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Adlam, Emily (2023) Are Entropy Bounds Epistemic? [Preprint]

Adlam, Emily (2023) Disappearing Without a Trace: The Arrows of Time in Kent's Solution to the Lorentzian Quantum Reality Problem. [Preprint]

Akagi, Mikio (2023) Structural microaggressions for explaining outcome gaps. [Preprint]

Alai, Mario (2023) Bayesian “No Miracle Argument” and the Priors of Truth. [Preprint]


Alemañ-Berenguer, Rafael-Andrés (2023) The ontological burden of mathematics and scientific realism. [Preprint]

Allori, Valia (2023) Many-Worlds: Why Is It Not the Consensus? [Preprint]

Allori, Valia (2023) “Relativistic Pilot-Wave Theories as the Rational Completion of Quantum Mechanics and Relativity.”. [Preprint]

Allori, Valia (2023) What if We Lived in the Best of All Possible (Quantum) Worlds? [Preprint]

Allori, Valia (2023) Who’s Afraid of the Measurement Problem? On the Incompatibility between Scientific Realism and Quantum Mechanics. [Preprint]

Allzén, Simon (2023) Against Methodological Continuity and Metaphysical Knowledge. European Journal for Philosophy of Science, 13 (5). ISSN 1879-4912

Allzén, Simon (2023) Extragalactic Reality Revisited: Astrophysics and Entity Realism. Philosophy of Astrophysics Stars, Simulations, and the Struggle to Determine What is Out There, 472. pp. 277-293.

Ambrosj, Jacopo and Desmond, Hugh and Dierickx, Kris (2023) The value-free ideal in codes of conduct for research integrity. [Preprint]

Andersen, Holly (2023) Critical Review of Leveraging Distortion, by Collin Rice. [Preprint]

Andersen, Holly (2023) Every View is a View From Somewhere: Pragmatist Laws and Possibility. [Preprint]

Andersen, Holly (2023) Review of Causation With a Human Face, James Woodward. [Preprint]

Andersen, Holly (2023) Running Causation Aground. [Preprint]

Andersen, Holly (2023) Trueing. [Preprint]

Andersen, Holly (2023) Why adoption of causal modeling methods requires some metaphysics. [Preprint]

Andonovski, Nikola (2023) Autonoesis and the Galilean science of memory: Explanation, idealization, and the role of crucial data. [Preprint]

Andrews, Mel (2023) The Devil in the Data: Machine Learning & the Theory-Free Ideal. [Preprint]

Andrews, Samuel John (2023) Realism and the Value of Explanation. The Philosophical Quarterly. ISSN 0031-8094

Antoniou, Antonis (2023) Robustness and Dark-Matter Observation. Philosophy of Science, 90 (3). pp. 629-647.

Antoniou, Antonis and Thebault, Karim P Y (2023) Theories Without Models: Uncontrolled Idealizations in Particle Physics. [Preprint]

Ardourel, Vincent and Bangu, Sorin (2023) Finite-size scaling theory: Quantitative and qualitative approaches to critical phenomena. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A, 100. pp. 99-106. ISSN 00393681

Arenhart, Jonas R. B. and Arroyo, Raoni Wohnrath (2023) The roads to non-individuals (and how not to read their maps). [Preprint]

Arroyo, Raoni Wohnrath (2023) Making New Tools From the Toolbox of Metaphysics. [Preprint]

Arroyo, Raoni Wohnrath and Arenhart, Jonas R. B. (2023) The Powers of Quantum Mechanics: A Metametaphysical Discussion of the “Logos Approach”. [Preprint]

Arroyo, Raoni Wohnrath and Arenhart, Jonas R. B. and Krause, Décio (2023) The elimination of metaphysics through the epistemological analysis: lessons (un)learned from metaphysical underdetermination. [Preprint]

Arsiwalla, Xerxes and Elshatlawy, Hatem and Rickles, Dean (2023) Pregeometry, Formal Language and Constructivist Foundations of Physics. [Preprint]

Asenjo, Felipe and Hojman, Sergio and Linnemann, Niels and Read, James (2023) Abnormal light propagation and the underdetermination of theory by evidence in astrophysics. [Preprint]

