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Abbott, Jessica K. and Persson, Erik (2021) The problem of defining life: a case study using family resemblance. [Preprint]

Abbott, Stephen (2021) Transforms for the early Kerr metric. UNSPECIFIED.

Abrams, Marshall (2021) Pseudorandomness in Simulations and Nature. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Acuña, Pablo (2021) Must Hidden Variables Theories Be Contextual? Kochen & Specker meet von Neumann and Gleason. European Journal for Philosophy of Science, 41. ISSN 1879-4912

Akagi, Mikio (2021) Cognition as the sensitive management of an agent's behavior. Philosophical Psychology. ISSN 0951-5089

Akagi, Mikio and Gooding, Frederick W. (2021) Microaggressions and Objectivity: Experimental Measures and Lived Experience. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Alai, Mario (2021) The Historical Challenge to Realism and Essential Deployment. Contemporary Scientific Realism. The Challenge from the History of Science. pp. 183-215.

Alemañ-Berenguer, Rafael-Andrés (2021) On the gnoseologic principles of Bertrand Russell. [Preprint]

Alexandrova, Anna and Fabian, Mark (2021) Democratising Measurement: or Why Thick Concepts Call for Coproduction. [Preprint]

Alksnis, Nikolai and Reynolds, Jack (2021) Revaluing the behaviorist ghost in enactivism and embodied cognition. Synthese, 198. pp. 5785-5807. ISSN 1573-0964

Allori, Valia (2021) Fundamental Objects without Fundamental Properties: A Thin-object-orientated Metaphysics Grounded on Structure. [Preprint]

Allori, Valia (2021) Spontaneous Localization Theories. [Preprint]

Allori, Valia (2021) Wave-Functionalism. Synthese.

Allzén, Simon (2021) Scientific Realism and Empirical Confirmation: a Puzzle. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A, 90. pp. 153-159. ISSN 00393681

Alvarado, Ramón (2021) Explaining Epistemic Opacity. [Preprint]

Anderson, Michael L and Champion, Heather (2021) Some dilemmas for an account of neural representation: A reply to Poldrack. [Preprint]

Andrews, Mel (2021) The Math is not the Territory: Navigating the Free Energy Principle. [Preprint]

Anta, Javier (2021) The epistemic schism of statistical mechanics. THEORIA. An International Journal for Theory, History and Foundations of Science, 36 (3). pp. 399-419. ISSN 2171-679X

Antoniou, Antonis (2021) What is a data model? An anatomy of data analysis in High Energy Physics. [Preprint]

Antoniou, Antonis (2021) A pragmatic approach to the ontology of models. [Preprint]

Ardourel, Vincent and Jebeile, Julie (2021) Numerical instability and dynamical systems. [Preprint]

Artiga, Marc (2021) Bacterial Communication. [Preprint]

Au, Yin Chung (2021) Epistemic values of quantity and variety of evidence in biological mechanism research. [Preprint]

Aydinonat, N. Emrah and Ylikoski, Petri (2021) Explaining Institutional Change. [Preprint]

Azhar, Feraz and Guth, Alan H. and Namjoo, Mohammad Hossein (2021) A Bayesian View on the Dr. Evil Scenario.

Azhar, Feraz and Namjoo, Mohammad Hossein (2021) Spacetime singularities and a novel formulation of indeterminism. [Preprint]


Babcock, Gunnar and McShea, Daniel W. (2021) An externalist teleology. [Preprint]

Babic, Boris and Gaba, Anil and Tsetlin, Ilia and Winkler, Robert (2021) Normativity, Epistemic Rationality, and Noisy Statistical Evidence. [Preprint]

Baccelli, Jean (2021) Expected Utility in 3D. Reflections on the Foundations of Statistics: Essays in Honor of Teddy Seidenfeld.

