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Ackermans, Lennart B. (2024) Sleeping Beauty: Why Everyone Should Be a Thirder. [Preprint]

Adlam, Emily (2024) Against Self-Location. [Preprint]

Al-Khalili, Jim and Chen, Eddy Keming (2024) The Decoherent Arrow of Time and the Entanglement Past Hypothesis. Foundations of Physics, 54 (49). ISSN 0015-9018

Alexandra, Karakas and Adam Tamas, Tuboly (2024) Materializing values. [Preprint]

Allori, Valia (2024) “Hidden Variables and Bell’s Theorem: Local or Not?”. [Preprint]

Allori, Valia (2024) Quantum Ontology and Intuitions. [Preprint]

Amin, Ramy (2024) The Philosopher’s Error: Levels, Causation, and Constraints. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Andrews, Samuel John (2024) Ultimate-Humeanism. Inquiry: an interdisciplinary journal of philosophy. ISSN 0020-174X

Arroyo, Raoni Wohnrath and Arenhart, Jonas R. B. (2024) Quantum ontology de-naturalized: What we can't learn from quantum mechanics. THEORIA. An International Journal for Theory, History and Foundations of Science. ISSN 2171-679X

Arroyo, Raoni Wohnrath and NUNES FILHO, LAURO DE MATOS and MOREIRA DOS SANTOS, FREDERIK (2024) Towards a process-based approach to consciousness and collapse in quantum mechanics. Manuscrito, 47 (1). ISSN 0100-6045

Arsiwalla, Xerxes (2024) Qualia and the Formal Structure of Meaning. [Preprint]

Bagwala, Abbas (2024) On Informational Injustice and Epistemic Exclusions. [Preprint]

Bamonti, Nicola (2024) What is a reference frame in General Relativity? [Preprint]

Barack, David L (2024) What Is Foraging? [Preprint]

Barandes, Jacob A. (2024) New Prospects for a Causally Local Formulation of Quantum Theory. [Preprint]

Barboianu, Catalin (2024) Qualitative analysis of the reflection of the mathematical dimension of gambling in gaming online content - Technical report no. 1. [Preprint]

Baron, Samuel and Le Bihan, Baptiste and Read, James (2024) Physical Theory and Physical Possibility. [Preprint]

Barrett, Thomas William and Manchak, JB (2024) On Coordinates and Spacetime Structure. [Preprint]

Baz, Avner (2024) Can Contemporary Cognitive Science Coherently Accommodate Itself? [Preprint]

Bechtel, William and Bich, Leonardo (2024) Eating and Cognition in Two Animals without Neurons: Sponges and Trichoplax. Biological Theory. ISSN 1555-5550

Bhatta, Varun (2024) The Controversy about Interference of Photons. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, 106. pp. 146-154. ISSN 00393681

Bich, Leonardo (2024) Integrating multicelular systems: Physiological control and degrees of biological individuality. Acta Biotheoretica, 72 (1). ISSN 0001-5342

Bich, Leonardo (2024) Organisational teleology 2.0: Grounding biological purposiveness in regulatory control. Ratio.

Bielecka, Krystyna and Miłkowski, Marcin (2024) Representationalism and Rationality: Why Mental Representation is Real. [Preprint]

Blackshaw, Nadia and Huggett, Nick and Ladyman, James (2024) Everettian Branching in the World and of the World. [Preprint]

Blum, Alexander and Jähnert, Martin (2024) Real virtuality and actual transitions: Historical reflections on virtual entities before Quantum Field Theory. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bocchi, Federica (2024) Metrics in Biodiversity Conservation and the Value-Free Ideal. [Preprint]

Bocchi, Federica (2024) Metrics in biodiversity conservation and the value-free ideal. Synthese, 203 (145).