Asma, Lieke (2023) Implicit bias as unintentional discrimination. [Preprint]

Avigad, Jeremy (2023) The design of mathematical language. [Preprint]

Avner, Ash and Justin, Clarke-Doane (2023) Intuition and Observation. [Preprint]


Babcock, Gunnar (2023) Teleology and function in non-living nature. [Preprint]

Babcock, Gunnar and McShea, Daniel W. (2023) Goal directedness and the field concept. [Preprint]

Babic, Joshua and Cocco, Lorenzo (2023) Mandersian Relationism: Space, Modality and Equivalence. Philosophy of Science. ISSN 1539-767X

Baccelli, Jean (2023) Interpersonal Comparisons of What? The Journal of Philosophy. ISSN 0022-362X

Baccelli, Jean (2023) Ordinal Utility Differences. Social Choice and Welfare.

Baccelli, Jean (2023) The Sure-Thing Principle. Journal of Mathematical Economics.

Bacciagaluppi, Guido (2023) A Proof of Specker's Principle. [Preprint]

Bacelar Valente, Mario (2023) A note on the notion of now and time flow in special relativity. [Preprint]

Bach, Theodore (2023) The Importance of Realism about Gender Kinds: Lessons from Beauvoir. Analyse & Kritik, 45 (2). pp. 269-295.

Baedke, Jan and Fábregas-Tejeda, Alejandro (2023) The Organism in Evolutionary Explanation: From Early 20th Century to the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis. [Preprint]

Barandes, Jacob A. (2023) The Stochastic-Quantum Correspondence. [Preprint]

Barandes, Jacob A. (2023) The Stochastic-Quantum Theorem. [Preprint]

Baron, Sam and Le Bihan, Baptiste (2023) Causal Theories of Spacetime. [Preprint]

Barrett, Jeffrey A. and Chen, Eddy Keming (2023) Algorithmic Randomness and Probabilistic Laws. [Preprint]

Barrett, Jeffrey A. and Goldbring, Isaac (2023) A Nonstandard Formulation of Bohmian Mechanics. [Preprint]

Barroso Rojo, Milagros Maribel (2023) A Framework for Inductive Reasoning in Model-Based Science. [Preprint]

Barzegar, Ali and Margoni, Emilia and Oriti, Daniele (2023) A minimalist account of agency in physics. [Preprint]

Bassi, Angelo and Dorato, Mauro and Ulbricht, Hendrik (2023) Collapse Models: A Theoretical, Experimental and Philosophical Review. Entropy, 25. pp. 1-16.

Beauchemin, Pierre-Hugues and Staley, Kent (2023) The epistemological significance of exploratory experimentation: Why practices matter, philosophically. [Preprint]

Bechtel, William and Bich, Leonardo (2023) Organisms Need Mechanisms; Mechanisms Need Organisms. New Mechanism Explanation, Emergence and Reduction. pp. 85-108.

Bechtel, William and Bich, Leonardo (2023) Using neurons to maintain autonomy: Learning from C. elegans. BioSystems, 232. ISSN 0303-2647

Belot, Gordon (2023) Edenic Orgulity. [Preprint]

Belot, Gordon (2023) That Does Not Compute: David Lewis on Credence and Chance. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Belot, Gordon (2023) Unprincipled. [Preprint]

Ben-Yami, Hanoch (2023) The Structure of Space and Time, and the Indeterminacy of Classical Physics. UNSPECIFIED.

Benis-Sinaceur, Hourya (2023) "Ars Inveniendi" Today. Acta Morphologica Generalis, 9 (1). pp. 1-11. ISSN 2001-2241

Bennett, Marissa and Miller, Michael (2023) The conventionality of real valued quantities. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bentzen, Bruno (2023) Frege's theory of types. Manuscrito. Rev. Int. Fil.,. ISSN 0100-6045

Bentzen, Bruno (2023) Propositions as intentions. Husserl Studies. pp. 1-18.

Bhakthavatsalam, Sindhuja (2023) Revisiting Stance Voluntarism: In Defense of an Active Stance Pluralism. [Preprint]

Bich, Leonardo and Skillings, Derek (2023) There are no intermediate stages: An organizational view on development. Organization in Biology. pp. 241-262.

