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Ahmed, Arif (2010) Smokers and psychos: Egan cases don't work. [Preprint]

Andréka, Hajnal and Madarász, Judit X. and Németi, István and Székely, Gergely (2010) A logic road from special to general relativity. [Preprint]

Arnold, Eckhart (2010) Discussion: Can the Best-Alternative-Justification solve Hume's Problem? On the Limits of a Promising New Approach. [Preprint]

Avin, Shahar (2010) A Philosopher's View of the Epistemic Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. [Preprint]

Baker, David John (2010) Broken Symmetry and Spacetime. [Preprint]

Baker, David John (2010) ``The Experience of Left and Right'' Meets the Physics of Left and Right. [Preprint]

Baker, David John (2010) Review of Richard Healey, Gauging What's Real. [Preprint]

Baker, David John (2010) Symmetry and the Metaphysics of Physics. [Preprint]

Besnard, Fabien (2010) Time of Philosophers, Time of Physicists, Time of Mathematicians. [Preprint]

Bogen, Jim and Machamer, Peter (2010) Mechanistic Information and Causal Continuity. [Preprint]

Burock, Marc (2010) Evidence for Information Processing in the Brain. [Preprint]

Busch, Paul and Jaeger, Gregg (2010) Unsharp Quantum Reality. [Preprint]

Butterfield, Jeremy (2010) Against Pointillisme: a Call to Arms. [Preprint]

Butterfield, Jeremy (2010) Emergence, Reduction and Supervenience: a Varied Landscape. [Preprint]

Butterfield, Jeremy (2010) Less is Different: Emergence and Reduction Reconciled. [Preprint]

Callender, Craig (2010) Hot and Heavy Matters in the Foundations of Statistical Mechanics. [Preprint]

Cei, Angelo and French, Steven (2010) Getting Away from Governance: A Structuralist Approach to Laws and Symmetries. [Preprint]

Christian, Joy (2010) Failure of Bell's Theorem and the Local Causality of the Entangled Photons. [Preprint]

Christian, Joy (2010) Failure of Bell's Theorem and the Local Causality of the Entangled Photons. [Preprint]

Corfield, David Neil (2010) Lautman and the Reality of Mathematics. [Preprint]


Dieks, Dennis (2010) Weak discernability and the identity of spacetime points. [Preprint]

Dizadji-Bahmani, Foad and Frigg, Roman and Hartmann, Stephan (2010) Confirmation and Reduction: A Bayesian Account. [Preprint]

Dizadji-Bahmani, Foad and Frigg, Roman and Hartmann, Stephan (2010) Who's Afraid of Nagelian Reduction? [Preprint]

Dorato, Mauro (2010) Physics and metaphysics: interaction or autonomy? [Preprint]

Dorato, Mauro (2010) Should we represent the present in Minkowski spacetime? [Preprint]

Dorato, Mauro and Felline, Laura (2010) Scientific Explanation and Scientific Structuralism. [Preprint]

Dorato, Mauro and Felline, Laura (2010) Structural explanations in Minkowski spacetime: which account of models? [Preprint]

Ducheyne, Steffen (2010) The Status of Hypothesis and Theory. [Preprint]

Ducheyne, Steffen (2010) Testing Universal Gravitation in the Laboratory, or the Significance of Research on the mean Density of the Earth and Big G, 1798-1898: Changing Pursuits and long-term methodological-experimental Continuity. [Preprint]

Earley, Joseph E. (2010) Three Concepts of Chemical Closure and their Epistemological Significance. [Preprint]

Elliott, Kevin (2010) Direct and Indirect Roles for Values in Science. [Preprint]

Elliott, Kevin (2010) Ignorance, Uncertainty, and the Development of Scientific Language. [Preprint]

Esfeld, Michael (2010) Causal overdetermination for Humeans? [Preprint]

Esfeld, Michael (2010) Causal properties and conservative reduction. [Preprint]

Esfeld, Michael and Lam, Vincent (2010) Ontic structural realism as a metaphysics of objects. [Preprint]

Evans, Peter and Price, Huw and Wharton, Ken (2010) New Slant on the EPR-Bell Experiment. [Preprint]