Borrelli, Arianna (2024) The eye stays in the picture: Virtual images in early modern and modern optics. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Brewer, Matthew (2024) When Should Absence of Evidence Be Evidence of Absence?: A Case Study from Paleogeology. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Briciu, Adrian (2024) Indexicals and Communicative Affordances. [Preprint]

Broeks, Daphne and Knuuttila, Tarja and De Regt, Henk (2024) Understanding, virtually: How does the synthetic cell matter? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Buijsman, Stefan (2024) Machine Learning models as Mathematics: interpreting explainable AI in non-causal terms. [Preprint]

Butterfield, Jeremy (2024) En Route to Reduction: Lorentzian Manifolds and Causal Sets. [Preprint]

Calderón, Francisco (2024) The Causal Axioms of Algebraic Quantum Field Theory: A Diagnostic. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Capurso, Alessandro (2024) Memoro Ergo Sum. [Preprint]

Casini, Lorenzo and Landes, Juergen (2024) Conflict of Interest and the Principle of Total Evidence. [Preprint]

Castellani, Leonardo and Anna, Gabetti (2024) Space and time correlations in quantum histories. [Preprint]

Chen, Eddy Keming (2024) Density Matrix Realism. [Preprint]

Cheng, Bryan and Read, James (2024) The Hole Argument and Putnam's Paradox. [Preprint]

Christian, Joy (2024) Bell's Theorem Begs the Question. [Preprint]

Chua, Eugene Y. S. (2024) The Time in Thermal Time. [Preprint]

Clark, Robbie and Hermida, Margarida and Russel-Pascual, Nicole and Munafo, Marcus and Ladyman, James (2024) Improving postgraduate researchers’ inferences with a philosophical workshop. [Preprint]

Coates, Matthew (2024) Does it Harm Science to Suppress Dissenting Evidence? [Preprint]

Coates, Matthew (2024) Multilayer Networks and the Evolution of Risky Cooperation. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Colaço, David (2024) When remediating one artifact results in another: control, confounders, and correction. History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences, 46 (5).

Colclough, Thomas M. (2024) Components of arithmetic theory acceptance. Synthese, 203. ISSN 1573-0964

Conix, Stijn and Cuypers, Vincent and Pence, Charles H. (2024) Measuring and Explaining Disagreement in Bird Taxonomy. European Journal of Taxonomy, 943 (1). pp. 288-307.

Crasnow, Sharon (2024) Objectivity of Measurement in Political Science. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Csatári, Ferenc (2024) In Defense of a Constructive Truth Concept. [Preprint]

Cudek, Franciszek (2024) Counterparts, Determinism, and the Hole Argument. [Preprint]

Currie, Adrian and Killin, Anton and Lequin, Mathilde and Meneganzin, Andra and Pain, Ross (2024) Past Materials, Past Minds: The Philosophy of Cognitive Paleoanthropology. [Preprint]

Dahl, Espen (2024) Drew Leder, The Healing Body: Creative Responses to Illness, Aging, and Affliction (Evanston: Northwestern University Press, 2024). Philosophy of Medicine, 5 (1). pp. 1-6. ISSN 2692-3963

Daly, Timothy (2024) Interventional Philosophy in Medicine: Formulating Hypotheses. Philosophy of Medicine, 5 (1). pp. 1-3. ISSN 2692-3963

Davis, Cruz (2024) Non-Spatial Matters: On the Possibility of Non-Spatial Material Objects. UNSPECIFIED.

Davis, Isaac (2024) Rational representations of uncertainty: a pluralistic approach to bounded rationality. [Preprint]

De Bianchi, Silvia (2024) Kant’s Transition Project and its debt to Emilie Du Châtelet. [Preprint]

De Bianchi, Silvia (2024) Kant’s Transition Project and its debt to Émilie Du Châtelet. [Preprint]

De Bianchi, Silvia (2024) Not Even Ideal. Kant on Absolute Time and Gödel’s Rotating Universes. [Preprint]

Del Santo, Flavio and Gisin, Nicolas (2024) Creative and geometric times in physics, mathematics, logic, and philosophy. [Preprint]

Dellsén, Finnur (2024) Inferring to the Best Explanation from Uncertain Evidence. [Preprint]

Dellsén, Finnur and Norton, James (2024) Dejustifying Scientific Progress. [Preprint]

Dethier, Corey (2024) Contrast Classes and Agreement in Climate Modeling. [Preprint]

Dethier, Corey (2024) Stability in Climate Change Attribution. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Dewar, Neil (2024) The Hole Argument and Determinism(s). [Preprint]

DiBella, Nicholas (2024) Cantor, Choice, and Paradox. [Preprint]

Dietrich, Franz and List, Christian (2024) Dynamically rational judgment aggregation. Social Choice and Welfare.