Binney, Nicholas (2023) Methods of Inference and Shaken Baby Syndrome. Philosophy of Medicine, 4 (1). pp. 1-33. ISSN 2692-3963

Birch, Jonathan (2023) Medical AI, Inductive Risk, and the Communication of Uncertainty: The Case of Disorders of Consciousness. [Preprint]

Blanchard, Thomas (2023) Best-System Laws, Explanation, and Unification. [Preprint]

Blumson, Ben (2023) Dialetheism and Distributed Sorites. [Preprint]

Bochman, Alexander (2023) Causal reasoning from almost first principles. [Preprint]

Boddenberg, Nurida (2023) Igniting Realism- Where There’s Signature, There’s Phenomenon. [Preprint]

Boudry, Maarten and Friederich, Simon (2023) The Selfish Machine? On the Power and Limitation of Natural Selection to Understand the Development of Advanced AI. [Preprint]

Boudry, Maarten and Hofhuis, Steije (2023) On Epistemic Black Holes. How Self-Sealing Belief Systems Develop and Evolve. [Preprint]

Boudry, Maarten and Hofhuis, Steije (2023) On Epistemic Black Holes. How Self-Sealing Belief Systems Develop and Evolve. [Preprint]

Boumans, Marcel (2023) Materials Selection in Economic Modeling. [Preprint]

Boyd, Nora Mills and Matthiessen, Dana (2023) Observations, Experiments, and Arguments for Epistemic Superiority in Scientific Methodology. [Preprint]

Brancazio, Nick and Meyer, Russell (2023) Minimal Model Explanations of Cognition. [Preprint]

Branch, T.Y. and Douglas, Heather (2023) Rethinking the Conceptual Space for Science in Society after the VFI. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bright, Liam Kofi and Heesen, Remco (2023) To Be Scientific Is To Be Communist. Social Epistemology, 37 (3). pp. 249-258. ISSN 0269-1728

Broka, Chris A. (2023) Brains as Quantum Mechanical Systems - A New Model. [Preprint]

Broka, Chris A. (2023) Quantum Measurements and their Place in Nature. [Preprint]

Browning, Heather and Veit, Walter (2023) Animal Welfare Science, Performance Metrics, and Proxy Failure: A Commentary on John et al. [Preprint]

Browning, Heather and Veit, Walter (2023) Regulating Possibly Sentient Human Cerebral Organoids. [Preprint]

Browning, Heather and Veit, Walter (2023) Review of Jeff Sebo’s Saving Animals, Saving Ourselves: Why Animals Matter for Pandemics, Climate Change, and other Catastrophes. [Preprint]

Brunet, Tyler D. P. (2023) Categorial Modal Realism. [Preprint]

Bräutigam, Maren (2023) Heterodox underdetermination: metaphysical options for discernibility and (non-)entanglement. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science. ISSN 00393681

Buchholz, Oliver (2023) The Deep Neural Network Approach to the Reference Class Problem. [Preprint]

Buckner, Cameron (2023) From Deep Learning to Rational Machines -- What the History of Philosophy Can Teach Us about the Future of Artificial Intelligence -- Sample Chapter 1 -- "Moderate Empiricism and Machine Learning". [Preprint]

Buijsman, Stefan (2023) Causal scientific explanations from Machine Learning. [Preprint]


C. Barbado, Luis and Del Santo, Flavio (2023) On playing gods: The fallacy of the many-worlds interpretation. [Preprint]

Cabrera, Frank (2023) A Rawlsian Solution to the New Demarcation Problem. Canadian Journal of Philosophy. pp. 1-27.

Cadenas, Haggeo (2023) The Role of Social Reinforcement in Norm Transmission and Cultural Evolution. [Preprint]

Cairns, Monte (2023) Electronegativity as a New Case for Emergence and a New Problem for Reductionism. [Preprint]

Callaerts, Nephtali and Hocquet, Alexandre and Wieber, Frederic (2023) “Conducted properly, published incorrectly”: the evolving status of gel electrophoresis images along instrumental transformations in times of reproducibility crisis. [Preprint]

Callender, Craig (2023) The Prodigy That Time Forgot: The Incredible and Untold Story of John von Newton. [Preprint]