Felline, Laura (2010) Scientific Explanation between Principle and Constructive Theories. [Preprint]

French, Steven (2010) The Dependence of Objects on Structure: Tailoring our Metaphysics to Fit the Physics. [Preprint]

French, Steven (2010) Unitary Inequivalence as a Problem for Structural Realism. [Preprint]

Gao, Shan (2010) Meaning of the wave function. [Preprint]

Giere, Ronald (2010) Contingency, Conditional Realism, and the Evolution of the Sciences. [Preprint]

Gokhale, Raam (2010) Resolution of Grue Using a Support Measure. [Preprint]

Griffiths, Paul and Wilkins, John (2010) When do evolutionary explanations of belief debunk belief? [Preprint]

Guala, Francesco (2010) Reciprocity: weak or strong? What punishment experiments do (and do not) demonstrate. [Preprint]

Gurova, Lilia (2010) Fodor vs. Darwin: A Methodological Follow-Up. [Preprint]

Gyenis, Zalán and Rédei, Miklós (2010) Characterizing common cause closed probability spaces. [Preprint]

Halvorson, Hans and Kragh, Helge (2010) Theism and Physical Cosmology. [Preprint]

Hartmann, Stephan and Meijs, Wouter (2010) Walter the Banker: The Conjunction Fallacy Reconsidered. [Preprint]

Hawley, Patrick (2010) Inertia, Optimism and Beauty. [Preprint]

Healey, Richard (2010) Reduction and Emergence in Bose-Einstein Condensates. [Preprint]

Held, Carsten (2010) Truth does not explain predictive success. [Preprint]

Hemmo, Meir and Shenker, Orly R. (2010) Probability and Typicality in Deterministic Physics. [Preprint]

Herrmann, Lars Oliver (2010) Localization in Relativistic Quantum Theories. [Preprint]

Hoyningen-Huene, Paul (2010) The Ultimate Argument against Convergent Realism and Structural Realism: The Impasse Objection. [Preprint]

Jantzen, Benjamin (2010) An Awkward Symmetry: The Tension between Particle Ontologies and Permutation Invariance. [Preprint]

Justin, Sytsma (2010) Dennett’s Theory of the Folk Theory of Consciousness. [Preprint]

Kastner, Ruth (2010) Why Everettians Should Appreciate the Transactional Interpretation. [Preprint]

Kragh, Helge (2010) When is a prediction anthropic? Fred Hoyle and the 7.65 MeV carbon resonance. [Preprint]

Krause, Decio and Bueno, Otavio (2010) Ontological Issues in Quantum Theory. [Preprint]

Krause, Décio and Arenhart, Jonas R. B. (2010) Structures and Models of Scientific Theories: A Discussion on Quantum Non-Individuality. [Preprint]

Krause, Décio and Arenhart, Jonas R. B. and Moraes, Fernando T. F. (2010) Axiomatization and Models of Scientific Theories. [Preprint]

Lehmkuhl, Dennis (2010) Mass-Energy-Momentum: Only there because of Spacetime? [Preprint]

Leon, Antonio (2010) On bifurcated supertasks and related questions. [Preprint]

Linnebo, Øystein and Pettigrew, Richard (2010) Only up to isomorphism? Category Theory and the Foundations of Mathematics. [Preprint]

Liu, Yang (2010) Frege's Begriffsschrift is First-order Complete. [Preprint]

Malaterre, Christophe (2010) Lifeness signatures and the roots of the tree of life. [Preprint]

Malaterre, Christophe (2010) On what it is to fly can tell us something about what it is to live. [Preprint]

Manchak, John Byron (2010) On Efficient "Time Travel" in Gödel Spacetime. [Preprint]

McCabe, Gordon (2010) The non-unique Universe. [Preprint]

Myrvold, Wayne (2010) Epistemic Values and the Value of Learning. [Preprint]

Myrvold, Wayne C. (2010) Deterministic Laws and Epistemic Chances. [Preprint]

Myrvold, Wayne C. (2010) Nonseparability, Classical and Quantum. [Preprint]

Nerlich, Graham (2010) Bell's 'Lorentzian Pedagogy': A Bad Education. [Preprint]

Nerlich, Graham (2010) On the sovereign independence of spacetime. [Preprint]