Dimitrijević, Dejan R. (2024) On the probabilistic character of irreducible mental causation. [Preprint]

Doboszewski, Juliusz and Elder, Jamee (2024) Robustness and the Event Horizon Telescope: the case of the first image of M87*. [Preprint]

Downes, Stephen M. and Forber, Patrick and Shepherd, Joshua (2024) Cooperation, Cognition, and the Elusive Role of Joint Agency. [Preprint]

Due, Austin (2024) Is There a ‘Best’ Way for Patients to Participate in Pharmacovigilance? [Preprint]

Due, Austin (2024) Sins and Risks in Underreporting Suspected Adverse Drug Reactions. [Preprint]

Due, Austin (2024) Sins and Risks in Underreporting Suspected Adverse Drug Reactions. Philosophy of Medicine, 5 (1). pp. 1-14. ISSN 2692-3963

Dulani, Saakshi (2024) Black Hole Paradoxes: A Unified Framework for Information Loss. [Preprint]

Dusi, Giovanni (2024) Reliabilist Epistemology Meets Bounded Rationality. Synthese. ISSN 1573-0964

Duzi, Marie and Číhalová, Martina (2024) Knowing who occupies an office; purely contingent, necessary and impossible offices. [Preprint]

Earman, John (2024) Explaining the Aharonov-Bohm Effect. [Preprint]

Earman, John (2024) Why √-1? The Role of Complex Structure in Quantum Physics. [Preprint]

Eberhardt, Frederick and Fang, Wei and Zhang, Jiji (2024) Proportionality and the Effect-of-Cause Question. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Ehberger, Markus (2024) How to study virtual entities historically? A proposal. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Ehsani, Sepehr (2024) Examining Part–Part Interactions toward Improving Mechanistic Explanations in Cell Biology. [Preprint]

Elder, Jamee (2024) Independent Evidence in Multi-messenger Astrophysics. [Preprint]

Ellerman, David (2024) A Fundamental Duality in the Exact Sciences: The Application to Quantum Mechanics. Foundations (MDPI), 4 (2). pp. 175-204.

Ellerman, David (2024) A New Approach to Understanding Quantum Mechanics: Illustrated Using a Pedagogical Model over Z2. Applied Math, 4 (2). 468-494..

Ellerman, David (2024) A New Approach to Understanding Quantum Mechanics: Illustrated Using a Pedagogical Model over ℤ2. AppliedMath (MDPI), 4 (2). pp. 468-494.

Ellerman, David (2024) A New Logic, a New Information Measure, and a New Information-Based Approach to Interpreting Quantum Mechanics. Entropy, 26 (2). ISSN 1099-4300

Elliott, Kevin (2024) Characterizing the Value-Free Ideal: From a Dichotomy to a Multiplicity. [Preprint]

Esanu, Andreea (2024) Scrutinizing the foundations: could large Language Models be solipsistic? [Preprint]

Esfeld, Michael (2024) Bohmian mechanics as Cartesian science. [Preprint]

Esser, Stephen (2024) Relational quantum mechanics, causal composition, and molecular structure. [Preprint]

Evans, Nicholas G. and Pence, Charles H. (2024) Gain of Function Research and Model Organisms in Biology. Journal of Medical Ethics, 50 (3). pp. 201-206. ISSN 1473-4257

FRANCIS, NORBERT (2024) The evolution of communication and language in the voices of nature. [Preprint]

Facchin, Marco (2024) Maps, simulations, spaces and dynamics: on distinguishing types of structural representations. [Preprint]

Facchin, Marco and Zanotti, Giacomo (2024) Affective artificial agents as sui generis affective artifacts. [Preprint]

Fang, Wei (2024) Design Principles as Minimal Models. [Preprint]

Fang, Wei and Jiji, Zhang (2024) Proportionality, Determinate Intervention Effects, and High-Level Causation. [Preprint]

Fankhauser, Johannes and Read, James (2024) Gravitational redshift revisited: inertia, geometry, and charge. [Preprint]


Feintzeig, Benjamin (2024) Quantization and the Preservation of Structure across Theory Change. [Preprint]

Fellowes, Sam (2024) Neurodiversity, Liberal Capitalism, and Self-Understanding: A Review of Robert Chapman's Empire of Normality: Neurodiversity and Capitalism. Philosophy of Medicine, 5 (1). pp. 1-7. ISSN 2692-3963