Canali, Stefano (2023) Which Integration for Health? Comparing Integrative Approaches for Epidemiology. [Preprint]

Canali, Stefano and Ratti, Emanuele (2023) Between quantity and quality: competing views on the role of Big Data for causal inference. [Preprint]

Castellani, Elena (2023) Convergence strategies for theory assessment. [Preprint]

Castellani, Elena and Schettino, Giulia (2023) Nested modalities in astrophysical modeling. [Preprint]

Chakrabarty, Manjari (2023) IS FALSIFIABILITY A 'BLUNT INSTRUMENT' FOR MODERN PHYSICS? Journal of Philosophical Investigations, 17 (42). pp. 298-316. ISSN 2423-4419

Chen, Eddy Keming (2023) Laws of Physics. [Preprint]

Chen, Eddy Keming (2023) The Simplicity of Physical Laws. [Preprint]

Chen, Elliott D. (2023) Newtonian Gravitation in Maxwell Spacetime. [Preprint]

Chen, Lu and Read, James (2023) Is the metric signature really electromagnetic in origin? [Preprint]

Chen, Ruey-Lin (2023) Scientific exploration of causation in biomedical research: The case of gene targeting on mouse embryonic stem cells. UNSPECIFIED.

Chen, Ruey-Lin and Hricko, Jonathon (2023) Experimental criteria for accessing reality: Perrin’s experimental demonstration of atoms and molecules. European Journal for Philosophy of Science, 13 (1). ISSN 1879-4912

Childers, Konner (2023) Duality and Categorical Equivalence: A Look at Gauge/Gravity. [Preprint]

Chua, Eugene Y. S. and Chen, Eddy Keming (2023) Decoherence, Branching, and the Born Rule in a Mixed-State Everettian Multiverse. [Preprint]

Climenhaga, Nevin (2023) Epistemic Probabilities are Degrees of Support, not Degrees of (Rational) Belief. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.

Coko, Klodian (2023) Consilience and Hypothesis in the Nineteenth Century. [Preprint]

Coko, Klodian (2023) Controlling the Invisible: Experimental Strategies and Hypotheses in Discovering the Cause of Brownian Movement. [Preprint]

Coles, Joe (2023) Space-Time Normalisation in GRWf Theory. International Journal of Quantum Foundations, 9 (2). pp. 108-144. ISSN 2375-4729

Coninx, Sabrina (2023) The Dark Side of Niche Construction: Challenges in Modern Medicine & Healthcare. [Preprint]

Coninx, Sabrina and Stilwell, Peter (2023) Chronic Pain, Enactivism, & the Challenges of Integration. [Preprint]

Cristian, Saborido and Manuel, Heras-Escribano (2023) Affordances and Organizational Functions. [Preprint]

Crüwell, Sophia (2023) The Psychologist’s Green Thumb. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Cuffaro, Michael E. (2023) The Measurement Problem Is a Feature, Not a Bug--Schematising the Observer and the Concept of an Open System on an Informational, or (Neo-)Bohrian, Approach. [Preprint]

Cuffaro, Michael E. (2023) Review of Slobodan Perović's From Data to Quanta -- Niels Bohr's Vision of Physics. Philosophy of Science. ISSN 1539-767X

Cuffaro, Michael E. and Hartmann, Stephan (2023) The Open Systems View and the Everett Interpretation. Quantum Rep. 2023, 5(2), 418-425, 5 (2). pp. 418-425.

Cuffaro, Michael E. and Hartmann, Stephan (2023) The Open Systems View. [Preprint]

Currie, Adrian (2023) Narratives, Events & Monotremes: The Philosophy of History in Practice. [Preprint]

Currie, Adrian (2023) Of Records & Ruins: Metaphors about the Deep Past. [Preprint]

Cuypers, Vincent and Reydon, Thomas A. C. (2023) An oak is an oak, or not? Understanding and dealing with confusion and disagreement in biological classification. [Preprint]


Daly, Timothy (2023) Philosophers of Medicine Should Write More Letters for Medical Journals. Philosophy of Medicine, 4 (1). pp. 1-3. ISSN 2692-3963

Dawid, Richard and McCoy, C.D. (2023) Testability and Viability: Is Inflationary Cosmology "Scientific"? European Journal for Philosophy of Science, 13 (4). ISSN 1879-4912