Baccelli, Jean and Mongin, Philippe (2021) Can Redescriptions of Outcomes Salvage the Axioms of Decision Theory? Philosophical Studies. ISSN 0031-8116

Baccelli, Jean and Schollmeyer, Georg and Jansen, Christoph (2021) Risk Aversion over Finite Domains. Theory and Decision.

Bacciagaluppi, Guido (2021) The statistical interpretation: Born, Heisenberg and von Neumann, 1926-27. [Preprint]

Bacelar Valente, Mario (2021) On the relationship between geometric objects and figures in Euclidean geometry. [Preprint]

Bach, Theodore (2021) Same-Tracking Real Kinds in the Social Sciences. [Preprint]

Baker, Mark Robert and Linnemann, Niels and Smeenk, Chris (2021) Noether's first theorem and the energy-momentum tensor ambiguity problem. The Physics and Philosophy of Noether's Theorems.

Balaguer, Mark (2021) How to Make Presentism Consistent with Special Relativity. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Barandes, Jacob A. (2021) Gauge Invariance for Classical Massless Particles with Spin. Foundations of Physics, 51 (1). p. 7.

Barandes, Jacob A. (2021) On Magnetic Forces and Work. Foundations of Physics, 51 (4). p. 79.

Barandes, Jacob A. and Kagan, David (2021) Quantum Conditional Probabilities and New Measures of Quantum Information. [Preprint]

Barberousse, Anouk (2021) Biodiversity databanks and scientific exploration. Lato Sensu, revue de la Société de philosophie des sciences, 8 (2). pp. 32-43. ISSN 2295-8029

Baron, Sam (2021) Spacetime: Function and Approximation. [Preprint]

Baron, Sam and Le Bihan, Baptiste (2021) Composing Spacetime. [Preprint]

Baron, Samuel and Le Bihan, Baptiste (2021) Quantum Gravity and Mereology: Not So Simple. [Preprint]

Barrett, Jeffrey A. (2021) Situated Observation in Bohmian Mechanics. [Preprint]

Barrett, Jeffrey A. and Gabriel, Nathan (2021) Reinforcement with Iterative Punishment. [Preprint]

Barrett, Jeffrey A. and Goldbring, Isaac (2021) Everettian Mechanics with Hyperfinitely Many Worlds. [Preprint]

Barrett, Jeffrey A. and VanDrunen, Jacob (2021) Language Games and the Emergence of Discourse. [Preprint]

Bartha, Paul (2021) Prospects for Analogue Confirmation. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bartlett, Steven James (2021) A Primer on Bartlett's CRITIQUE OF IMPURE REASON. Willamette University, Salem, OR.

Barwich, Ann-Sophie (2021) Fishing for Genes: How the Largest Gene Family in the Mammalian Genome was Found (and Why Idiosyncrasy in Exploration Matters). Perspectives on Science, 29 (4).

Bausman, William C (2021) The Role of Starting Points to Order Investigation: Why and How to Enrich the Logic of Research Questions. [Preprint]

Baxter, Janella (2021) When is it Safe to Edit the Human Germline. [Preprint]

Bechtel, William (2021) Discovering control mechanisms: The controllers of dynein. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bechtel, William and Bich, Leonardo (2021) Grounding cognition: heterarchical control mechanisms in biology. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 376 (1820). ISSN 0962-8436

Bechtel, William and Bollhagen, Andrew (2021) Active Biological Mechanisms: Transforming Energy into Motion in Molecular Motors. [Preprint]

Becker Arenhart, Jonas Rafael and Medeiros Costa, Vítor (2021) Quasi-truth and incomplete information in historical sciences. THEORIA. An International Journal for Theory, History and Foundations of Science, 36 (1). pp. 113-137. ISSN 2171-679X

Belot, Gordon (2021) Gravity and GRACE. [Preprint]

Belot, Gordon (2021) Ratbag Idealism. [Preprint]

Ben, Baker (2021) Natural Information, Factivity and Nomicity. [Preprint]

Beni, Majid D. (2021) Robin Gordon Brown and James Ladyman's Materialism. BJPS Review of Books.