Fernandez-Roldan, Alejandro and Teira, David (2024) The epistemic status of reproducibility in political fact-checking. European Journal for Philosophy of Science. ISSN 1879-4912

Follesa, Laura (2024) Time and Atemporality of Time in Hegel’s Naturphilosophie. [Preprint]

Franco, Paul L. (2024) A Historical Perspective on Value Judgments, Value-Neutrality, and Values in Science. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Franco, Paul L. (2024) A History of Metaethics and Values in Science. [Preprint]

François, Jordan and Berghofer, Philipp (2024) Dressing vs. Fixing: On How to Extract and Interpret Gauge-Invariant Content. [Preprint]

François, Jordan and Ravera, Lucrezia (2024) On the Meaning of Local Symmetries: Epistemic-Ontological Dialectics. [Preprint]

Fraser, James D. and Rejzner, Kasia (2024) Perturbative Expansions and the Foundations of Quantum Field Theory. [Preprint]

Freeborn, David Peter Wallis (2024) Rational Factionalization for Agents with Probabilistically Related Beliefs. [Preprint]

Fresco, Nir and Artiga, Marc and Wolf, Marty J. (2024) Teleofunction in the Service of Computational Individuation. [Preprint]

Fritts, Megan and Cabrera, Frank (2024) Modeling Action: Recasting the Causal Theory. Analytic Philosophy. ISSN 2153-960X

Gabriel, Nathan and O'Connor, Cailin (2024) Can Confirmation Bias Improve Group Learning? [Preprint]

Gajic, Gregor and Lilani, Nikesh and Read, James (2024) Another philosophical look at twistor theory. [Preprint]

Gamboa, J.P. (2024) On Cognitive Modeling and Other Minds. [Preprint]

Gao, Shan (2024) Does Locality Imply Reality of the Wave Function? Hardy's Theorem Revisited. Foundations of Physics, 54 (44).

Gao, Shan (2024) Does the Conscious Mind Obey the Laws of Physics? [Preprint]

Gao, Shan (2024) Locality Implies Reality of the Wave Function: Hardy's Theorem Revisited. [Preprint]

Gao, Shan (2024) On the reality of the quantum state once again: A no-go theorem for psi-ontic models? Foundations of Physics, 54 (52).

Gao, Shan (2024) Understanding Branching in the Many-worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. [Preprint]

Gao, Shan (2024) Why the global phase is not real. Foundations of Physics, 54 (19). ISSN 1572-9516

Gigerenzer, Gerd and Allen, Colin and Gaillard, Stefan D.M. and Goldstone, Robert L. and Haaf, Julia and Holmes, William R. and Kashima, Yoshihisa and Motz, Benjamin and Musslick, Sebastian and Stefan, Angelika (2024) Alternative Models of Research Funding. [Preprint]

Glass, David and Schupbach, Jonah N. (2024) Conjunctive Explanations: When Are Two Explanations Better than One? [Preprint]

Gopnik, Alison (2024) Empowerment as Causal Learning, Causal Learning as Empowerment: A bridge between Bayesian causal hypothesis testing and reinforcement learning. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Grant, Ramsey and Cristina, Villegas (2024) Developmental Channeling and Evolutionary Dappling. Philosophy of Science. pp. 1-18.

Greenlee, Chelsie (2024) Credentialed Fictions and the Sex Binary. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Griswold, Alan (2024) Scientific Revolutions, Abductive Reasoning, and Autism. [Preprint]

Grote, Thomas and Buchholz, Oliver (2024) Machine Learning in Public Health and the Prediction-Intervention Gap. [Preprint]

Guo, Bixin (2024) Is There an Idea of Laws of Nature in Chinese Classical Texts? [Preprint]

Gutiérrez Valderrama, Juliana (2024) Rethinking Geographic Diversity in Value-laden Ideals of Science. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Halpin, John F. (2024) Hard Problems, Interpretive Concepts, and Humean Laws. [Preprint]

Harkema, Scott (2024) Berkeley on true motion. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, 105. pp. 165-174. ISSN 00393681

Harlander, Robert and Martinez, Jean-Philippe and Steinle, Friedrich and Wüthrich, Adrian (2024) Preface: Virtual entities in science. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Henne, Céline and Tomczyk, Hannah and Sperber, Christoph (2024) Physicists' Views on Scientific Realism. [Preprint]