Norsen, Travis (2010) Scientific Cumulativity and Conceptual Change: The Case of 'Temperature'. [Preprint]

North, Jill (2010) An Empirical Approach to Symmetry and Probability. [Preprint]

Norton, John D. (2010) Little Boxes: The Simplest Demonstration of the Failure of Einstein’s Attempt to Show the Incompleteness of Quantum Theory. [Preprint]

Okon, Elias and Callender, Craig (2010) Does Quantum Mechanics Clash with the Equivalence Principle – and Does it Matter? [Preprint]

Paul, Franceschi (2010) A Two-Sided Ontological Solution to the Sleeping Beauty Problem. [Preprint]

Pinto de Oliveira, J. C. (2010) Carnap, Kuhn, and revisionism (II): On "Structure" and the philosophical change. [Preprint]

Pinto de Oliveira, J. C. (2010) Kuhn and the genesis of the “new historiography” of science. [Preprint]

Placek, Tomasz (2010) On Attempting. [Preprint]

Placek, Tomasz (2010) A locus for ``now''. [Preprint]

Podnieks, Karlis (2010) The Limits of Modeling. [Preprint]

Pradeu, Thomas (2010) What is an organism? An immunological answer. [Preprint]

Rickles, Dean (2010) The Interpretation of String Dualities. [Preprint]

Rickles, Dean (2010) Mirror Symmetry and Other Miracles in Superstring Theory. [Preprint]

Rickles, Dean (2010) Public Health. [Preprint]

Rickles, Dean (2010) Quantum Gravity Meets &HPS. [Preprint]


Rugh, Svend E. and Zinkernagel, Henrik (2010) Weyl's principle, cosmic time and quantum fundamentalism. [Preprint]

Russo, Federica (2010) Correlational data, causal hypotheses, and validity. [Preprint]

Russo, Federica (2010) Public health policy, evidence, and causation. Lessons from the studies on obesity. [Preprint]

Russo, Federica and Williamson, Jon (2010) Epistemic Causality and Evidence-Based Medicine. [Preprint]

Russo, Federica and Williamson, Jon (2010) Generic versus Single-case Causality: the Case of Autopsy. [Preprint]

Saatsi, Juha and Vickers, Peter (2010) Miraculous Success? Inconsistency and Untruth in Kirchhoff’s Diffraction Theory. [Preprint]

Saunders, Simon (2010) Many Worlds: an introduction. [Preprint]

Schliesser, Eric (2010) HUME’S ATTACK ON NEWTON’S PHILOSOPHY. [Preprint]

Schliesser, Eric (2010) Inventing Paradigms, Monopoly, Methodology, and Mythology at 'Chicago': Nutter and Stigler. [Preprint]

Schliesser, Eric (2010) The Surprising Weberian Roots to Milton Friedman’s Methodology. [Preprint]

Schlosshauer, Maximilian and Wheeler, Gregory (2010) Focused Correlation, confirmation, and the jigsaw puzzle of variable evidence. [Preprint]

Schupbach, Jonah N. and Sprenger, Jan (2010) The Logic of Explanatory Power. [Preprint]

Seevinck, M.P. (2010) Can quantum theory and special relativity peacefully coexist? [Preprint]

Seevinck, M.P. and Uffink, J. (2010) Not throwing out the baby with the bathwater: Bell's condition of local causality mathematically 'sharp and clean'. [Preprint]

Sirtes, Daniel (2010) A Pragmatic-Ontic Account of Mechanistic Explanation. [Preprint]

Skow, Bradford (2010) On a Symmetry Argument for the Guidance Equation. [Preprint]

Soltau, Andrew (2010) Interactive Destiny. [Preprint]

Soltau, Andrew (2010) Multisolipsism. [Preprint]

Suárez, Mauricio (2010) Fictions, Inference, and Realism. [Preprint]

Sytsma, Justin (2010) Folk Psychology and Phenomenal Consciousness. [Preprint]

Sytsma, Justin and Livengood, Jonathan (2010) A New Perspective Concerning Experiments on Semantic Intuitions. [Preprint]

Szabo, Laszlo E. (2010) Empirical Foundation of Space and Time. [Preprint]