Benjamin, Ryan L (2021) The hybrid incidence susceptible-transmissible-removed model for pandemics. [Preprint]

Bentzen, Bruno (2021) Naive cubical type theory. Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, 31. pp. 1205-1231.

Bich, Leonardo (2021) Autonomous Systems and the Place of Biology Among Sciences. Perspectives for an Epistemology of Complex Systems. Multiplicity and Interdisciplinarity. Essays in Honor of Eliano Pessa. pp. 41-57.

Bich, Leonardo and Bechtel, William (2021) Mechanism, autonomy and biological explanation. Biology & Philosophy, 36 (53). ISSN 1572-8404

Bitbol, Michel (2021) Is the life-world reduction sufficient in quantum physics ? Continental Philosophy Review.

Bitbol, Michel (2021) The Tangled Dialectic of Body and Consciousness: A Metaphysical Counterpart of Radical Neurophenomenology. Constructivist Foundations.

Blanco Salgueiro, Antonio (2021) Uptake: understanding or accepting? THEORIA. An International Journal for Theory, History and Foundations of Science, 36 (1). pp. 63-79. ISSN 2171-679X

Boge, Florian J. (2021) Why trust a simulation? Models, parameters, and robustness in simulation-infected experiments. [Preprint]

Bokulich, Alisa (2021) Taming the Tyranny of Scales: Models and Scale in the Geosciences. [Preprint]

Bokulich, Alisa and Parker, Wendy (2021) Data Models, Representation, and Adequacy-for-Purpose. [Preprint]

Bollhagen, Andrew (2021) Hempel's Raven Revisited. The Journal of Philosophy, CXVIII (3). pp. 113-138. ISSN 0022-362X

Bollhagen, Andrew (2021) The Inchworm Episode: Reconstituting the Phenomenon of Kinesin Motility. [Preprint]

Borge, Bruno and Lo Guercio, Nicolás (2021) Learning from scientific disagreement. THEORIA. An International Journal for Theory, History and Foundations of Science, 36 (3). pp. 375-398. ISSN 2171-679X

Boudry, Maarten (2021) Why We Should Be Suspicious of Conspiracy Theories. A Novel Demarcation Problem. [Preprint]

Boudry, Maarten (2021) Why We Should Be Suspicious of Conspiracy Theories. A Novel Demarcation Problem. [Preprint]

Boudry, Maarten and Vlerick, Michael and Edis, Taner (2021) Demystifying mysteries. How metaphors and analogies extend the reach of the human mind. [Preprint]

Bourrat, Pierrick (2021) Jablonka and Lamb's Inheritance Systems and the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis. BJPS Review of Books.

Bourrat, Pierrick and Griffiths, Paul E. (2021) The idea of mismatch in evolutionary medicine. [Preprint]

Bradley, Clara and Weatherall, James Owen (2021) Mathematical Responses to the Hole Argument: Then and Now. [Preprint]

Brendel, Oliver (2021) The relationship between plant growth and water consumption : a history from the classical four elements to modern stable isotopes. Annals of Forest Science, 78 (47). pp. 1-16.

Bright, Liam Kofi (2021) Logical Nihilism Suggests Evidential Nihilism. [Preprint]

Brown, James Robert (2021) Rigour and Thought Experiments: Burgess and Norton. [Preprint]

Brown, Rachael L. (2021) Is cultural evolution always fast? Challenging the idea that cognitive gadgets would be capable of rapid and adaptive evolution. [Preprint]

Brown, Rachael L. (2021) Mapping Out the Landscape: A Multi-dimensional Approach to Behavioural Innovation. [Preprint]

Brown, Rachael L. (2021) Structuralism and Selectionism: Friends or Foes? [Preprint]

Brown, Richard and Joseph, LeDoux and David, Rosenthal (2021) The Extra Ingredient. [Preprint]

Browning, Heather and Veit, Walter (2021) Autism and the Preference for Imaginary Worlds. [Preprint]