De Bianchi, Silvia and Gabbanelli, Luciano (2023) Re-thinking geometrogenesis: instantaneity in Quantum Gravity scenarios. [Preprint]

Del Santo, Flavio and Gisin, Nicolas (2023) Potentiality realism: A realistic and indeterministic physics based on propensities. [Preprint]

Del Santo, Flavio and Krizek, Gerd C. (2023) Against the “nightmare of a mechanically determined universe”: Why Bohm was never a Bohmian. [Preprint]

Deng, Natalja (2023) Commentary: “Physical Time within Human Time” and “Bridging the Neuroscience and Physics of Time”. [Preprint]

Deng, Natalja (2023) On moving past the ABCs. [Preprint]

Derakhshani, Maaneli (2023) Another thing in this universe that cannot be an illusion. Sam Harris: Critical Responses (Critical Responses, 2), edited by Sandra Woien. Publisher: Carus Books, January 10, 2023. ISBN: 9781637700242. pp. 223-234.

Desmond, Hugh and Ariew, André and Huneman, Philippe and Reydon, Thomas (2023) The Varieties of Darwinism: Explanation, Logic, and Worldview. [Preprint]

Dethier, Corey (2023) Supposition and (Statistical) Models. [Preprint]

Deulofeu, Roger and Suárez, Javier (2023) Pluralism and Complexity Without Integration? A Critical Appraisal of Mitchell’s Integrative Pluralism.

Dewar, Neil (2023) Interpretation and equivalence; or, equivalence and interpretation. [Preprint]

DiFrisco, James and Ramsey, Grant (2023) Adaptationism and Trait Individuation. Philosophy of Science, 90 (5). pp. 1234-1243.

Dickins, Thomas (2023) The role of information in evolutionary biology. [Preprint]

Dietrich, Franz and List, Christian (2023) The impossibility of non-manipulable probability aggregation. [Preprint]

Djordjevic, Charles (2023) When, How, and Why Did “Pain” Become Subjective? Beecher, Operationalization, and Its Problems. Philosophy of Medicine, 4 (1). pp. 1-22. ISSN 2692-3963

Doi, Kazuto and Nakamaru, Mayuko (2023) Heuristics facilitates the evolution of transitive inference and social hierarchy in a large group. Acta Biotheoretica, 71 (8). ISSN 0001-5342

Dong, Zili (2023) The Ontology of Causation: A Carnapian-Pragmatist Approach. [Preprint]

Donhauser, Justin (2023) Five lessons from teleology-neutrality and metaphor in ecology: Bottom-up and top-down all at once. [Preprint]

Dopico, Pablo (2023) A defence of Isaacson's thesis, or how to make sense of the boundaries of finite mathematics. [Preprint]

Dorst, Chris (2023) Does the Best System Need the Past Hypothesis? [Preprint]

Dougherty, John (2023) Effective and Selective Realisms. [Preprint]

Douglas, Heather (2023) Structuring Institutions for Responsible and Accountable Science. [Preprint]

Douven, Igor (2023) Pandemics and Flexible Lockdowns: In Praise of Agent-based Modeling. [Preprint]

Drezet, aurélien (2023) Local causality in the works of Einstein, Bohm and Bell. [Preprint]

Drezet, aurélien (2023) Whence Nonlocality? Removing spooky action at a distance from the de Broglie Bohm pilot-wave theory using a time-symmetric version of de Broglie double solution. [Preprint]

Due, Austin (2023) What are Side Effects? European Journal for Philosophy of Science, 13 (1). ISSN 1879-4912

Duerr, Patrick M. and Holmes, Abigail (2023) The Discovery of the Expanding Universe: Philosophical and Historical Dimensions. [Preprint]

Duerr, Patrick M. and Holmes, Abigail (2023) The Discovery of the Expanding Universe: Philosophical and Historical Dimensions. [Preprint]

Duerr, Patrick M. and Wolf, William J. (2023) Methodological Reflections on the MOND/Dark Matter Debate. [Preprint]

Duran, Juan Manuel (2023) Machine learning, justification, and computational reliabilism. [Preprint]