Hermida, Margarida and Ladyman, James (2024) Physical Explanation and the Autonomy of Biology. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Horseman, Nelson (2024) Biological Theories in the Domain of Physiology. [Preprint]

Huber, Franz (2024) Intervening is Conditioning. [Preprint]

Hudson, Richard (2024) Cantor's Illusion. [Preprint]

Hueck, Christoph (2024) Conditions of Knowability of Organic Life. [Preprint]

Hueck, Christoph (2024) Empirical Access to Life’s Teleological Forces via an Active and Co-Constitutive Relation between Subject and Object. [Preprint]

Hvorecký, Juraj and Miłkowski, Marcin (2024) Theoretical virtues of cognitive extension. [Preprint]

Jacobs, Caspar (2024) How (Not) to Define Inertial Frames. [Preprint]

Jacobs, Caspar (2024) In Defence of Dimensions. [Preprint]

Jacobs, Caspar (2024) Stating Maths-First Realism, or: How to Say Things with Models. [Preprint]

Jacobs, Caspar and Read, James (2024) Absolute representations and modern physics. [Preprint]

Jaimes Martinez, Juan Carlos / JC and Loguercio, Leandro Lopes / LL (2024) Does nature learn? Information integration and rare events in systems of increasing complexity. [Preprint]

Jalloh, Mahmoud (2024) Bridgman and the Normative Independence of Science: An Individual Physicist in the Shadow of the Bomb. [Preprint]

Jalloh, Mahmoud (2024) The Bridgman-Tolman-Warburton Correspondence on Dimensional Analysis, 1934. [Preprint]

Jalloh, Mahmoud (2024) Calibrating The Theory of Model Mediated Measurement: Metrological Extension, Dimensional Analysis, and High Pressure Physics. [Preprint]

Jalloh, Mahmoud (2024) Metaphysics and Convention in Dimensional Analysis, 1914-1917. [Preprint]

Jaura, Emma (2024) Anti-foundationalist Coherentism as an Ontology for Relational Quantum Mechanics. [Preprint]

Jiang, Yihan (2024) The Metaphysics of Mechanisms: An Ontic Structural Realist Perspective. [Preprint]

Jones, Elis (2024) Exploring the socio-ecology of science: the case of coral reefs. [Preprint]

Kabel, Viktoria and de la Hamette, Anne-Catherine and Apadula, Luca and Cepollaro, Carlo and Gomes, Henrique and Butterfield, Jeremy and Brukner, Caslav (2024) Identification is Pointless: Quantum Reference Frames, Localisation of Events, and the Quantum Hole Argument. [Preprint]

Kaoru, Takamatsu (2024) Identification of numbers with operators to construct cardinals. [Preprint]

Kastner, Ruth (2024) Conventional Quantum Theory Does Not Support A Coherent Relational Account. [Preprint]

Kern, Matthew (2024) Functional Indeterminacy, Addiction, and the Harmful Dysfunction Analysis. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Khaan, Hinna (2024) Nothingness and Paraconsistent Logic. The Latin American Journal of Philosophy, 50 (1).

Kieval, Phillip Hintikka and Westerblad, Oscar (2024) Deep Learning as Method-Learning: Pragmatic Understanding, Epistemic Strategies and Design-Rules. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Kneer, Markus and Marsili, Neri (2024) The truth about assertion and retraction: A review of the empirical literature. [Preprint]

Koberinski, Adam (2024) The breakdown of effective field theory in particle physics: Lessons for understanding intertheoretic relations. [Preprint]

Koshkin, Sergiy (2024) Functional completeness and primitive positive decomposition of relations on finite domains. Logic Journal of the IGPL. ISSN 1367-0751

Kozlov, Anatolii and Stuart, Michael T. (2024) Scientific Experimental Articles are Modernist Stories. [Preprint]

Krause, Décio (2024) On Dieks against the Received View. [Preprint]

Krause, Décio (2024) On Ot\'avio Bueno on identity and quantification. [Preprint]

Krause, Décio (2024) On Otavio Bueno on identity and quantification (v.2). [Preprint]

Krause, Décio (2024) A new theory of quasi-sets without atoms: a reply to Adonai Sant'Anna. [Preprint]