Browning, Heather and Veit, Walter (2021) Does Utilitarianism Need a Rethink? [Preprint]

Browning, Heather and Veit, Walter (2021) Evolutionary Biology Meets Consciousness. [Preprint]

Browning, Heather and Veit, Walter (2021) Freedom and Animal Welfare. [Preprint]

Browning, Heather and Veit, Walter (2021) The Measurement Problem of Consciousness. [Preprint]

Browning, Heather and Veit, Walter (2021) On the Relevance of Experimental Philosophy to Neuroethics. [Preprint]

Browning, Heather and Veit, Walter (2021) Positive Wild Animal Welfare. [Preprint]

Browning, Heather and Veit, Walter (2021) Utilitarian Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic for Non-Pandemic Diseases. [Preprint]

Bruineberg, Jelle and Fabry, Regina (2021) Habitual smartphone use as extended mind-wandering. [Preprint]

Brunet, Tyler D. P. (2021) Local Causation. [Preprint]

Bursten, Julia R.S. and Strandmark, Matthew (2021) Better Learning Through History: Using Archival Resources to Teach Healthcare Ethics to Science Students. [Preprint]

Buskell, Andrew (2021) A Limited Defense of Demographic Cultures. [Preprint]

Buskell, Andrew and Currie, Adrian (2021) Uniqueness in the Life Sciences: How Did the Elephant Get its Trunk? [Preprint]

Buskell, Andrew and Tennie, Claudio (2021) Mere Recurrence and Cumulative Culture at the Margins. [Preprint]

Butterfield, Jeremy and Dowker, Fay (2021) Recovering General Relativity from a Planck scale discrete theory of quantum gravity. [Preprint]


Caamaño-Alegre, María (2021) On Glasses Half Full or Half Empty. Understanding Framing Effects in Terms of Default Implicatures. [Preprint]

Cabot, Youri (2021) Le holisme de Duhem contre la thèse de Duhem-Quine. Lato Sensu, revue de la Société de philosophie des sciences, 8 (3). pp. 38-45. ISSN 2295-8029

Cabrera, Frank (2021) Is Epistemic Anxiety an Intellectual Virtue? Synthese. pp. 1-30.

Cabrera, Frank (2021) Second Philosophy and Testimonial Reliability: Philosophy of Science for STEM Students. European Journal for Philosophy of Science. ISSN 1879-4912

Calamari, Martin (2021) The Process Metaphysics of Loop Quantum Gravity. UNSPECIFIED.

Callender, Craig (2021) Humean Laws of Nature: The End of the Good Old Days. [Preprint]

Callender, Craig (2021) Is Discounting for Tense Rational? [Preprint]

Callender, Craig (2021) On the Horns of a Dilemma: Let the Northern White Rhino Vanish or Intervene? [Preprint]

Callender, Craig and McCoy, C.D. (2021) Time in Cosmology. The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Physics. pp. 707-718.

Calosi, Claudio (2021) The Bound-State Answer to the Special Composition Question. [Preprint]

Calzavarini, Fabrizio and Paternoster, Alfredo (2021) The Semantic View of Computation and the Argument from the Cognitive Science Practice. [Preprint]

Canali, Stefano and Piroddi, Corrado (2021) Introduction: The philosophy, ethics, and politics of epidemiology today. MEFISTO. Rivista di Medicina, Filosofia, Storia, 5 (1). pp. 55-64. ISSN 2532-8255

Carroll, Sean M. (2021) Consciousness and the Laws of Physics. [Preprint]

Casali, Marco (2021) Exploring the boundaries and ontology of Psychiatric Disorders (PDs) using the Homeostatic Property Cluster (HPC) model. Lato Sensu, revue de la Société de philosophie des sciences, 8 (2). pp. 15-31.

Cat, Jordi (2021) Michela Massimi and Casey D. McCoy's Understanding Perspectivism. BJPS Review of Books.