Szabo, Laszlo E. (2010) Lorentzian theories vs. Einsteinian special relativity - a logico-empiricist reconstruction. [Preprint]

Szabo, Laszlo E. (2010) What remains of probability? [Preprint]

Tappenden, Paul (2010) Expectancy and rational action prior to personal fission. [Preprint]

Tappenden, Paul (2010) Varieties of Divergence: A Response to Saunders and Wallace. [Preprint]

Thyssen, Pieter (2010) Mendeleev’s periodic law and the 19th century debates on atomism. [Preprint]

Uchii, Soshichi (2010) Sherlock Holmes on Reasoning. [Preprint]

Velasco, Joel D. and Sober, Elliott (2010) Testing for Treeness: Lateral Gene Transfer, Phylogenetic Inference, and Model Selection. [Preprint]

Versteegh, Marijn A.M. and Dieks, Dennis (2010) The Gibbs Paradox and the Distinguishability of Identical Particles. [Preprint]

Vickers, Peter John (2010) Historical Magic in Old Quantum Theory? [Preprint]

Votsis, Ioannis (2010) How not to be a Realist or why we Ought to Make it Safe for Closet Structural Realists to Come out. [Preprint]

Wallace, Rodrick (2010) Modernizing the Modern Synthesis. [Preprint]

Walstad, Allan (2010) A Critical Reexamination of the Electrostatic Aharonov-Bohm Effect. [Preprint]

Walstad, Allan (2010) A Critical Reexamination of the Electrostatic Aharonov-Bohm Effect. [Preprint]

Waters, C. Kenneth (2010) Okasha's Unintended Argument for Toolbox Theorizing. [Preprint]

Wayne, Andrew (2010) Emergence and Singular Limits. [Preprint]

Wheeler, Gregory and Scheines, Richard (2010) Causation, Association, and Confirmation. [Preprint]

Wilkins, John S. (2010) Review of The Cambridge Companion to Darwin. [Preprint]

Wilkins, John S. (2010) What is a species? Essences and generation. [Preprint]

Wolfe, Charles T. (2010) Do organisms have an ontological status? [Preprint]

Wolfe, Charles T. (2010) From substantival to functional vitalism and beyond, or from Stahlian animas to Canguilhemian attitudes. [Preprint]

Wronski, Leszek (2010) The Common Cause Principle. Explanation via Screening off. [Preprint]

Wuthrich, Christian (2010) Can the world be shown to be indeterministic after all? [Preprint]

Wuthrich, Christian (2010) No presentism in quantum gravity. [Preprint]

bacelar valente, mario (2010) Bohr’s quantum postulate and time in quantum mechanics. [Preprint]

bacelar valente, mario (2010) The Dirac equation, the concept of quanta, and the description of interactions in quantum electrodynamics. [Preprint]

bacelar valente, mario (2010) The Feynman Diagrams and Virtual Quanta. [Preprint]

bacelar valente, mario (2010) The concept of vacuum in quantum electrodynamics. [Preprint]

da Costa, Newton C. A. and Krause, Décio and Bueno, Otávio (2010) ISSUES IN THE FOUNDATIONS OF SCIENCE, I: LANGUAGES, STRUCTURES, AND MODELS. [Preprint]

Conference or Workshop Item

Arnold, Eckhart (2010) Tools of Toys? On Specific Challenges for Modeling and the Epistemology of Models and Computer Simulations in the Social Sciences. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Baetu, Tudor (2010) A defense of syntax-based gene concepts in postgenomics: ‘Genes as modular subroutines in the master genomic program’. In: UNSPECIFIED.