Durt, Christoph and Froese, Tom and Fuchs, Thomas (2023) Large Language Models and the Patterns of Human Language Use: An Alternative View of the Relation of AI to Understanding and Sentience. [Preprint]

Díez, José and Suárez, Javier (2023) How do networks explain? A neo-Hempelian approach to network explanations of the ecology of the microbiome. [Preprint]

Dürr, Patrick and Read, James (2023) Reconsidering Conventionalism: An Invitation to a Sophisticated Philosophy for Modern (Space-)Times. [Preprint]

de Ronde, Christian (2023) Bohr's Anti-Realist Realism in Contemporary (Quantum) Physics and Philosophy. [Preprint]

de Ronde, Christian (2023) The Return of Realism in the Logos Approach to Quantum Mechanics (Reply to Arroyo and Arenhart). [Preprint]


Earman, John (2023) Evaluating the Symmetry to Reality Inference: Not All Symmetry Signals Redundancy. [Preprint]

Earman, John (2023) As Revealing in the Breach as in the Observance: von Neumann's Uniqueness Theorem. [Preprint]

Ehsani, Sepehr (2023) Generalizations for Cell Biological Explanations: Distinguishing between Principles and Laws. [Preprint]

El Skaf, Rawad and Stuart, Michael T. (2023) Scientific Models and Thought Experiments: Same Same but Different. [Preprint]

Elber-Dorozko, Lotem and Loewenstein, Yonatan (2023) Do retinal neurons also represent somatosensory inputs? On why neuronal responses are not sufficient to determine what neurons do. Cognitive Science.

Elder, Jamee (2023) Black Hole Coalescence: Observation and Model Validation. [Preprint]

Elder, Jamee (2023) On the “Direct Detection” of Gravitational Waves. [Preprint]

Elliott, Kevin (2023) Navigating Dissent by Managing Value Judgments: The Case of Lyme Disease. [Preprint]

Elliott, Steve and Eosco, Gina and Newcomb, Laura and Conran, Joseph (2023) Institutional Values Influence the Design and Evaluation of Transition Knowledge in Funding Proposals at NOAA. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Erfanifar, T (2023) Existential Quantifiers and Contemporary Logic.

Erfanifar, T (2023) Unraveling the philosophy of existential Quantifier. [Preprint]

Espinosa Aldama, Mariana and Casanueva López, Mario (2023) Theoretical lattices and formal concept analysis, tools for metatheoretic structuralism. THEORIA. An International Journal for Theory, History and Foundations of Science, 38 (1). pp. 45-66. ISSN 2171-679X

Eva, Benjamin (2023) Comparative Learning. [Preprint]

Evangelidis, Basil (2023) Impacts, symmetries and decisions: the quest for habitable worlds. [Preprint]

Evans, Peter W. and Hangleiter, Dominik and Thebault, Karim P Y (2023) How to engineer a quantum wavefunction. [Preprint]

Evans, Peter W. and Milburn, Gerard J. and Shrapnel, Sally (2023) How clocks define physical time. [Preprint]

Eyre, John (2023) Resolution of the Miller-Popper paradox. [Preprint]


Facchin, Marco (2023) Neural Representations Unobserved - or: a dilemma for the cognitive neuroscience revolution. [Preprint]

Facchin, Marco and Leonetti, Giulia (2023) Extended animal cognition. [Preprint]

Fagerberg, Harriet (2023) Medical Disorder Is Not a Black Box Essentialist Concept: Review of "Defining Mental Disorder: Jerome Wakefield and His Critics," edited by Luc Faucher and Denis Forest. Philosophy of Medicine, 4 (1). pp. 1-9. ISSN 2692-3963

Faglia, Paolo (2023) Non-separability, locality and criteria of reality: a reply to Waegell and McQueen. [Preprint]

Fang, Wei (2023) Design principles and mechanistic explanation. [Preprint]

Farokhi Kakesh, Hadis (2023) Desire satisfaction and its discontents. THEORIA. An International Journal for Theory, History and Foundations of Science, 38 (2). pp. 173-192. ISSN 2171-679X

Farr, Matt (2023) The Three-Times Problem. [Preprint]

Farrell, Margaret (2023) Causal selection in context: explaining gene centrism. [Preprint]