Cermeño-Aínsa, Sergio (2021) Predictive coding and the strong thesis of cognitive penetrability. THEORIA. An International Journal for Theory, History and Foundations of Science, 36 (3). pp. 341-360. ISSN 2171-679X

Charbonneau, Mathieu and Bourrat, Pierrick (2021) Fidelity and the grain problem in cultural evolution. [Preprint]

Charis, Anastopoulos and Konstantina, Savvidou (2021) Quantum Information in Relativity: The Challenge of QFT Measurements. Entropy, 24 (4). ISSN 1099-4300

Chen, Eddy Keming (2021) Fundamental Nomic Vagueness. [Preprint]

Chen, Eddy Keming (2021) Time's Arrow and Self-Locating Probability. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.

Chen, Lu and Fritz, Tobias (2021) An algebraic approach to physical fields. [Preprint]

Chi, Pei-Shan and Conix, Stijn (2021) Measuring the Isolation of Research Topics in Philosophy. [Preprint]

Chin-Yee, Benjamin (2021) Malignant by Vinay Prasad: Oncology’s Leading Gadfly. Philosophy of Medicine, 2 (1). pp. 1-7. ISSN 2692-3963

Chis-Ciure, Robert and Ellia, Francesco (2021) Facing up to the Hard Problem as an Integrated Information Theorist. [Preprint]

ChoGlueck, Christopher (2021) DRUG FACTS, VALUES, AND THE MORNING-AFTER PILL. Public Affairs Quarterly, 35 (1). pp. 51-82.

Christie, Joshua R. and Brusse, Carl and Bourrat, Pierrick and Takacs, Peter and Griffiths, Paul E. (2021) Are biological traits explained by their 'selected effect' functions? [Preprint]

Christie, Joshua R. and Wilkinson, Zachary and Gawronski, Stefan A. and Griffiths, Paul E. (2021) Concepts of function in biology and biomedicine. [Preprint]

Chua, Eugene Y. S. (2021) Degeneration and Entropy. [Preprint]

Cinti, Enrico and Sanchioni, Marco (2021) The Devil in the (Implicit) Details. On the AMPS Paradox and its Resolution.

Cinti, Enrico and Sanchioni, Marco (2021) Humeanism in Light of Quantum Gravity. [Preprint]

Coelho Mollo, Dimitri (2021) Why go for a computation-based approach to cognitive representation. [Preprint]

Colombo, Matteo (2021) Gualtiero Piccinini's Neurocognitive Mechanisms. BJPS Review of Books.

Contessa, Gabriele (2021) It Takes a Village to Trust Science: Towards a (Thoroughly) Social Approach to Social Trust in Science. [Preprint]

Contessa, Gabriele (2021) On the Mitigation of Inductive Risk. [Preprint]

Corti, Alberto (2021) Yet Again, Quantum Indeterminacy is not Worldly Indecision. [Preprint]

Corvino, Fausto and Pirni, Alberto (2021) Discharging the moral responsibility for collective unjust enrichment in the global economy. THEORIA. An International Journal for Theory, History and Foundations of Science, 36 (1). pp. 139-158. ISSN 2171-679X

Covaleski, Nicholas (2021) Dementia and the Boundaries of Secular Personhood. Philosophy of Medicine, 2 (2). pp. 1-9. ISSN 2692-3963

Crane, Judith K. (2021) Two approaches to natural kinds. Synthese. ISSN 0039-7857

Crețu, Ana-Maria (2021) Authentication, Scale-Relativity, and Relational Kindhood. [Preprint]

Crețu, Ana-Maria (2021) Perspectival Instruments. [Preprint]

Crowther, Karen and De Haro, Sebastian (2021) Four Attitudes Towards Singularities in the Search for a Theory of Quantum Gravity. [Preprint]

Cuffaro, Michael E. (2021) The Philosophy of Quantum Computing. [Preprint]

Currie, Adrian (2021) Misaligned Education. [Preprint]