Kryukov, Alexey (2024) Schro ̈dinger dynamics of a two-state system under measurement. [Preprint]

Krátký, Matěj and Read, James (2024) On functional freedom and Penrose's critiques of string theory. [Preprint]

Kubiak, Adam P. (2024) Perspectival Realism and Frequentist Statistics: The Case of Jerzy Neyman’s Methodology and Philosophy. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Ladyman, James and Thebault, Karim P Y (2024) Open Systems and Autonomy. [Preprint]

Lam, Vincent and Oriti, Daniele (2024) The quantum gravity seeds for laws of nature. [Preprint]

Laudisa, Federico (2024) Bohr and von Neumann on the Universality of Quantum Mechanics: Materials for the History of the Quantum Measurement Process. [Preprint]

Le Bihan, Baptiste (2024) The Great Loop: From Conformal Cyclic Cosmology to Aeon Monism. [Preprint]

Lean, Christopher (2024) Navigating the ‘Moral Hazard’ Argument in Synthetic Biology’s Application. [Preprint]

Lehrer, Ehud and Samet, Dov (2024) Interpersonal independence of knowledge and belief. [Preprint]

Lim, Nural (2024) A Historical Shift in Philosophy of Science. [Preprint]

Lim, Nural (2024) Protocol Sentences in Logical Positivism. [Preprint]

Linnemann, Niels and Michels, Robert (2024) Laws of nature as results of a trade-off -- Rethinking the Humean trade-off conception. [Preprint]

Linnemann, Niels and Read, James and Teh, Nicholas (2024) The local validity of special relativity from a scale-relative perspective. [Preprint]

Lisciandra, Chiara (2024) Citation Metrics: A Philosophy of Science Perspective. [Preprint]

Lisciandra, Chiara (2024) Explanatory Norms and Interdisciplinary Research. [Preprint]

List, Christian (2024) Probabilistically coherent credences despite opacity. [Preprint]

List, Christian (2024) The first-personal argument against physicalism. [Preprint]

List, Christian (2024) A quadrilemma for theories of consciousness. The Philosophical Quarterly.

Liu, Chong (2024) A new theory of causation based on probability distribution determinism. [Preprint]

Lohse, Simon (2024) Social Emergence and Unpredictability. [Preprint]

Lopez-Wild, Josiah (2024) A Computable von Neumann-Morgenstern Representation Theorem. [Preprint]

Lorenzetti, Lorenzo (2024) Making Sense of Gravitational Thermodynamics. [Preprint]

Lorenzetti, Lorenzo (2024) Two Forms of Functional Reductionism in Physics. [Preprint]

Maggiani, Marco (2024) The Unruh Effect and Theory Interpretation in an Effective Framework. [Preprint]

Manchak, JB and Barrett, Thomas William (2024) Heraclitus-Maximal Worlds. [Preprint]

Mann, Rebecca C. (2024) How an Agential Account of Biological Individuality Can Come Apart from Concepts of the Organism. In: UNSPECIFIED.

March, Eleanor (2024) Are Maxwell gravitation and Newton-Cartan theory theoretically equivalent? [Preprint]

March, Eleanor (2024) Many worlds or one: reply to Steeger. [Preprint]

March, Eleanor (2024) On some examples from first-order logic as motivation for categorical equivalence of KPMs. [Preprint]

March, Eleanor (2024) What is the value in an intrinsic formalism? [Preprint]

March, Eleanor and Read, James and Teh, Nicholas and Wolf, William J. (2024) Some remarks on recent approaches to torsionful non-relativistic gravity. [Preprint]

March, Eleanor and Weatherall, James Owen (2024) A Puzzle About General Covariance and Gauge. [Preprint]

March, Eleanor and Wolf, William J. and Read, James (2024) On the geometric trinity of gravity, non-relativistic limits, and Maxwell gravitation. [Preprint]

Margoni, Emilia and Oriti, Daniele (2024) The emergence of spacetime: what role for functionalism? [Preprint]

Markel, Kortabarria and Joaquim, Giannotti (2024) Scientific Explanation as a Guide to Ground. [Preprint]

Marongiu, Laura (2024) Atemporality and the Origins of the Eternal Cosmos: Debates on Timeless Simultaneity within Platonic Cosmogonies. [Preprint]