BenDaniel, David (2010) Constructibility in Quantum Mechanics. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bennett, Andrew (2010) Process Tracing and Causal Inference. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bracanovic, Tomislav (2010) Mating Intelligence, Moral Virtues, and Methodological Vices. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Chiribella, Giulio and D'Ariano, Giacomo Mauro and Perinotti, Paolo (2010) Probabilistic Theories with Purification. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Easton, Patricia (2010) The Father of Cartesian Empiricism: Robert Desgabets on the physics and metaphysics of blood transfusion. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Fagan, Melinda (2010) Experimental Standards: evaluating success in stem cell biology. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Forber, Patrick (2010) Modeling scientific evidence: the challenge of specifying likelihoods. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Friebe, Cord (2010) Persistence in Minkowski Space-Time. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Friebe, Cord (2010) The twins' paradox: Spatiotemporal length, temporal passage, and a presentist view on spacetime. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Frisch, Mathias (2010) From Arbuthnot to Boltzmann: The Past-hypothesis, Special Sciences and the Best System. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Frisch, Mathias (2010) Principle or Constructive Relativity? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Frost-Arnold, Greg (2010) From the Pessimistic Induction to Semantic Anti-realism. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Gorski, Matthew (2010) Brown and Janssen on the Arrow of Explanation in Special Relativity. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Grose, Jonathan (2010) Genuine versus Deceptive Emotional Displays. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Haug, Matthew C. (2010) Abstraction and Explanatory Relevance, or Why Do the Special Sciences Exist? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Houkes, Wybo (2010) Tales of Tools and Trees: Phylogenetic analysis and explanation in evolutionary archaeology. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Houkes, Wybo (2010) Tales of Tools and Trees: Phylogenetic analysis and explanation in evolutionary archaeology. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Hoyningen-Huene, Paul and Lohse, Simon (2010) Emergence: Postulates and Candidates. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Instructions, Submission (2010) Submission instructions for [2010] Philosophy of Biology at Madison (POBAM) Workshop (Madison, May 21-23, 2010), first biennial meeting. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Kallfelz, William (2010) Clifford Algebraic Computational Fluid Dynamics: A New Class of Experiments. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Kelp, Christoph and Douven, Igor (2010) Sustaining a Rational Disagreement. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Kendig, Catherine (2010) An ontogenetic-ecological conception of species: a new approach to an old idea. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Kennedy, Ashley (2010) Models and Scientific Explanation. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Kietzmann, Tim Christian (2010) Philosophical Accounts of Causal Explanation and the Scientific Practice of Psychophysics. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Kilinc, Berna (2010) Meta-analysis as Judgment Aggregation. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Knuuttila, Tarja and Loettgers, Andrea (2010) Modeling and experimenting: The combinational strategy in synthetic biology. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Lam, Vincent (2010) Gravitational and non-gravitational energy: the need for background structures. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Laudisa, Federico (2010) The uninvited guest: 'local realism' and the Bell theorem. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Lewis, Peter J. (2010) Can Transactional Description of Quantum-Mechanical Reality be Considered Complete? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Lombardi, Olimpia and Fortin, Sebastian and Castagnino, Mario (2010) The problem of identifying the system and the environment in the phenomenon of decoherence. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Lombardi, Olimpia and Fortin, Sebastian and Castagnino, Mario and Ardenghi, Juan Sebastián (2010) Compatibility between environment-induced decoherence and the modal-Hamiltonian interpretation of quantum mechanics. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Love, Alan (2010) Formal and Material Theories in Philosophy of Science: A Methodological Interpretation. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Lyons, Timothy D. (2010) Axiological Scientific Realism and Methodological Prescription. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Lyre, Holger (2010) The just-so Higgs story: a response to Adrian Wüthrich. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Martini, Carlo (2010) Consensus Formation in Networked Groups. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Michael, John (2010) Mirror Neurons and Social Cognition: an expanded simulationist framework. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Michael, John (2010) Mirror Neurons and Social Cognition: an expanded simulationist framework. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Miyake, Teru (2010) Underdetermination in Geophysics. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Morganti, Matteo (2010) Identity in Physics: Statistics and the (Non-)Individuality of Quantum Particles. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Muntean, Ioan (2010) The Fiber Bundle at the Gates of Metaphysics. Challenging Maudlin's Proposal. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Needham, Paul (2010) The Phase Rule and the Notion of Substance. In: UNSPECIFIED.