Currie, Adrian (2021) Speculation Made Material: Experimental Archaeology & Maker’s Knowledge. [Preprint]

Currie, Adrian and Swaim, Daniel G. (2021) Past Facts & the Nature of History. [Preprint]

Céspedes, Esteban (2021) A positivist criticism of positivist growth theory. [Preprint]


Dang, Haixin and Bright, Liam Kofi (2021) Scientific Conclusions Need Not Be Accurate, Justified, or Believed by their Authors. [Preprint]

Danne, Nicholas (2021) A Dialogue on the Ethics of Science: Henri Poincaré and Pope Francis. [Preprint]

Danne, Nicholas (2021) An Extra-Mathematical Program Explanation of Color Experience. [Preprint]

Dardashti, Radin (2021) No-go Theorems: What are they good for? [Preprint]

David-Rus, Richard (2021) Understanding without explanation: the case is not closed. [Preprint]

Dawid, Richard (2021) Does the No Alternatives Argument need Gerrymandering to Be Significant? [Preprint]

De Baerdemaeker, Siska and Schneider, Mike D. (2021) Better appreciating the scale of it (Lemaître and de Sitter at the BAAS Centenary). [Preprint]

De Haro, Sebastian (2021) The Empirical Under-determination Argument Against Scientific Realism for Dual Theories. [Preprint]

De Haro, Sebastian (2021) Noether's Theorems and Energy in General Relativity. [Preprint]

De Melo-Martín, Inmaculada (2021) "Vaccine Hesitancy" by Maya J. Goldenberg: The Publics Are Not Ignorant but Distrustful. Philosophy of Medicine, 2 (2). pp. 1-7. ISSN 2692-3963

De Peuter, Steven and Conix, Stijn (2021) The modified lottery: Formalizing the intrinsic randomness of research funding. Accountability in Research: Policies and Quality Assurance.

De Peuter, Steven and Storms, Gert (2021) Whistleblowing in Science: in the Lion's Den. [Preprint]

De Pretis, Francesco and Landes, Juergen and Peden, William and Osimani, Barbara (2021) Pharmacovigilance as Personalized Medicine. In: Chiara Beneduce and Marta Bertolaso (eds.) Personalized Medicine: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Complexity, Springer Nature. [Preprint]

De Regt, Henk W. and Koster, Edwin (2021) The Hows and Whys of Philosophy of Science Teaching: A Comparative Analysis. [Preprint]

Del Fabbro, Olivier and Muller, Xavier (2021) Skills, Scalpels and Robots: The Surgeon as Technician. Philosophy of Medicine, 2 (1). pp. 1-12. ISSN 2692-3963

Del Santo, Flavio and Gisin, Nicolas (2021) The relativity of indetermininacy. [Preprint]

Dellsén, Finnur (2021) Are there really no such things as theories? [Preprint]

Dellsén, Finnur (2021) Consensus versus Unanimity: Which Carries More Weight? [Preprint]

Dellsén, Finnur (2021) An Epistemic Advantage of Accommodation over Prediction. [Preprint]

Dellsén, Finnur (2021) Expanding the Empirical Realm: Constructive Empiricism and Augmented Observation. [Preprint]

Dellsén, Finnur (2021) Understanding Scientific Progress: The Noetic Account. [Preprint]

Dellsén, Finnur (2021) We Owe It to Others to Think for Ourselves. [Preprint]

Dellsén, Finnur and Lawler, Insa and Norton, James (2021) Thinking about Progress: From Science to Philosophy. [Preprint]

Demeter, Tamás (2021) Fodor's Guide to the Humean Mind. [Preprint]

Demirtas, Huzeyfe (2021) Causation Comes in Degrees. [Preprint]

Deng, Natalja (2021) Plenty to come: making sense of Correia's and Rosenkranz's growing block. [Preprint]

Desmond, Hugh (2021) Expert Communication and the Self-Defeating Codes of Scientific Ethics. American Journal of Bioethics, 21 (1).

