserl's and Carnap's Theories of Space'. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Páez, Andrés (2006) The Epistemic Value of Explanation. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Ross, Don (2006) Ontic Structural REalism and Economics. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Scerri, Eric R. (2006) Reduction and Emergence in Chemistry - Two Recent Approches. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Schaffner, Kenneth (2006) Theories, Models, and Equations in Biology: The Heuristic Search for Emergent Simplifications in Neurobiology. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Schuld, Dawna (2006) White Cube and Black Box: Irwin, Turrell, and the return of the subject to art and psychology in the 1960s. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Schwitzgebel, Eric (2006) The Unreliability of Naive Introspection. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Seidenfeld, Teddy and Schervish, Mark and Kadane, Joseph (2006) When coherent preferences may not preserve indifference between equivalent random variables: A price for unbounded utilities. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Simpson, John (2006) Simulations are not Models. In: UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Sklar, Lawrence (2006) Varieties of Explanatory Autonomy. In: UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Slowik, Edward (2006) Spacetime and Structure: Structural Realism, Neo-Kantianism Idealism, or Relativized A Priorism? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Stern, David (2006) Wittgenstein versus Carnap on physicalism: a reassessment. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Stone, Abraham (2006) On the Completion and Generalization of Intuitive Space in Der Raum: Husserlian and Drieschian Elements. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Sustar, Predrag (2006) Neo-Functional Analysis: Phylogenetical Restrictions on Causal Role Functions. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Weber, Marcel (2006) Causes without Mechanisms: Experimental Regularities, Physical Laws, and Neuroscientific Explanation. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Weirich, Paul (2006) Computer Simulations in Game Theory. In: UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Weirich, Paul (2006) Initiating Coordination. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Wolff, Phillip (2006) Dynamics and the perception of causal events. In: UNSPECIFIED.


de Regt, Henk W. (2006) Modelling Molecules: Beyond the Epistemic-Pragmatic Dichotomy. In: UNSPECIFIED.

huneman, philippe (2006) Emergence made ontological ? Computational vs. combinatorial approaches. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Published Article or Volume

Bartels, Andreas (2006) Defending the Structural Concept of Representation. [Published Article or Volume]

Cassou-Noguès, Pierre (2006) Signs, figures and time: Cavaillès on “intuition” in mathematics. [Published Article or Volume]

De Donato-Rodríguez, Xavier and Polanski, Marek (2006) Superveniencia, propiedades maximales y teoría de modelos. [Published Article or Volume]

Díez, José and Frigg, Roman (2006) Scientific Representation. Introduction. [Published Article or Volume]

Eizagirre, Andoni (2006) Steven Yearley: Making Sense of Science. Understanding the Social Study of Science. [Published Article or Volume]

Fernández , Jordi (2006) Memory and Perception: Remembering Snowflake. [Published Article or Volume]

Fernández Prat, Olga (2006) Particularity and Reflexivity in the Intentional Content of Perception. [Published Article or Volume]

García, Pablo S (2006) Zamora Bonilla, Jesús (2004): La lonja del saber. [Published Article or Volume]

Grimaltos, Tobies and Moya, Carlos (2006) Knowledge, Memory and Perception. [Published Article or Volume]

Huber, Franz (2006) Ranking Functions and Rankings on Languages. [Published Article or Volume]

Huber, Franz (2006) Review of Vincent F. Hendricks, Mainstream and Formal Epistemology (Cambridge University Press 2006). [Published Article or Volume]

Hudson, Robert G. (2006) The Relevance of History to Philosophy of Science. [Published Article or Volume]

Ibarra, Andoni and Mormann, Thomas (2006) Scientific Theories as Intervening Representations. [Published Article or Volume]

Iranzo, Valeriano (2006) Rivadulla, Andrés (2004): Éxito, razón y cambio en física. Un enfoque instrumental en teoría de la ciencia. [Published Article or Volume]

Lewowicz, Lucia (2006) Espinoza, Miguel, y Torretti, Roberto (2004): Pensar la ciencia. Estudios críticos sobre obras filosóficas (1950-2000). [Published Article or Volume]

Liz, Manuel (2006) Camouflaged Physical Objects: The Intentionality of Perception. [Published Article or Volume]

López de Sa, Dan (2006) The Case against Evaluative Realism. [Published Article or Volume]

López de Sa, Dan (2006) Por qué la aposterioridad no (basta, según Kripke, ni) basta. [Published Article or Volume]

Mainwood, Paul (2006) Is More Different? Emergent Properties in Physics. [Published Article or Volume]

Martín Maldonado, Alejandro and Painceyra, Gabriel (2006) Miguel Sánchez-Mazas: Obras Escogidas, 2 vols. [Published Article or Volume]

Prades, Josep L (2006) Filosofía de la Mente: el estado de la cuestión. [Published Article or Volume]

Pérez Otero, Manuel (2006) Aspectos particularistas en el discurso modal. [Published Article or Volume]

Ramachandran, Murali (2006) How Believing Can Fail to Be Knowing. [Published Article or Volume]

Sanfélix Vidarte, Vicente (2006) Acero, Juan José; Flores, Luis; y Flórez, Alfonso (eds.) (2003): Viejos y nuevos pensamientos. Ensayos sobre la filosofía de Wittgenstein. [Published Article or Volume]

Suárez, Mauricio and Solé, Albert (2006) On the Analogy between Cognitive Representation and Truth. [Published Article or Volume]

Teira Serrano, David (2006) Francesco Guala: The Methodology of Experimental Economics. [Published Article or Volume]

Teira Serrano, David (2006) Hasok Chang: Inventing Temperature. Measurement and Scientific Progress. [Published Article or Volume]

Zalamea, Fernando (2006) Corfield, David (2003): Towards a Philosophy of Real Mathematics. [Published Article or Volume]

schrenk, markus (2006) A Lewisian Theory for Special Science Laws. [Published Article or Volume]


Brown, Matthew (2006) Relational Quantum Mechanics and the Determinacy Problem. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Frigg, Roman (2006) Scientific Representation and the Semantic View of Theories. UNSPECIFIED.

Huggett, Nick (2006) Can Spacetime Help Settle Any Issues in Modern Philosophy? UNSPECIFIED.

Kallfelz, William (2006) Methodological Fundamentalism: or why Batterman’s Different Notions of ‘Fundamentalism’ may not make a Difference. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

McCabe, Gordon (2006) Structural realism and the mind. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)


Scerri, Eric (2006) On the Continuity of Reference of the Elements. A Response to Hendry. UNSPECIFIED.

Schürmann, Thomas (2006) About conditional probabilities of events regarding the quantum mechanical measurement process. UNSPECIFIED.

Seevinck, Michael (2006) The quantum world is not built up from correlations. UNSPECIFIED.

Shenker, Orly R. and Hemmo, Meir (2006) Von Neumann's Entropy Does Not Correspond to Thermodynamic Entropy. UNSPECIFIED.

Stotz, Karola (2006) 2001 and all that: a tale of a third science. UNSPECIFIED.

Sutherland, Roderick Ian (2006) Causally Symmetric Bohm Model. UNSPECIFIED.

Vaas, Ruediger (2006) Dark Energy And Life's Ultimate Future. UNSPECIFIED.

Wilson, Alastair (2006) Modal Metaphysics and the Everett Interpretation. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Zinkernagel, Henrik (2006) The philosophy behind quantum gravity. UNSPECIFIED.

hepburn, brian (2006) A critical examination of Abner Shimony's Transient Now. UNSPECIFIED.

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