Martinez, Jean-Philippe (2024) Virtuality in modern physics in the 1920s and 1930s: Meaning(s) of an emerging notion. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Massimi, Michela (2024) From the Right to Science as an epistemic-cultural human right to the Right to Expertise. [Preprint]

Matarese, Vera and McCoy, C.D. (2024) When “Replicability” is More than Just “Reliability”: The Hubble Constant Controversy. [Preprint]

Maxwell, Nicholas (2024) Hawking Radiation A Special Case of Probabilistic Transitions of Propensiton Quantum Theory. [Preprint]

Maziarz, Mariusz (2024) Conflicting results and statistical malleability: embracing pluralism of empirical results. [Preprint]

McKenzie, Kerry (2024) No Grounds for Effective Theories. [Preprint]

McKenzie, Kerry (2024) On the Prospects of an Effective Metaphysics. [Preprint]

McLarty, Colin (2024) Structuralism in differential equations. [Preprint]

Menatti, Laura (2024) Medicine, healthcare and the environment: from the salutogenic approach towards the salutogenic environments. [Preprint]

Mendoza-De Los Santos, Oscar Eliezer (2024) Science, Society and Virtue: Scientific Neutrality and Social Engagement in 21st century. [Preprint]

Meneganzin, Andra and Killin, Anton (2024) Beyond Reasonable Doubt: Reconsidering Neanderthal Aesthetic Capacity. [Preprint]

Meneganzin, Andra and Ramsey, Grant and DiFrisco, James (2024) What is a trait? Lessons from the human chin. JEZ-B Molecular and Developmental Evolution, 342 (2). pp. 65-75.

Menon, Tushar (2024) The inferentialist guide to quantum mechanics. [Preprint]

Menon, Tushar (2024) The inferentialist guide to scientific realism. [Preprint]

Meskhidze, Helen (2024) Beyond Classification and Prediction: The Promise of Physics-Informed Machine Learning in Astronomy and Cosmology. [Preprint]

Meskhidze, Helen (2024) The Classical Limit of Teleparallel Gravity. [Preprint]

Morrow, Katie H. (2024) Niches and Niche Models. [Preprint]

Mulder, Ruward A. (2024) The Classical Stance: Dennett's Criterion in Wallacian quantum mechanics. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science. ISSN 00393681

Mulder, Ruward A. and Read, James (2024) Is spacetime curved? Assessing the underdetermination of general relativity and teleparallel gravity. [Preprint]

Murgueitio Ramírez, Sebastián (2024) Symmetries and Measurements. [Preprint]

Murgueitio Ramírez, Sebastián and Hall, Geoffrey (2024) Symmetries and Representation. [Preprint]

Murphy, Alice (2024) Imagination and Creativity in the Scientific Realm. [Preprint]

Muñoz Pérez, M. (2024) Believing in the objects: the shift to faith. [Preprint]

Muñoz Pérez, M. (2024) Phenomenology and independence. [Preprint]

Müller, Basil (2024) Bad Social Norms rather than Bad Believers — Examining the Role of Social Norms in Bad Beliefs. [Preprint]

Müller, Basil (2024) Coordination in Social Learning: Expanding the Narrative on the Evolution of Social Norms. [Preprint]

Müller, Basil (2024) The Transmission of Cumulative Cultural Knowledge — Towards a Social Epistemology of Non-Testimonial Cultural Learning. [Preprint]

Nemati, Nedah (2024) Rethinking Neuroscientific Methodology: Lived Experience in Behavioral Studies. [Preprint]

Nguyen, James (2024) Confidence in Covid-19 models. Synthese. ISSN 1573-0964

Niederklapfer, Alexander (2024) What is Fundamental in Fundamental Physics? [Preprint]

Oddan, Jessica (2024) Reconstructions of Quantum Theory: Methodology and the Role of Axiomatization. [Preprint]

Ohnesorge, Miguel (2024) We should not align quantitative measurements with stakeholder values. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Oldofredi, Andrea (2024) Unexpected Quantum Indeterminacy. [Preprint]

Oliver, Alex and Smiley, Timothy (2024) Sets and classes in plural logic. [Preprint]

Ongaro, Giulio (2024) Outline for an externalist psychiatry (1): or, how to realise the biopsychosocial model. [Preprint]

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