Desmond, Hugh (2021) In Service to Others: A New Evolutionary Perspective on Human Enhancement. [Preprint]

Desmond, Hugh (2021) The Selectionist Rationale for Evolutionary Progress. [Preprint]

Desmond, Hugh and Huneman, Philippe (2021) The Integrated Information Theory of Agency. [Preprint]

Dethier, Corey (2021) Climate Models and the Irrelevance of Chaos. Philosophy of Science, 88 (5). pp. 997-1007.

Dethier, Corey (2021) The Cooperative Origins of Epistemic Rationality? [Preprint]

Devezer, Berna and Buzbas, Erkan (2021) Minimum Viable Experiment to Replicate. [Preprint]

Dewar, Neil (2021) Book review: There Are No Such Things As Theories (by Steven French). [Preprint]

Dewulf, Fons (2021) Beyond Hempel: Reframing the Debate about Scientific Explanation. [Preprint]

Di Biagio, Andrea and Rovelli, Carlo (2021) Relational Quantum Mechanics is about Facts, not States: A reply to Pienaar and Brukner. [Preprint]

Di Biagio, Andrea and Rovelli, Carlo (2021) Stable Facts, Relative Facts. Foundations of Physics, 51 (30). ISSN 1572-9516

DiBella, Nicholas (2021) Fair Infinite Lotteries, Qualitative Probability, and Regularity. [Preprint]

DiFrisco, James and Jaeger, Johannes (2021) Homology of process: developmental dynamics in comparative biology. [Preprint]

DiMarco, Marina and Khalifa, Kareem (2021) Sins of Inquiry: How to Criticize Scientific Pursuits. [Preprint]

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Dorato, Mauro and Hoefer, Carl (2021) Nothing to Come in a relativistic setting. [Preprint]

Dorato, Mauro and Hoefer, Carl (2021) Nothing to Come in a relativistic setting. [Preprint]

Dorst, Chris (2021) There Is No Measurement Problem for Humeans. [Preprint]

Dougherty, John (2021) I ain’t afraid of no ghost. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science.

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Duguid, Callum (2021) Why Humean explanations are not circular.

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Dunlap, Lucas and Corris, Amanda and Jacquart, Melissa and Biener, Zvi and Potochnik, Angela (2021) Divergence of Values and Goals in Participatory Research. [Preprint]

Dupre, Gabe (2021) Georges Rey's Representation of Language. BJPS Review of Books.

Dupre, Gabe (2021) Realism and Observation: The View From Generative Grammar. [Preprint]

Díez, José (2021) Roman Frigg and James Nguyen's Modelling Nature. BJPS Review of Books.

de Barros, J. Acacio and Holik, Federico (2021) Indistinguishability and Negative Probabilities. Entropy. ISSN 1099-4300

de Barros, José Acacio and Jorge, Juan Pablo and Holik, Federico (2021) On the assumptions underlying KS-like contradictions. [Preprint]

de Ronde, Christian (2021) The Power of Inconsistency in Anti-Realist Realisms about Quantum Mechanics (Or: Lessons on How to Capture and Defeat Smoky Dragons). [Preprint]

de Ronde, Christian and Fernández Mouján, Raimundo (2021) Are 'Particles' in Quantum Mechanics "Just a Way of Talking"? [Preprint]


Earman, John (2021) Implementing David Lewis' Principal Principle: A Program for Investigating the Relation between Credence and Chance. [Preprint]

Earman, John (2021) A User's Guide to the Surprise Exam Paradoxes. [Preprint]

Egorychev, Ilya (2021) Space of thought: categorial structure and gluing axiom. [Preprint]

Egorytchev, Ilya (2021) Categorial formalisation of methodology of thought. [Preprint]

Ehrlich, Philip (2021) Are Points (Necessarily) Unextended? [Preprint]

Ehsani, Sepehr (2021) Principled Mechanistic Explanations in Biology: A Case Study of Alzheimer's Disease. [Preprint]

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