Farrell, Margaret (2023) What would imaginary ancestors do? [Preprint]

Fay, Jonathan (2023) Mach's Principle and Mach's Hypotheses. [Preprint]

Fay, Jonathan (2023) On the Relativity of Magnitudes: Delboeuf's forgotten contribution to the 19th Century problem of space. [Preprint]

Fay, Jonathan (2023) On the Relativity of Magnitudes: Delboeuf's forgotten contribution to the 19th Century problem of space. [Preprint]

Feest, Uljana (2023) What is the Replication Crisis a Crisis Of? [Preprint]

Feiten, Tim Elmo (2023) The Map/Territory Relationship in Game-Theoretic Modeling of Cultural Evolution. [Preprint]

Fellowes, Sam (2023) The importance of involving experts-by-experience with different psychiatric diagnoses when revising diagnostic criteria. [Preprint]

Filomeno, Aldo (2023) How bad is the postulation of a low entropy initial state of the universe? [Preprint]

Filomeno, Aldo (2023) How bad is the postulation of a low entropy initial state of the universe?

Fischborn, Marcelo (2023) The Evolutionary Roots of Moral Responsibility. Philosophy of Science. pp. 1-27. ISSN 0031-8248

Fischer, Enno (2023) Actual Causation and the Challenge of Purpose. Erkenntnis.

Fischer, Enno (2023) Broken Brakes and Dreaming Drivers: The Heuristic Value of Causal Models in the Law. [Preprint]

Fischer, Enno (2023) The Promise of Supersymmetry. [Preprint]

Fletcher, Samuel C. (2023) The Stopping Rule Principle and Confirmational Reliability. [Preprint]

Forero-Mora, José Andrés (2023) Assertive commitments. THEORIA. An International Journal for Theory, History and Foundations of Science, 38 (1). pp. 107-125. ISSN 2171-679X

Fortin, Sebastian and Pasqualini, Matias (2023) Emergence-Free Duality: Phonons and Vibrating Atoms in Crystalline Solids. [Preprint]

Franklin, Alexander (2023) Can Bohmian Mechanics Make Sense of Local Reductive Explanation? [Preprint]

Franklin, Alexander (2023) A Challenge for Humean Everettians. [Preprint]

Franklin, Alexander (2023) Incoherent? No, Just Decoherent: How Quantum Many Worlds Emerge. [Preprint]

Fraser, Doreen and Papageorgiou, Maria (2023) Note on episodes in the history of modeling measurements in local spacetime regions using QFT. [Preprint]

Fraser, James D. (2023) Infinite Scale Scepticism: Probing the Epistemology of the Limit of Infinite Degrees of Freedom and Hilbert Space Non-Uniqueness. [Preprint]

Freeborn, David Peter Wallis (2023) Efficiency and Fairness Trade-offs in Two Player Bargaining Games. [Preprint]

Freeborn, David Peter Wallis (2023) Sloppy Models, Renormalization Group Realism, and the Success of Science. [Preprint]

Friebe, Cord (2023) Present’s actualizing and future’s becoming possible. THEORIA. An International Journal for Theory, History and Foundations of Science, 38 (2). pp. 193-204. ISSN 2171-679X

Friederich, Simon (2023) Symbiosis, not alignment, as the goal for liberal democracies in the transition to artificial general intelligence. AI and Ethics.

Friederich, Simon and Symons, Jonathan (2023) Norms for Academic Writing in the Era of Advanced Artificial Intelligence. Digital Society, 2.

Friederich, Simon and Wenmackers, Sylvia (2023) The future of intelligence in the Universe: a call for humility. International Journal of Astrobiology, 22 (4). pp. 414-427.

Friedman, Daniel and Šešelja, Dunja (2023) Scientific Disagreements, Fast Science and Higher-Order Evidence. Philosophy of Science. ISSN 1539-767X

Froese, Tom and Georgii, Karelin and Takashi, Ikegami (2023) Making mind matter with irruption theory: Bridging end-directedness and entropy production by satisfying the participation criterion. [Preprint]

Froese, Tom and Sykes, John (2023) The pragmatics, embodiment, and efficacy of lived experience: Assessing the core tenets of Varela’s neurophenomenology. [Preprint]


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