Pettigrew, Richard (2010) Epistemic Utility Theory. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Pietsch, Wolfgang (2010) Defending Underdetermination or Why the Historical Perspective Makes a Difference. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Priselac, Matthew (2010) Newton on Substance. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Reutlinger, Alexander (2010) A Theory of Non-Universal Laws. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Rowbottom, Darrell P. (2010) The Instrumentalist's New Clothes. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Ruphy, Stephanie (2010) From Hacking’s plurality of styles of scientific reasoning to « foliated » pluralism, a philosophically robust form of ontologico-methodological pluralism. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Rusanen, Anna-Mari and Lappi, Otto (2010) Scientific Models as Information Carrying Artifacts. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Saatsi, Juha (2010) Scientific Realism and Historical Evidence: Shortcomings of the Current State of Debate. In: UNSPECIFIED.

San Pedro, Iñaki (2010) Venetian Sea Levels, British Bread Prices and the Principle of the Common Cause: A Reassessment. In: UNSPECIFIED.

San Pedro, Iñaki (2010) Venetian Sea Levels, British Bread Prices and the Principle of the Common Cause: A Reassessment. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Schliesser, Eric (2010) “Gravity as a relational quality of matter in Newton’s Treatise:”. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Schliesser, Eric (2010) Newton’s Challenge to Philosophy: a programmatic essay. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Schmaus, Warren (2010) Science and the Social Contract in Renouvier. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Schupbach, Jonah N. (2010) Comparing Probabilistic Measures of Explanatory Power. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Sen, Rathindra Nath (2010) Superseparability and its Physical Implications. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Shekeris, Haris (2010) Of communities and individuals as regards scientific knowledge. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Sudbery, Anthony (2010) The Everett-Wheeler interpretation and the open future. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Twardy, Charles R. and Korb, Kevin B. (2010) Actual causation by probabilistic active paths (Supplement). In: UNSPECIFIED.

Wayne, Andrew (2010) Expanding the Scope of Explanatory Idealization. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Weber, Erik and Van Bouwel, Jeroen and Lefevere, Merel (2010) The Role of Unification in Explanations of Facts. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Weber, Marcel (2010) Experimentation versus Theory Choice: A Social-epistemological Account. In: UNSPECIFIED.

White, Michael J. (2010) Locke on Newton's Principia: Mathematics or Natural Philosophy? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Wolfe, Charles T. (2010) Why was there no controversy over Life in the Scientific Revolution? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Wuthrich, Christian (2010) Demarcating presentism. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Published Article or Volume

Andreas, Holger (2010) A Modal View of the Semantics of Theoretical Sentences. [Published Article or Volume]

Andreas, Holger (2010) Semantic Holism in Scientific Language. [Published Article or Volume]

Artiga, Marc (2010) Learning and Selection Processes. [Published Article or Volume]

Atkinson, David and Johnson, Porter (2010) Nonconservation of Energy and Loss of Determinism. II. Colliding with an open set. [Published Article or Volume]

Atkinson, David and Peijnenburg, Jeanne (2010) The Solvability of Probabilistic Regresses. A Reply to Frederik Herzberg. [Published Article or Volume]

Bacciagaluppi, Guido (2010) Collapse Theories as Beable Theories. [Published Article or Volume]

Bitbol, Michel (2010) Downward Causation without Foundations. [Published Article or Volume]

Blanco, Daniel (2010) Daniel Steel (2009): Across the Boundaries: Extrapolation in Biology and Social Science. [Published Article or Volume]

Broncano, Fernando (2010) Esteban & Martínez (eds.), Normas y prácticas en la ciencia. [Published Article or Volume]

Camprubí, Lino (2010) Gómez & Canales (eds.), Ciencia y fascismo. La ciencia de posguerra española. [Published Article or Volume]

Castrodeza, Carlos (2010) Torretti (ed.), Conceptos de Gen. [Published Article or Volume]

Cuffaro, Michael (2010) The Kantian framework of complementarity. [Published Article or Volume]

Dawid, Richard (2010) Marginalization of the Phenomena and the Limits of Scientific Knowledge in High Energy Physics. [Published Article or Volume]

Diéguez, Antonio (2010) González & J. Alcolea (eds.), Contemporary Perspectives in Philosophy and Methodology of Science. [Published Article or Volume]

Ellerman, David (2010) The Logic of Partitions: Introduction to the Dual of the Logic of Subsets. [Published Article or Volume]

Fernández Moreno, Luis (2010) Locke y Putnam sobre la referencia. [Published Article or Volume]

Ferreiro, Larrie D (2010) The Aristotelian Heritage in Early Naval Architecture, From the Venice Arsenal to the French Navy, 1500-1700. [Published Article or Volume]

Ferreirós, José (2010) La lógica matemática: una disciplina en busca de encuadre. [Published Article or Volume]

Friederich, S. (2010) Structuralism and meta-mathematics. [Published Article or Volume]

Frigg, Roman (2010) Fiction and Scientific Representation. [Published Article or Volume]

Frigg, Roman (2010) Models and Fiction. [Published Article or Volume]

Frigg, Roman (2010) Probability in Boltzmannian Statistical Mechanics. [Published Article or Volume]

Frigg, Roman (2010) Why Typicality Does Not Explain the Approach to Equilibrium. [Published Article or Volume]

García Suárez, Alfonso (2010) Normatividad semántica y reglas deónticas. [Published Article or Volume]

Ginnobili, Santiago (2010) La teoría de la selección natural darwiniana. [Published Article or Volume]

Glynn, Luke (2010) Deterministic Chance. [Published Article or Volume]

Hannikainen, Ivar (2010) Questioning the Causal Inheritance Principle. [Published Article or Volume]

Harrigan, Nicholas and Spekkens, Robert W. (2010) Einstein, Incompleteness, and the Epistemic View of Quantum States. [Published Article or Volume]

Helanterä, Heikki and Uller, Tobias (2010) The Price Equation and Extended Inheritance. [Published Article or Volume]

Hernández-Clemente, Juan Carlos (2010) Juan Carlos. Lázaro, Vidas y muertes de Luis Martín Santos. [Published Article or Volume]

Imbrisevic, Miroslav (2010) The Consent Solution to Punishment and the Explicit Denial Objection. [Published Article or Volume]

Iranzo, Valeriano (2010) Chakravartty, A Metaphysics for Scientific Realism. [Published Article or Volume]

Ivanova, Milena (2010) Pierre Duhem’s Good Sense as a guide to Theory Choice. [Published Article or Volume]

Jorba Grau, Marta (2010) Is There A Specific Experience of Thinking? [Published Article or Volume]

Kritchman, Shira and Raz, Ran (2010) The Surprise Examination Paradox and the Second Incompleteness Theorem. [Published Article or Volume]

Lamza, Lukasz (2010) How much history can chemistry take? [Published Article or Volume]

Luk, Robert (2010) Understanding scientific study via process modeling. [Published Article or Volume]

López, Mireia (2010) Editor's Introduction. [Published Article or Volume]

Marcaida, José Ramón (2010) Casanueva & Bolaños (coords.), El giro pictórico. Epistemología de la imagen. [Published Article or Volume]

Matthen, Mohan (2010) What Is Drift? A Response to Millstein, Skipper, and Dietrich. [Published Article or Volume]

Merlin, Francesca (2010) Evolutionary Chance Mutation: A Defense of the Modern Synthesis' Consensus View. [Published Article or Volume]

Mundó, Jordi (2010) Castro Nogueira, L. Castro Nogueira, M. A. Castro Nogueira (2008): ¿Quién teme la naturaleza humana? [Published Article or Volume]

Nowacki, Horst (2010) Julián Simón-Calero (2008): The Genesis of Fluid Mechanics: 1640-1780. [Published Article or Volume]

Oms, Sergi (2010) Truth-Functional and Penumbral Intuitions. [Published Article or Volume]

Queraltó, Ramón (2010) Perona (ed.), Contrastando a Popper. [Published Article or Volume]

Riesch, Hauke (2010) Simple or Simplistic? Scientists' Views on Occam's Razor. [Published Article or Volume]

Roberts, Bryan W. (2010) Group Structural Realism. [Published Article or Volume]

Rolleri, José Luis (2010) Explanation and Randomness. [Published Article or Volume]

Salis, Fiora (2010) Fictional Reports: A Study on the Semantics of Fictional Names. [Published Article or Volume]

Santos, Gonçalo (2010) A not so fine modal version of generality relativism. [Published Article or Volume]

Schrenk, Markus (2010) From Reductionist Semantics to a Realist Ontology of Dispositions. [Published Article or Volume]

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